Sunday, December 25, 2011



ahh yes!
xmas day :)
a time when family
and friends come
together once again
to share in the joys
of the season.
unfortunately, proc has
a huge family, and it is
not possible for me to physically
be with everyone I would like
to be with
during these holiday times,
however, I do happen to have
a free gift for all to
download, share, and enjoy!!

CDR has had two releases
on proc already, both of
which have been tremendously
well-received within
the underground
and have helped once again solidify
proc as the musical powerhouse
I knew it always could be!
Well, on this latest
installment of brilliance, we find
CDR celebrating the Christmas
season in grand-fashion.
Hand crafting alternative
spins on old holiday classics, and
even carving out some new
wonderful holiday melodies of his
own, it soon becomes
apparent that we have so much
to be thankful for during
the xmas season...
internet to download the music.
ears to hear it with.
labels that release it.
and the good people
of the underground who
love what they do and
aren't afraid to release
their music for free!!
Because ultimately, that's what
it all boils down to...karma.
the gift of giving.
for it is much better to give
than to recieve, and I have
been able to do BOTH
today at proc!

merry xmas everyone!
enjoy this album, because
it doesn't get ANY better than this :)


Wednesday, November 30, 2011



having been blessed
with a few spare
moments to spend
as I deemed
proper, I decided
to devote some of them
to getting a jump-start
with proc, re-defining
the label with the
musical perfection
that had been clogging
the arteries of my laptop
for so long.
To that extent, I am
nearly overwhelemd
with aural pleasure
with the installment
of yet another
Joss Manley release!!

Taking experiemental
to an different level entirely,
the man behind Joss Manley
(who also uses the alias
of Josstintimberlake)
shows the underground
scene once again
what experimental
music is all about, embracing
old technology and fusing
it with modern ideas.
Concepts which still
are not entirely up-to-date
themselves, Joss Manley's
latest musical
excursions also hold
within themselves the
fundamentals of what
it means to be
a proc artist.
Never conforming
to what some
would consider
the "norm", these
long-form electronic
glitch pieces are like
brain teasers that
entice your mind to think
outside of any logical

unpredictable rhythm, strange
bursts of distorted melody,
lo-fidelity samples mixed
with Joss's own unique style
of simply throwing
sounds into a blender and
watching what happens
are what you
can expect to hear on this
album, and it's albums
like this that got me into
starting a netlabel in
the first place.

It might take
a few listens.
I dont expect
you to just
sit down and try to
digest everything
taking place in this
album all at once.
It just simply
wasn't designed
for that.
Instead, approach
this beast casually.
Give it the respect
it deserves
by devoting your
full attention.
But whatever you do,
whoever you are,
and wherever you
may be at,
please, just
remember that
noise will be noise.

p.s. attn: tracks 7 and 8


Monday, November 28, 2011



2011 is quickly
coming to an end,
and yet, proc has
not sufficiently completed
it's mission of giving
the global underground
massive the best in
DIY music.
However, the
that the label
has obtained
over the course of
this past year
should not
be downplayed
to any extent.
On the contrary, I should
be praising the efforts
made by all, especially
those to whom have
dedicated their lives
to progressing the lobit
movement forward.
and it is with great pleasure
that I present
to you all
the latest installment
of sound from the
lobit artist, Pollux.
Easily accomplishing
what so many
have attempted, Pollux
demonstrates his skills
not only as a musician, but
as a seasoned
lobitrate user, effictively
using the lo-fidelity
qualities of sound
and filling the minds of
hundreds of listeners with
true, un-filtered brilliance.
As is typical with
this man's
style, this
album follows
in Pollux's
love affair
with ambient music and
leads us
down a path of
love and understanding.
During a time
in our lives
when so much
of what
we see and
hear going on
around us;
destruction, famine,
hatred, greed, etc, it helps
to know that there
is art that we can turn
to which helps us to
convey our
emotions properly.

From the very first
moment you hear
the opening track, you
can immediately feel
a change in your mood.
casting aside all
pre-conceptions about
ambient or lobit
sound-structure, one
can easily see the intense
love and appreciation
for music that Pollux has.
emptying himself completely,
wearing his heart
on his sleeve, he shows
us that no matter
what the government may
do to it's citizens, they
can never stop music, nor
can they ever silence the
underground netlabel scene.

A Tibol Radio show host,
a fellow netlabel operator,
electronic artist
and all-around
good guy,
Arnaud will always
embrace the DIY scene
with open arms.
THAT, my friends,
is just what the scene
needs now, more than ever.



Wednesday, November 23, 2011

first of all, happy thanksgiving to
everyone in the USA :D

secondly, proc IS still active!!!!
i'm sorry I haven't released
anything in a while, im slowly
dealing with some changes in
how I manage my time between
work, life, music, etc.

so please, don't give up on proc!!!
it's still alive, breathing
and above all, ACTIVE!!!

im not taking anything new
at this moment until i release
the commitments I've already
taken on, but rest assured
that after this, I plan on
being quite prolific once again!!

in the meantime, take advantage
of labels like Sirona and Top of
the Flops, as both of them
cater precisely to the audience
that I wish to have music heard by!!!


Sunday, September 25, 2011



2011 was a very
challenging year
for many people,
including myself.
there has been
much uncertainty
as many people
have faced job
loss, extreme poverty,
homelessness, among
other things.
and in the midst of
all of this crazyness,
there have been
few things to
hang onto and believe

On August 25th 2007,
proc's message of
un-censored creativity
became a reality.
Artists from any corner
of the world now
had a platform
to turn to when
all others turned
a blind-eye
to those who wished
to convey a particular
though through sound.

Since then, proc has
had 8 major
compilations, each of
which has existed upon
the 50th release cycle
within the catalog.
And each time a new
compilation has been
released, I always look
back to that day
when all I had was
an empty inbox, waiting
for my very first
demo submission.
proc is everyone.
proc is every sound.
proc is the rhythm
and pulse of an
entire underground
movement filled with
people who have their
own lives and challenges.
people who's music
is something
much, much more
than just a hobby.
But, proc would be
NOTHING without
these people.
Each compilation has
been an amalgamted
Like a patchwork-quilt
of sound, each person
has taken their own
personal spin on
an idea and generously
given proc the exclusive
offer of releasing

Before I end these
notes, I would like to
say thank you to Kai,
Arnaud, Lucas, Mathias,
Ale X, Sascha, Eugene,
Mikhail, jjoth,
pedro and Lee
for everything
they have done to help
make proc and the entire
underground netlabel
scene what it is today.

and more specifically to
Kai for putting together this
marvelous compilation
and Arnaud for his help
with re-naming
and preparing
the compilation
for release.
With my time and life
being so limited and
un-certain, it is nice
to know I can count
on you guys to
lend a hand when
I need it.

without further delay,
please allow me to express
my excitement
in releasing our 450th
album, the 8th major
compilation, and
one of the largest
compilations on
proc to this day.


i mean...



Monday, August 29, 2011



while many netlabels
base their success
on the amount
of releases
they have,
despite the fact
that proc has
nearly 450
wondeful mini-ep's,
full lengths,
singles, 7"
and compilations,
I consider
no netlabel to
be successful
OR complete
without the musical
harsh noise stylings
from THE noise
project which has
re-defined a genre,
and once
again placed
Detroit on the
for being the leader
in just about
anything sound-related.

the name says it all.
and if you're like me,
that name means
(and says a whole
hell of a lot!).
Patrick Doyle, among
other things, is nothing
short of a sonic-noise
pioneer, accepting
his place as the
crowned king of
all things experimental
and harsh.
With a discography
that is as impressive
in sound and style
as it is in sheer
size, RedSK defines
what it means to be
a DIY musician.
his artform
live to
help pay the
bills, his
label of TFR
(an umbrella
which covers
his net-label
aspect as well)
and perpetuates
itself through generous
donations and support
from other
artists through
the purchasing
and trading
of other
physical releases.
"Often immitated,
never duplicated"
is the only way
to express this
man's work.

