Wednesday, January 26, 2011



voyaging once again, deeply within the
trenches of the underground,
consistency nature breaks forth
and opens our minds to yet another
shining example of what it means
to release music on proc.

I truly feel terrible.
time these days has been
quite short, and as a result I've have
to burn the candle at both ends on
many occasions.
as a result, the output at proc has suffered,
and it just so happens to be at a time
when the music has been
exceptionally strong and meaningful,
heavy-laden with passion and sentiment.
CN's newest release is at the epicentre of
such feelings of expression.

"Landscape" could be a proper eponym for
the general feel and
guise of this album, though it certainly
is much more than that.
expressing his deepest emotions
within the context of ambient audio,
CN places us right into the center of a
newly constructed musical universe, building
up new sounds while slowly deteriorating
old ones, generating a completely
new album as the piece progresses.
The album is (in my opinion)
two seperate entities.
Upon reaching
the 25 minute mark,
it slowly changes
into a more experimental
piece, using more
noise-influenced aspects
such as droning textures of
melody and distorted bursts of

It certainly won't be for everyone, your
parents or girlfriend (for example), but
for those of us out there who are
lucky enough to appreciate and enjoy fine
work