This album
shows Patrick in
fine form,
as is typical
from him.
just under one-hour
and ten minutes,
we find ourselves
buried deep within
the belly of the beast,
music which shatter
all pre-conceptions
about noise, regardless
of the listener.

As with all
noise releases,
i encourage
the listeners
to be prepared
to embrace
the un-expected.
RedSK is always
taking shit to a whole
new level, but for
someone who is
no seasoned listener,
the perfection of it
all may be too much
to handle at once.
if you need
to, take this
and play it in small
doses before digging
right in.

Bottom line,
this album
is just
completely sublime.
Admiring the man
who is RedSK, I myself
know how difficult it
can be to make a noise
album with any
sort of substance or
replay value.
This man, however,
does it with
such ease and
expertise, it is
imperative to give
credit where
credit is due.
and in this case,
you better bring a whole
suitcase full

always a pleasure
having a new one from
this cat...




prepare for an audio
monsoon that will
shake the very foundation
on which you
stand, because
proc-rec is getting
ready to give your
ears an audio pounding
from a whole selection of
artists who take
their music very seriously.

one such artist is
the talented CDR
who I've had
the privelage of
releasing on more
than one occasion
during the last 3 months
or so!!
by generating complex
moments of breakbeat
segments and pulsating
heavy basslines tagged
with seemingly perfect
melodic tones, his music
is sure to please
even the most hardcore
fan of un-defineable
this album, which was
created entirely
on a gameboy
with the help of the
LSDJ game-pack, contains
four tracks of
nothing but the
finest in audio insanity.

CDR's music at proc
has been an excellent
addition to our roster, and
speaking as someone who
loves good music like this...

prepare for a
of audio perfection,
at a price
that will leave you
only wanting


Saturday, August 6, 2011



Let us not
forget the
true value and
meaning of
purpose-driven art.
serving as a
pleasurable reminder
of why certain people
choose to create music,
Pollux and
My Anus Burns
joined mental-forces
and embraced
a journey of
musical creation on
levels previously
unheard of.
Two very talented
(though subsuquently
just as diverse)
men from polar
parts of the world,
divided by
a huge mass of water,
Pollux, a well-known
underground ambient
artist and CEO of
chose a worthy
musician to
do a split with
on his latest release
with proc-rec.

Using his
techniques of
sampling sound, in
conjunction with
his all-around
spectacular methods
of generating
melodic textures, he
allows his creations
to float smoothly
on a comforting
cloud of ruthless
ear-pounding noise
as performed
the way only MAB can!!

The end result
is something
truly pleasurable indeed.
Twelve tracks, which
include original material
and remixed
versions of them
as well, amalgamate
to one another
with such beauty
and simplistic
dominence, one
can only assume
that such pieces
were just
as enjoyable
to produce as
they are to listen

Seing as how
both artists
are quite prolific
and good
at what they do,
I am expecting
to see much more
excursions between
these two musical
however, in
the meantime,
what we have here
in our midst
is something
that not only
our artistic
community, but
the world as a whole
has needed for quite
some time...a reminder
of just how fragile
life is, and a deeper
understanding of
how two diverse, yet
talented people
from very different
cultures can come
together and create
something very special
out of nothing but chaos.


Friday, August 5, 2011



alot of things have changed
at proc over the
past few years.
our release schedule
has become
a little more
flexable, allowing
for greater frequency
in release
time (barring a
work-schedule which
doesn't consume
too much
extra spare
We've also
seen artists
come and
go, people
who have been
new to
the netlabel
scene as
well as
seasoned producers
simply looking for
yet another
musical outlet.
For much of
proc's past
fiscal year, comprising
from August-August,
releases have
been relatively sparse
simply due to
economic and
time contraints
which have left
both my wallet and I
feeling slightly drained.

However, when the
timing has been
appropriate enough,
I've been able to
brew up a pot of
coffee and sit down to
re-establish proc's
persistant desire to
release the finest
of global electronica!

Having known Andy
for many years, I have
been able to
see his talent
go from "incredable"
to "off-the-charts amazing",
doing much more
than the average
underground IDM
producer of our time.
Exemplifying true
excellence in precision,
Andy has, time
and time again, shown
his passion for music
in ways previously
unseen or unheard of
by not only myself, but
from a
global community
of like-minded

In his usual fashion,
we once again
find ourselves
devouring a
delicious multi-track
EP of beats cooked to
perfection, with Mr. Culvre
as the man
behind the scenes,
cooking the music
to delight the
tastebuds of your
cerebral cortex.

covering a broad
array of styles,
from his insanely
accurate sound
placement at
high bpm's, to his
ambient landscapes,
and those all too pleasing
hip-hopish breakdowns
which are executed
at just the right moments!

unfortunately, all good
things must end, and
with a run-time of
under ten-minutes, don't
be suprised if
you happen
to play this album
a few times over
before listening
to something else.
at any rate, you
won't be disappointed!!


Thursday, July 28, 2011



for over the past
5 years or so,
I've had the
pleasure of
speaking with,
working with,
releasing with, and
basically just
getting to know
the geniousness
of that which is
Kai Nobuko.

Currently residing in
a secret location
in Thailand, this
fellow, who has released
on nearly every
lobit netlabel in
the underground,
has seemingly
dominated this happy aspect
of electronica with
sheer simplicity through
killing his oponents with
nothing but kindness, his
albums, which
cover a wide variety
of topics, lenghts, ideas,
and styles, have brought
joy to many
people across the globe.

this new album, from
his Covolux alias, is
an epic representation
of sheer experiMENTALism,
minimalism and ambience
rolled into one giant sound-gift.
by combining a genuine love
for people and music,
not to mention the unity
which we all hope for, Kai
has once again delivered
an appropriately
styled EP for people
to calm down and focus

make this an album
to put on your
portable media device
and listen to on long-train
rides or brisk walks on an
autumn evening.


Wednesday, June 29, 2011



remember that
story your
grandmother used
to tell you
at night?
well, neither
do we...
but we're not
here for that
sort of thing.
instead, proc
is going to tell
you a story
about a man.
but not just
any man. this
is a story
about a man who
made music.
but not just ANY
man who made music,
this man was named
Richard Naugle.
but not just
ANY man
who made music
Richard Naugle...
The Rich Naugle
from Toledo, Ohio
who operates
a killer netlabel
called Splatterfunk
But not just ANY
man named
Rich Naugle who
operates a killer
netlabel called
good lord, I'm sorry
for all of that
useless text filler.
But unlike
these linear notes,
this album
has no filler

Returning to proc-rec
with a brand new
EP of luscious
audio perfection,
my very-close friend
and fellow sound
artist, Rich Naugle
(aka Splfk)
was determined
to remind
the underground
of his existance
through the use
of deeply
rivetting basslines,
warbly melodic
tones, un-structured
rhythm and all
around jovial-themed

Opening the EP
with tracks like
"Leg of Lamb" and
"Empty Bottle", he
easily maintains
the entire
album, abruptly
time signitures
at a moments notice,
employing guerilla-tactics
of musical suprise
with each and
every track
he makes.
Moreover, his
direct and focused
to detail makes
these pieces
all the more
interesting and
enjoyable as we
are able to
not only play this
album multiple times,
but to
actually WANT
to play it
multiple times,
discovering other
new and exciting
elements which
we might have
missed by being
swept up into the
sheer insanity
of the previous
listening experience.

With Rich,
you always
know what
to expect,
which, in
essence, is not
to know what
to expect at all...


Tuesday, June 21, 2011



Lee Rosevere was
one of the first
people whom
I encountered
in the
underground netlabel
scene who really
treated me
like family.
operating his
own netlabel,
Happy Puppy Records,
the emphasis
and value which
he placed on
operating a label
which released
music completely
and exclusively
for free was a
quality that soon
became the driving
force behind my
entire musical career.
roughly five
years later,
we still manage
to keep in -somewhat-
regular contact and
maintain a level
of comradery which
I have valued
in the
highest regard.
The problem, however,
has been
getting him
to release
music on my
label as much
as I would
like him to! :P
Since his
first release
with proc back
on proc007,
I have anticipated
the next upcoming
awesome, (albeit rare)
album from this
ambient, progressive
thinking, musical
Now, I don't
want you
to think for
a second
that there
has been a
drought of
other GREAT
electronic music
here in
the underground.
just search
catalog, or
any of our
friendly label links to
get a fresh
taste of
all the
latest musical
happenings, all
the way
up and down
the bitrate scale...
but having music
from Lee
is honestly
deal for me.
this release.
allow me to
explain why...

I am a strong
supporter and
of the
lobit musical
movement, and this
album is
one of only
a handful of
releases from
him which
is encoded
at what
some would
consider a
brutally low
Following no
structure or
rhythm, this
longform piece
is 9+ minutes
of premium
droning, luscious

the second
of a planned
three-part series,
(the first of which
has already been
released on the
fabulous 8Ravens
netlabel. the
final planned for
possible release
on 20kbps), this
is an exquisite
representation of
Mr. Rosevere conducting
his robotic-infused
symphonic opus
and, as always, giving
back to the community
which he loves so much.

excuses un-acceptable.
download and play this
album post-haste.


Sunday, June 19, 2011



proving once
again that there
IS talent in
the underground
netlabel scene,
proc-records is pleased
to announce
a brand new
release from
our newest member
to the proc-rec
family, d0x10!!!
but, before i begin
to explain this release
in better detail,
allow me to give a brief
background of this artist!

d0x10 is the alias
of Jukka-Pekka Kervinen,
a Finnish sound
producer, writer
and artist of visual
works as well, has
studied music
and composition
at the University
of Helsinki, where
he has also taught.
Having been involved
in music since
the age of 10, his
musical direction for
about the past two years
has been primarily focused
"old 8-bit machines,
especially game consoles
and their sound chips,
writing programs which
manipulates sound
chips directly
(game consoles
as they contain
interesting sound
chips, especially
old FM-chips like
YM2413, YM2151, YM2612
, consoles contains
own processors,
usually 6502 or Z80
which makes it
possible to control
the sound generating
process directly
in console itself)."

An equipment list
which consists of a
Sega Genesis (YM2612),
Sega Master System (YM2413),
NES, Gameboy,
Atari 2600, MSX,
Atari 65XE,
ZX Spectrum,
and a Korg Kaossilator, he is
able to take chip-music
into a whole different
direction entirely.
this specific album,
which features 5
similar pieces,
all structured around
the same basic premise,
offers us a better
idea as to what
his true passion
wonderful experimental

for fans of
Army Of 2600, carfil,
and Steuker
(all of whom are
proc-rec artists!!),
are sure to
find something
about this
album which
will make you smile.
Don't waste
another moment!
Download this album
immediately and open
your mind to the
possibilites of
true experimental audio!

thanks to d0x10
for generously
giving us such
a great and wonderful

d0x10 _-_d0x10-2cocox4



remember the
early days
of IDM
and braindance?
When artists like
Aphex Twin
and Autechre were
at their peak
of skill and
wrote such
beautiful compositions
which were full
of meaning and
carried deep
emotion within them?
Well, our good
friend and
artistic family
member, jjoth, has
created a piece
very similar
to what I had
just described.

A very simple, single
track EP, Red Moon
is comprised
of intense percussion
and a calm,
quiet melody.
Typically, we listen
to jjoth's music
in a much lower bitrate,
but this track is encoded
at 192kbps MP3!

If this is the current
musical direction
which Jjoth will
be working with,
then I am very excited
to see what else he
has in store for the
Fans on Jjoth are sure
to appreciate
the simplicity and elegance
of this mini-album


Saturday, June 18, 2011



back at proc-rec with
a second round
of sheer
brutality, the
man known
as CDR has
once again
given proc
the incredable
oppurtunity to
his wonder
sound techniques
all over
the world!!
Straight from
the wonderful
country of China,
CDR has taken
control of his
sound machine
and crafted 4
wonderful tracks
to sheer
perfection, demolishing
everything in
it's path
through utilization of
intense, yet
almost hypnotic
amen breaks.

Weighing in at
just under twelve
minutes, this
4-track EP
is the truest
example of what
Mr. Hikaru is
capable of!!
From the very
track of
are immediately
thrown into
this constant
barrage of distorted
breaks, kicks, snares
and hi-hats,
layerd over
crazy melody
and blended
together at a
BPM that would make
your grandmother
want to take a cold
shower to prevent
from overheating!

I have been a fan
of this man's music
for about 2
years, and have
thoroughly enjoyed
his musical
outputs at labels like
Sub Rec,
Teikoku Records,
Cock Rock Disco,
and an equally
impressive catalog
of self-released
material on his
own label
RDC Records!

CDR is an
artist who is
a tremendous
asset to any
netlabel and
due to the
experimental and
abstract nature of
his music, and
with his seemingly
endless amount
of talent which
coincides with his
unique ability
to make his ideas
a reality, he
is easily one
of the most
influential artists
of our time.

so please, allow
me to share my
excitement with
you and welcome
the second (of many
more, I hope!!) album
from a man who
needs no


Friday, June 17, 2011



Now, let's not forget
the whole reason why
I started proc-rec in
the first place.
I wanted a place where
only the purest of
raw, passionate
could take place.
a place where
artists could say
"hey, you know what?
I feel like
holding a cordless
drill up to
a microphone,
running that
microphone through
a distortion pedal
while yelling
variations of
Shakespear's "hamlet"
in Ebonics during
a telephone call
to someone in russia
who doesn't understand
a lick of
english anyway....
but suffice it to say,
likes what he heard!!!"
THAT is what proc
is all about.
24/7/365. period.

Since first talking
with Shaun Phelps
over 3 years ago,
I was immediately
drawn to the
sheer potential
he showed,
using his sounds
as a means
to an end.
signaling the only
logical progression
in music, he
grabbed the scene
by the yam-bags
and tugged
on it until
he achieved
the results
he wanted.
I'm sorry, that last
sentence didn't
really make a whole lot
of sense, but then
again, nothing
really has to.

However, let it be
known that
once Mr. Phelps
almagamated his
skill for sound
creation with the
sheer brilliance of his
other musical
cohorts known as
Cowboys Vs Robot,
the outcome was
that of ultimate perfection.
Appropriately titled,
"A Beginning" takes
us on a journey
deep into
the extreme.
Random samples
pulsate from
your speakers,
layered with echo
and any other
effect imaginable
(I'm sure), instrumentation
from CvR supports
the progression
of the piece.

Unlike alot of
other releases
of this type,
this jam session is
cut to a perfect
length, which
allows it to be
easily digested in
one sitting, and
has a remarkable
replay value to boot.
its noisy, but
not noise.
electronic, though certainly
not electronica.
droning enough to
be always interesting
and counter-culture
enough to be "cool",
but not skinny jeans,
hair tossing,
buy-your-music-from-best buy cool.
you know?

I'm sorry, this was a terrible
review for such a great album.
But I hope
it at least conveyed
the message that I was
hoping to.
Flat Affect has always
had a special place
in my heart, and CvR
(I hope that's a
proper abbreviation
for you guys!) has
definitely left a lasting
impression on me!!!
having the two sound
projects come
together is definitely
a begining which
I hope has no ending!!

endless respect to you guys!


Thursday, June 16, 2011



throughout the entire
underground musical
netlabel movement,
few netlabels
or artists for that matter
have been as
influential or have
done as many releases
as genetic trance.

as both an artistic sound
project and a netlabel,
Genetic Trance has had
tremendous output
of only the purest of
experimental music, always
re-inventing himself
and discovering
techniques of sound
creation which model the
begining of the
musical movement.
Hailing from
the great country
of the Ukraine, much
like Jjoth, GT
has demonstrated
true greatness with
his general skill of
producing quality
sound without
sacrificing his principles.

admittedly, when
I first
heard this
album I was
expecting something
else entirely.
this album
has a distinct
focus on
structure, with another
strong emphasis
on melodic
body, encompassing
a broad array of
various styles of
electronica, verifying my
thoughts of
Genetic Trance's
true skill
with music.
While all of
the tracks on
this great
album are
worth talking
about, my
personal favorite
track was
which is a
much more
journey into true
sound and
mental exploration.

Genetic Trance is
always an
artist who
can accomplish
an artistic
task with
great skill
and tact.
His label
being a good
example of
his excellent
ear for sound,
and using this
album as
a proper
reflection of his
seemingly endless
pool of inborn
talent, GT is
a musician who
truly embodies
the qualities
which I expect
out of all
proc-rec artists.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011



hopefully, somewhere
along the
upon hearing the
word "noise", proc-records
(or at least one
of our artists!)
comes into
your mind.

since 2007, I have dedicated
every ounce of
energy regarding
this label towards
actively seeking
out and, for lack
of a better word,
"signing" only
the finest of
artists, while at the
same time trying
to balance out
the brutal
onslaught of
noise audio
with a rhythm-based
or electronic spin
on the genre.

Noticing recently
just how bad
and poorly put
together alot
of the noise compilations
were on
some of the newer
netlabels coming
around were,
(and again, this is
merely my opinion)
I decided to
roll up my sleeves,
get ahold
of 4 of the truest,
rawest, and
the most sound-bending artists
and have them
lay down some
fresh material,
just to remind
the underground noise
movement what it's
really all about!!

from Florida, we've got
Flat Affect teaming up
with a friendly
side-project Cowboys Vs Robot,
from the Ukraine, It's
a gorgeous noise/drone
piece from Vziel
(known as vzlprjt
on this release),
from my home-base
of Toledo, Ohio comes
a track of monu-MENTAL
perfection from
two talented gentleman.
One of my best-friends,
Richard Naugle
(of the splatterfunk netlabel) and
his genious counterpart,
Dr. Rhomboid Goatcabin
(together as Gargoyle Monument),
a track from me
in my typical noise/drone
style, and from
Detroit, the grand Poobah
himself, the supreme
dominator of everything
noise, new, and experimental,

Whether you are
a seasoned
noise-lover, or
simply a first time
listener to this
aspect of sound, you
are sure to find
something on here
to make your
soul smile, your ears
bleed, and of course,
inspire you to
make some noise yourself!

are you STILL reading this??
damnit, man!
pay attention to the music!!!

massive respect and
endless thanks to
everyone who contributed
to this little compilation
and to those
who wanted to but couldn't!!
maybe next time!! ;)

(thanks to Patrick for
the cover image and
compilation title!!!)

p.s. if you plan on
burning this album
to cd, it has been
recommended to
remove the 2-second
pause in between
the tracks.
it works magnificently!



Sunday, June 5, 2011



ahhh yes!!!
I have waited
a VERY long
time for an album
by this artist!!!
mr. CDR, who hails
from Tokyo, Japan!!!

an impressive
and extensive catalog
of releases at
various labels and
netlabels world-wide,
not to mention operating
his own label, RDC rec
which releases cdr
and mp3 albums, mostly
of breakcore style.

Hikaru Tsunematsu is a
man who is very well known
and highly respected
in his particular genre
of music.
dealing mostly with
punk electronica
and breakcore,
he has consistently
pushed boundaries
and genre's to new
heights, simply through
pure, raw experimentation.
maliciously destroying
amen breakbeats and
incorporating pulsating
bass lines worthy of
properly destroying any
and all sound systems
with the greatest of ease,
CDR is an artist
that you can
always count on to
bring something
new and exciting
to the table.

Much like his other
releases, this
album is all over the place
in terms of sound.
intense beats provide
a basic backbone
for the tracks, while
equally intense
melodic structure acts
as glue which binds the
percussion and groove
together, making them
whole and complete.

get busy with downloading this!
for all the newcomers to
the underground, prepare
to witness the strength

massive respect to CDR!!



Sunday, May 29, 2011



after a pause in releasing that
seemed to last forever
(and to the entire
underground, I'm
entirely appologetic!!!)
we now have a brand
new release
from a brand new proc-rec
family member, the hairy giant!!

already known around the
as being a force to be
reckoned with, the
hairy giant has
had two commendable
outputs already
at places like
justNOISEit and the
always amazing 8Ravens
(my personal favorite netlabel
on the scene!!)

known for having a
very distinguished
style of noise and drone,
this new jersey-based
mastermind has
put a new spin on
bedroom noise production
by using the
time-tested elements
of harsh walls
of white noise, intense
bursts of
samples and the
ever impulsive
explosive characteristics of
DADA improvisation!!!!

the six pieces of audio
which comprise this
ep are arranged
splendidly and carry
enough emphasis within their
life to allow them to have a
relatively high replay value, an
aspect of noise music
that we dilligently search for
at proc, and therefore will only
release such work.

It goes without saying
that the hairy giant
is precisely the type of artist
that proc wants, meeting
every one of the
few criteria that
we ask for, he has
above-all remaind
true to himself and
given the entire
global underground
a loving
spoonful of delicious
noise that will certainly
take the edge off
of a stressful day.

please!! do not pass
this album up!!! download it,
share it with your friends, burn
it to a cdr,,,whatever!
just be sure to play it
again and again....and again!!!


Thursday, May 26, 2011

...maybe not

please, continue to visit until
further notice.
this location shall continue
to remain current.

new music on the way

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

new page!

greetings underground!!
proc-records will be moving
to a new home.

please use this page for future releases.

before uploading new music, i will be
uploading the back-catalog in 700 megabyte
chunks, due to the cdr's I have been
saving the releases on for the past 4 years.

please, during this time, do not
send me anything. This is a large project
but i hope to have it completely
finalized within the next few weeks.
in the meantime, continue to produce,
support, and above NOISY!!!


Sunday, May 8, 2011


proc is continuing to move
forward, but currently time
is very restricted with music
and more focused on other
things regarding work.

please, continue to
follow proc-records, there
always will be new music, it
simply will take some time.


noise will be noise!!!


Sunday, April 17, 2011


I'm looking for people
to actively
update the proc-rec
discogs page at
their own convenience.

i am trying to maintain a cohesive
and complete listing of all proc
and 4m@ releases, and
due to time
restraints i am unable to
keep the page complete.

thanks in advance!


sorry for the delay at 4m@...
there are seven (7) new releases
at 4m@ records, including
FUNDERGROUND compilations 9 and 10!!!

check them out :D



I'm not really a person who
likes alot of sweet or sugary foods.
In fact, the few pieces of candy that I eat
are usually just small pieces and
rarely ever anything big like pieces
of cake or candy bars, etc.
However, this new release from
the globally funkalicious sound
producer, Toxic Chicken, is a sweet
piece of head candy that I could
easily sink my teeth into again
and again.....and again, and have!!

Making his music on a computer
which is soon to die from a
fire ant infestation, I have encouraged
TC to push his machine to it's limits
and to create something which
could satisfy the underground, even
people on audio-diets!!

from begining to end, this album
has all of the right elements for
a strong, gripping album.
perfect harmony and pitch, reverb galor
and that ever so sweet percussion
that sends a chill down your spine
every time.

There isn't one track which stands
out among the rest on this album,
although if i were to pick a favorite,
it would undoubtedly be
today the world ends but im still here.
It is this track which, I feel,
defines the album and encompasses
everything which I mentioned above
about what makes an album good!!

Toxic Chicken's music will never die
(who knows? maybe neither will he!)
A man who I greatly admire, appreciate
and respect with every bone in my body,
the true embodiment of the underground
and the poster-child of what it
means to be a proc-rec artist!!!!!

Toxic Chicken_-_Do_You_Like_Sweets

Saturday, April 9, 2011



the internet has been
a wonderful and useful
tool for "shrinking" the size
of the planet.
now, artists can connect
in just a few moment
to share ideas and communicate,
something which would
have taken weeks or sometimes
even months in the past!
well, with just a little luck, two
very prominent artists in the
netlabel scene, and
even more specificaly here
at proc, the ambient
duo of the harsh "voodoo child"
Dairyola and the always
fantastic Pollux have
teamed up to provide proc
with an exceptionally
brilliant split ep!!!

The album stats off with
three strong ambient tracks,
which carry the listener on a soft
pillow of cloud to the most
remote area's of your mind.
Slow moving, yet fully eventful,
Pollux's tried and true style
of ambient has been an asset
to his style of sound.
But, don't get too comfortable,
because the album soon takes on
a completely different direction
with Dairyola's brutal ear-thrashing
track, SSDD.
A solid shape-shifting
noise/drone piece which uses
spurratic blasts of randomness
to bring an end to any and all silence.

In many ways (or at least
on this album) Dairyola could
be called the Yang to Pollux's Yin.
Both artists are amazingly
unique and skilled, and bringing them
both together on this split
was a truly wonderful idea!

if you are an ambient fan looking
for some good noise, download this.
noise fan looking for some great
ambience? you know what to do!
everyone else, download this
and see what you've been missing
all these years!!!


readme 2.0

music on

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


+it has been brought to my attention
that there are certain arguments between
two artists and their music labels which
I find disturbing.
with netlabels fallling apart almost as
soon as they are being built
the underground music scene is
in need of unity now more than ever.
Until the conflicts can be resolved
and differences can be settled,
proc will be taking a
strict vow of silence
in hopes that the netlabel
scene can once again thrive as
an industry that people can rely
upon for freedom of speech, as well
as unbiased opinions.
I consider you all to be
friends and allies, and trust that
this message will reach
the appropriate people.
music should bring us together,
NOT tear us apart.
-Adam Crammond

Monday, April 4, 2011



following up a brief time-out
at proc, jjoth brings his
wicked stylings to the
netlabel that puts an entirely
new dimension on the
expression "freeform".

a very prominent figure
in the underground,
jjoth has seen much
success with releases
at various places like
microbit project, SP, DE, and
JustNoizeIt records,
among other releases under
various aliases at the newest
netlabel to
the scene, Sirona-Records.
In between his production time,
he also moderates the
lovely 8ravens netlabel
which has been a dominant
figure in the fight against
mainstream media! <3

his newest release, a single-track
ep of some of the hardest
electro-core to grace my ears in a long
time, is a good representation
of what the title Angry Nova
which has the capacity to destroy
any electronic-music hater's
pre-conceptions about
electronic music or the netlabel
scene for that matter
(not to mention give
your sound system a brutal
thrashing during
it's lifespan!!)
this brief release, encoded
at 64kbps mp3
is insanely bass-heavy and
demonstrates the capabilites
of lower-bitrate music, a
style often shunned by those
involved with "bitrate snobbery".

this isn't a dancefloor track
(although it IS danceable)..
it's not an experimental track
(although, he clearly is experimenting)!
no, my friends, it's somewhere
comfortably in between both of these
genre's, and more!
if this is your first exposure to jjoth,
then enjoy!! if you
are a seasoned listener to his
music, you know what to expect ;)


Saturday, March 19, 2011



i like to think that my dad
is a smart business-man.
Over the years, I've listened
to how he's spoken
with potential clients and
admired his ability to "read" people
with a general ease.
over the years, he's used
certain phrases which
I've managed to remember
and sometimes apply throughout
my life, suprising as it is
(i have terrible memory).
One such thing was his persistant
usage of one particular phrase:
In the business world, there
are three things that people want, but
of these three, only two can happen.
Free, Perfect, and Now.
This never made much sense to me
as a youngster, but as I got
older and began to have
a job, I noticed how relavent it
actually was.
Say, for example, you were out
of money but needed a car so
you could get to your job.
You can have that car, but do
you want it free and perfect?
or would you rather have
it for free and now?
maybe you would prefer
now and perfect?
It's a difficult thing
to wrap your mind around sometimes,
and indeed I've often countered
this argument to him by saying
"I'll take perfect and free, and
with the money I've saved from
the "Free" part, I'll pay to have it
This never really seemed
to be quite a correct
response, and he has tried often
to prove me wrong, but
hey...what do I know?

Anyway, with proc, you dont need
to make such distinctions.
You can have all three at once!
Free, perfect, AND now!!!

Which brings me into the brand
spankin' new release by mr. culver!
Again, we sense his familiar,
fondly-remembered dimensions of
electronic generated audio, forming
an ep which contains three gorgeous
sound segements.
blending melody with bass and
beats ever so harmonously,
Andy proves that by keeping
the equipment and setup simple, you
can create some really remarkable
pieces of music.

This album embodies a whole
new season soon approaching, spring.
a time when cabin fever has reached
it's terminus and is quickly
pushed aside by the
thoughts and desires of all
to simply get out and enjoy life.

you should never have to
sacrifice or "settle" with music
that doesnt speak to your soul.
I'm serious man, throw
those "Free perfect or now" ideas
out of your head.
all three are yours if you want them!
just go out and find them!!!
people world-wide find
their's at proc, and if you havent
already, download this
album and discover yours today

thanks andy, once again
you've solidified my faith
in electronic music.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011



[proc430] is finally here, and
introducing us into to an
entirely new section of
procxxx's, we
are proud to announce
the release of
a brand new album
by a brand new
artist to the proc-rec
family, ghoul skool.

hailing from overseas,
ghoul skool is the
one-man project behind
this wonderful and
brutally intense sound caper.
to give a little bit of background
about this artist:
he's been involved with
the underground music
community in one way
or another for over
5 years, originally releasing
under his alias of Jesus Seashell
although now utilizing his alias
of ghoul skool with
much more frequency.

Along with a handful of
releases at various
netlabels, he also manages
to operate his own
sucessful netlabel, SEPPUKU+,
which has ammassed
an impressive catalog
of audio already in
it's short lifespan!

this album, a very influential
and mind-enhancing noise ep
weighs in at just under 4 megs
and has a runtime of nealy
seven and a half minutes, making
it easily digestable and
immediately enjoyable,
regardless of what the case may be.

opening with brutality
and chaos, the album shifts
gears ever so slightly by
using much more white noise
and apocolyptic rhythm segments
which punctuate any and all
moments of silence with
explosions of expressive beats.
top it all off with nice
guitar riff elements and you've
got yourself a nice little track :D
the third piece uses
more live-percussion sounds
for it's backbone, demonstrating
impressive technique
and live performance.

closing the ep is the
fourth (and my personal favorite)
track, a droney and rather
trippy elemental track,
with delayed vocal samples
peppered throughout,
a constant congo-like drum
and heavy synthesis
for good measure.

this is an impressive little
download, and a definite
engrosing and refreshing release,
filled with the noise elements
to satisfy the underground,
while completely
defining what it means
to be a proc-rec artist!

ghoul skool has
proven himself to be
a worthy ally in the
fight against shitty
music, and I for one
condone his musical skills.
should the time come
when you decide to listen
to what good experimental
music sounds like, give
this album a play or two and
you'll come to realize why
there is no other place than the
underground for my musical


Saturday, March 12, 2011



for the past few months, proc
has been lucky to have
had the musical stylistics
of one Dishdawash/Consistency Nature.
a talented young man
whose skill in
various artforms has transformed
him into quite a force
to be reckoned with.

skilled in visual arts, as
it can be clearly
seen with his cover-art
images, talented
with word-structure,
as it can be read from
the poetic stylings
on his website, and
brilliant with audio
generating, clearly heard
in ever moment of sound
on his latest release
with proc, Apparitions in the Sulfer Seas.

briefly said, this album is
true, genuine drone and is done
in such a style that really does
baffle the mind.
Long, but never boring.
Loud, but never harsh.
Alot of clashing sounds, yet simple
enough to concentrate
on the essence of the piece.
indeed, both tracks are
assembled in this way, and
even more so than his past
work with proc.
While his catalog of music
is rather extensive, his proc
releases are quickly becoming
a pleasant regular occurance,
and I'm sure he will soon become
a household name by
those who cherish good
undergound audio.

I also don't particularly
like to pick "favorites", although
this is quite possibly one of the best
albums from Consistency Nature
that i've ever laid my ears on!

way to go, kid :D

noise will be noise


Thursday, March 10, 2011



doing things a little differently this time,
proc moves into the realm of visual/audio
releases with some fresh (to us) video
footage of fantastic pollux material.

originally sent as one massive
folder of video's, pollux and I agreed
that due to size and amount it was
wiser to release them as smaller "ep"'s
to both keep download size down and
hopefully to generate a sort
of interest through the use of volumizing.

explaining the visual aspect of things is a bit
difficult for me, therefore i wont
spend too much time describing
the video's themselves, though it is
quite apparent that pollux is equally
as talented with video-creation as he
is with sound generating!
the visuals corrilate the music properly
and give a distinct feel to the sound.

as with most pollux music, these tracks are
very chilled -out in style and have a very proper
use of percussion with melody.
his music never gets dull and neither
do the video's, due largely in part
to his wise choice of footage.

all in all, this is a fantastic little album and
a great idea.
Once again, pollux makes
new things possible here at proc and
shows what can be accomplished with
just a simple computer and some software.


Saturday, March 5, 2011



the time has come to
pause the experimentalism
for a little bit and focus on some
beat-driven work.
fortunately, long-time producer
and proc-rec native, Sascha Müller
is willing to help us out with making
sure we get this accomplished :D

direct from Germany, Sascha
takes control of his audio equipment
and demonstrates with sheer skill
his knack for knowing
exactly what gets the people onto
the dancefloor and moving their
bodies to the beat!!!

this album, while very heavily techno
influenced still manages to find
itself in a form of experimentalism.
Hardcore 4/4 beats provide an easy
dance-base while the strange yet
equally amazing synths and
basslines which fill in the rest
of the pieces are nice
representations of how diverse
techno can really be.

Sascha's albums always revolve around
a common theme and this one is quite
different from the other things he has
released with proc in the past.
It is very danceable and can
get people moving,
yet it also has alot of
characteristics for live performance
and basic elements for song progression.

Don't be mistaken, Mr. Müller
will always bring strong sounds
to the table for people to enjoy, and
has never disappointed me.




elton john and billy joel have piano's.
the beatles and the rolling stones
have drums and guitars.
brittany spears has....well....hmm...
mozart had an entire symphony!
Robotic Joe? well, he samples all
of them!!!
Actually, that doesnt even begin
to touch the surface of what Robotic Joe
has samples from.
His library of audio clips is so extensive, in fact,
that he has to back up everything he uses onto
double-digit gigabyte external hard-drives!.
Not only is it smart to back things
up elsewhere (as my recent experience
with a virus has taught me), it is also a requirement
for my good friend.

I am quite fortunate to have
a new album from
Joe, not to mention having
two total releases from
him in digital format, along
with a limited-run cassette tape release
that i made for him as an official
proc-rec release!
A man with such talent as his deserves
much more attention, both local
and national, and it is my hope
that he will achieve such things
with his music on proc.
But joe hasnt JUST released on proc!
he also has an impressive volume of music
at the other toledo netlabel, the glorious
Splatterfunk ran by the amazing Richard Naugle!!

This album is essentially a massive
collection of Robotic Joe material, previously
un-released (to my knowledge) and
covers his broad tastes and styles.
No specific BPM's or structure in mind, Joe makes
his music in much the same way a
noise-music artist would.
by throwing away any conventional
framework for making a "song", he
just sits down to his computer, rolls up
his sleeves and grabs a handful of samples
to bend to his will.
Now, to all of the people
who make the claim that Prefuse73 is
the best sampler and vocal-slicer,
let me simply point you in
the direction of Robotic Joe so that you
can experience what a true sample-based
mastermind is!!

certain things in life just bring joy to
my heart.
the first is un-conditional love.
the second is seing people who are happy.
the third is a cold beer on a warm day.
the fourth? good music made by people
who care.
any genre, any length, it doesn't matter.
just care about.
Joe does, and so does proc.

get with it!!!


Thursday, March 3, 2011



impressionism was a form of visual art often
used by french painters in the
1870's and 1880's.
by using subtle brushstrokes and
effective color usage, they were
albe to create powerful works
of art out of very simple methods.
in much the same way as the artists
of that time used simple methods for
attaining success, artists like
razxca and vziel both create sound
that is closely related to impressionism,
following audio formats.

originally, the basic framework for this
album was generated by Vziel, a
recent addition to the proc rec family.
after building upon this work and others,
Mikhail (aka Razxca) finally finished
with this wonderful, albeit brief ep.
while actually a remix album, this ep
stands on it's own quite well, without needing
to explain about the previous with much detail.
(although the other albums are listed in the
other text file which came with
this release as well!! please check them out!!!)

razxca and vziel are both
very intelligent minds, and it's easy
to see and hear how they are both
able to supply alot of idea's back and forth
to one another and generate
complexingly simple, artistic and above all,
unique sounds such as these.

for fans of razxca, vziel or simply for people
who like small, experimental albums, give
this ep a download and see just
how quickly you'll enjoy
what proc has to offer!


Monday, February 28, 2011



Wednesday, February 23, 2011


due to a relocation of living, proc will be on
hiatus until further notice.
during this time I will not be accepting demo's
although I will attempt to release the music
i currently have.
However, since i probably will not have
consistent access to internet, this may
take a little longer than anticipated.

I apologize for this brief inconvenience,
but I know the good people of the underground
will understand.
in the meantime, feel free to download any of
the releases currently available on the proc-rec
catalog until my move is completed.


Thursday, February 17, 2011



now I love noise as much
as anyone.
experimental music holds a special
place in my heart.
The intentional volume clipping,
the complete randomness, the grime-ridden,
filth laden track selections that
destroy speakers, not to mention
the obligatory pre-conception
from the noise-haters of the underground.
but, I'm also a sucker for a good ol' melody.
that ever-important section of harmony
that you just cant get out of your head
no matter how hard you try.

Over the years proc has proven itself
to be a musical force to be reckoned with,
and standing right there by us since
day one was none other than
the fabulous Origami Repetika, a man
known quite well in the netlabel
scene for composing epic micro-albums
which build you up with
unparalleled positivity
and good fortune.
Adam Sigmund, hailing from the USA, first
debuted on proc back in 2007
(wow, has it honestly been that long?)
with his "Microphone Brush" album, coming
in at cat# [proc010]!!!
Since then, he has released the occasional ep
with proc, and at other fine labels
like 20kbps and Abulia Concepts.

This new ep has been a long time coming,
but was nothing short of momentous, a quintessential
fifteen minutes of time well spent
smiling and wrapping your mind around those
groovey and smooth melodies
that seem to remind me of days of my youth
or sunny afternoons spent outside laying
on the ground watching clouds slowly change shape
as they continue ever onward with their journey into
make no mistake, this album is a definite
mood-changer/enhancer and is
a true proc-rec album in every regard.

seize the moment, forget your
budget for a moment
and splurge some of
your hard-earned bandwidth on
this unforgetable piece of art.


Sunday, February 13, 2011



every album tells a story.
whether it's the first song you made
love to, or an EP that you played
on repeat while cramming for a test
the night before, music is eternally
tied to our emotions and can provoke
even the strongest emotions or memories
pretty easily.
Regardless of the reasons or
situations, music, either heard by
the maker himself or played continuously
by a fan of the track(s), everyone
has a story to tell with sound, and
this particular album has a pretty
funny story, albeit a frustrating one
at times.

Daniel Wymark, the musical mastermind
behind the Ploof alias had sent me
this album a few months ago.
I had played it through a few times and
was impressed by it's experimental
nature, thus, i made the motion to
have it released on my label, no questions asked! :D
however, it soon became deleted
accidently by certain people, unable to
extract from the compression at other times,
misplaced in a mess of folders
at another and then finally, completely wiped
out by a computer virus that left me scraping
to find a way to simply get proc back online
in a timely fashion.

yes, this fantastic album has had quite a digital
journey, but now, here it rests.
comfortably within the catalog listing
of proc-rec .

the album itself is quite an interesting
venture through underground
experimentalism. using alot of
distorted, bent, broken, and all
around manipulated vocal samples, Ploof
loosens the bonds of conventional music
In many ways, this album reminds me of
one of my favorite albums of all
time, plastikman's "closer" release, where
he heavily utilizes vocal layers
in about the same way.
this is a well-rounded album, with
a hodge-podge of varied musical
styles which include deep minimalism, IDM,
ambient and drone.

you might not attach any sort
of meaning to this album at all, although
i sincerely hope you will.
this is a fantastic example of someone
using their minds to the possibilites of whatever.
not being content with the normal
or worried about what others may think
of the end result.
a true proc release in every sense of the word.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011



returning once again
to proc-rec, 6pyt brings us another
unique differential and genuine spin
on experimental music with his
latest mini-release, Happy Rodger!

using some low-key underground
vst's 6pyt damages the netlabel scene
with sheer brutality, demonstrating
superb skill in sound-randomization.
the opening piece is more of an 8-bit
ambient piece, chaotic in nature though
still quite slow and very appropriate
for an opening piece.
the second piece is much more intense and
brutal, laying waste to everything in it's path
with it's bass-heavy drums, sharp snares
and relentless bombardment
of crushed 8-bit percussion.

though it is a fairly brief album, just under
5 minutes in length, it is a powerful
moment in musical history on proc.
true artistry is experienced within the context
of this ep, allowing
us to fully realize the idea
that we are not confined to certain
rules or regulations with art.
we are able to release
whatever we want, however
we want!!!
this is the power of music, of art, and
of the underground netlabel scene
found here at proc and at other fine
netlabels worldwide.
grab this album and make it part
of your musical catalog!!!


Tuesday, February 1, 2011



having been blessed with some free time,
i decided to go looking through
the archives of recently submitted music
to proc and release something :D
the first thing that came to mind was an
album by yet another artist who hasn't
shown his face in a while, Shaun Phelps aka
Flat Affect!!!

having been a contender on the electronic
music scene, holding such
titles as "Grand Poobah of glitched noise and
international drone-champion" Flat Affects
music has touched many listeners lo the
past decade or so.
featured on a variety of labels, some of which
include (though certainly
are not limited to)...
Okkuluth, Smell the stench, snip snip,
Splatterfuck, sharpie and his own SP netlabel
(thats alot of "S" netlabels, btw)
he also is showcased on proc-rec's
sublabel, 4m@, a handful of times and
has even had a brief stint with proc
on some of our compilations and splits.
to call him "busy" is a severe understatement.

on this particular album we find
him in fine form, making music his slave
and bending the audio to do
his bidding!!!!
Gorgeous noise and drone tracks, all of which
(except for a remixed one) have an
approximate runtime of 10+/- minutes or so,
and feature remixes from such artists like
Buddhist on Fire!!!

A highly experimental album in
every regard, Shaun takes us into
the deepest recesses
of genuine noise landscapes, using very simple
tools but achieving maximum
effect (again, through almost saint-like simplicity).
Unfortunately, words cannot do this album
any justice whatsoever, and I am therefore left
to ask the listener to completely devote
your attention to every moment
of this album, not simply playing it
in your car speaker or in the background
at your home, until you have
completely seasoned yourself to the full
potential of what this album has to offer.

thus, should you find yourself searching
for one of the albums thats helps make
proc so great (i hate to brag, but it's the truth),
then you go!
a brand new release from my main-man, Shaun!!!

noise will be noise


Sunday, January 30, 2011



every label, big or small, has at least
one artist which fully identifies
with the label's general interests.
a certain individual or group project
which takes it upon themselves
to perfectly exemplify what the label
hopes to achieve.
Lucas Messier, aka VWT/Cryovolcano
has been an active lowbit cat on the
netlabel scene, releasing his wonderful
albums at places which coincide with
his ideals and values which he holds true.

On his newest release, which
proc was fortunate
enough to obtain when another
label seemed to show little interest, Lucas
(The Museum Of Vengeful Gods), fully
embraces the harsh noise genre
by brutally refusing to follow
any sort of structure, rhyme or reason.
Letting his emotions run rampid through
the use of heavy distortion, he
gracefully captures a prime moment
in underground noise.

Now, noise is a tricky genre to do well.
Yet, I consider it to be one of the
most influential movements in musical
composition since jazz, a style which
in my opinion are very strongly
the most important thing that noise
needs to maintain productivity
and interest is modulation.
without it, the piece is nothing!
So many artists forget such a crucial
thing as this, yet Lucas is more than willing
to do throughout his tracks.

Lucas has a variety of aliases, almost all
of which thrive on lowbit, and use ogg
as their shell.
He is internationally known and
globally respected, and with his presence
on proc over the past few years, he has
quite honestly propelled us into a much
higher echelon of netlabel.
always staying underground, never compromising
our morals. this is what proc is about.
and ARTists like Lucas are what keeps me going.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011



voyaging once again, deeply within the
trenches of the underground,
consistency nature breaks forth
and opens our minds to yet another
shining example of what it means
to release music on proc.

I truly feel terrible.
time these days has been
quite short, and as a result I've have
to burn the candle at both ends on
many occasions.
as a result, the output at proc has suffered,
and it just so happens to be at a time
when the music has been
exceptionally strong and meaningful,
heavy-laden with passion and sentiment.
CN's newest release is at the epicentre of
such feelings of expression.

"Landscape" could be a proper eponym for
the general feel and
guise of this album, though it certainly
is much more than that.
expressing his deepest emotions
within the context of ambient audio,
CN places us right into the center of a
newly constructed musical universe, building
up new sounds while slowly deteriorating
old ones, generating a completely
new album as the piece progresses.
The album is (in my opinion)
two seperate entities.
Upon reaching
the 25 minute mark,
it slowly changes
into a more experimental
piece, using more
noise-influenced aspects
such as droning textures of
melody and distorted bursts of

It certainly won't be for everyone, your
parents or girlfriend (for example), but
for those of us out there who are
lucky enough to appreciate and enjoy fine
work like this, we have one final
Christmas present to open and
enjoy again and again!!!!!

give it the attention it deserves, put
on those headphones!!!!


Thursday, January 20, 2011



people could learn alot
from my pal Andy Culver,
or "culvre", as the he has been
operating under for the past decade+ .
I say this because as I sit
here, just home from work, drinking a beer
and trying to unwind from yet another
day devoted to earning a
paycheck as opposed to brushing
up on my musical skills, I try
to wrap my mind around the sheer skill
and expertise he applies to
each moment of music being emmited from
my speakers.
What I mean to say is that, while indeed
there is much time, thought, effort and
joy put into his material, the speed at which
he can produce utterly jaw-dropping
tracks, albeit unfinished, it astonishing
to say the least.

This album is a testament to
Andy's superb and superior
skill in production form.
Always perfecting his sound to
accomodate his particular mood, his
styles have a tendency to jump around
from luciously minimal to insanely
programmed, using his love for
IDM and electronic music in general
as a substantial base for his production.

should you feel yourself looking for
that one, all inspiring or heart string-pulling
melody, Andy can provide.
In the mood for something a little more
up-beat with some old school hip-hop flava?
Rest assured that culvre is the source.
thinking about just saying "fuck it" and
getting down and dirty with that all-important
mind warping percussion? Monsoir AC
will always deliver!
How else do you want me to say it??
culvre is precisely what the doctor
ordered, no matter what your
perscription may be.

proc exists for this sole purpose...
to completely change your perception
on what music can or should be.
to provide it free of charge,
no strings attached and
to remain as underground
as humanly possible.
Whether it's the finest in noise, ambient,
acid, or IDM, proc has it.
and this time, culvre gives us 5 reasons
to smile.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011



the time has arrived to demonstrate
true underground noise potential!!
terminating sound with
production perfection, Noskovolegs
returns to the proc-records
platform as his means for
dissemination of sound to the world!!

this ep is over twenty minutes long
and takes us deep into the heart
of a noise genious.
Seven strong tracks of music, straight
from the heartland of noise, Russia, Noskovolegs
is precisely the type of artist
we need at proc to keep the music alive!
his style can easily take different
forms, especially on this album, where
he amalgamates many different
styles into One constant destructive mess,
relentlessly bombarding the listeners
with true, pure noise!!!!

breakcore, noise, ambient, drone, and
even a few moments of IDM can
be found at random and
various points during this album.
Solid stages of glitched white-noise
provide a base of sound, while he
uses the other forms of music to fill in
the moments of silence
with intense, straight to your head sound.

noskovolegs has been with proc for quite a while,
nearly since 2008, and during these
years he has continued to please
our audience with a wide-scope and
broad mind for music.
Always providing superb-quality
noise and a profound love for
other forms of electronic music, Noskov's
presence on proc has certainly been a
pleasant experience.

Get this album, play it loud, and
keep true to noise!!!!!


Monday, January 17, 2011



moving back into the experimental
aspect, our next release is from our newest
member of the proc-rec family, 6pyt.
hailing from (you guessed it), Russia,
this artist makes a very lasting first impression
with his dark and disturbing
debut release.

Not much is known about 6pyt.
I'm informed he creates a wide variety
of music, which includes but is not limited to
chiptune, N and M (noise and melody),
harsh experimental , among others.
His list of other releases is still unknown to me,
although rest assured that once I find out, I will
DEFINITELY be downloading everything he
has created!!!

This album is an eight-track
work of art.
The music builds up quickly and finishes
just as fast, using elements of briefly
exploding white noise, insane percussion
segments, very intelligent melody parts
and even a few powerful basslines
(track five, max, is a perfect
representation of these musical
elements combined in one piece!)

At proc, I strive to make certain
that I am only releasing the most
highly experimental music available.
Sometimes, however, the music finds ME first,
and it makes my task alot easier!
6pyt is a simply amazing artist
and, not to brag, but I can't imagine
this album being released anywhere else.
It is pure proc-rec material.


Sunday, January 16, 2011



shifting our focus a little bit
from the experimental
and noise aspects of music, the
pure and genuine styles of
the infamous Pollux is a refreshing
release indeed!

Much like the previous release, proc414,
this album is also a co-work
venture, featuring pollux
with two very distinctive musical
the first part is with an artist
known as Deftrax, who has released
on such labels like Industrial Noise Records,
& Night Terror Recordings.
When joined with Pollux, his sound
produces a much harsher aspect of
sound, while Pollux takes his very ambient
and landscape approach
to make an interesting combination
of sound.
in essence, it's two sides of the same coin.

The other person featured on this
release is a lady known
only to me as The Green Kobold.
From my understanding, she is a French
poet and vocalist.
Her soft-spoken words and
warm, comforting voice add a certain
level of comfort and food for the soul, while
once again Pollux is able to provide
some really nice and calming mellow beats
to layer over the voice, creating a
very nice trip-hop piece.

the two remaining tracks are Pollux as his solo
project, wth an ambient interlude selection as
the second track of this album, and
the final piece being a remarkable rendition of
a personal favorite track of
mine from Aphex twin, rhubarb.

Pollux has been remarkably active with
music the past few months, and both
proc and 4m@ have been truly blessed
lately with his presence in the
underground sound community.
as a person who truly appreciates music, this
album should I say....a crucial chapter
in the Pollux musical library.
On it, we truly hear his fondness for ambient,
his appreciation for hardcore electronica, his
dedication to the scene and his overall love of

this is a great album to help
re-center your universe, and demands
full attentiveness when being played.

a quick download can provide years
of enjoyment :)




at a time when the music world has
seemed to turn it's back on a whole
generation of listeners, proc
continues to battle the boredom of
poorly generated audio being cooked
and force-fed by the pop-industry.
taking the advanced minds of the planet
down to a place deeply rooted in the underground,
proc has become a fortress in the battle
of pure artistic freedom, and helping
to lead the fight is none other than
General Mike from Omaha, USA, who
operates almost exclusively under
his alias of Army Of 2600!!!

yes, ladies and gentlemen, AO2600
has returned to proc-rec with yet another
musical ally, I Make Babies Cry.
Mike's fervent efforts to incorporate
new talent to the proc family
has proved effective on every
attempt, and this new addition is no different.

while AO2600's basic sound
elements are readily apparent
throughout the album, IMBC demonstrates
some truly epic sound creation/manipulation
of their own.
adding elements of harsh noise and
various other effects like distortion, delay,
phaser(?) among others, the two
projects form like Voltron and
mix their material together tet a tet ,
without drowing each other out with
their respective parts.
all in all, this is a remarkably well rounded album,
easily digestable in one sitting, but
by no means requiring one listen to be effective.
this is the sort of album to take with you
on your portable media device
(though please, not an iPod. Brittany Spears uses one...),
wherever life may take you.
The Chilling chords in "fireworld" are sure
to add ample mood to any situation ;)

Now, being a pacifist of sorts, I hate fighting.
Unless, of course it is fighting for something I truly
believe in, music being towards the
top of the list.
Mike delivers progress and perfection
with each and every album, regardless
of where his sounds may be heard
(though we prefer them at proc as often as possible!).
Once again choosing his
comrads wisely, AO2600 and IMBC
have certainly caught my attention.
make no mistake, proc is here to stay, and
we have just fired our weapons of mass audio.
prepare yourself if you can!!!


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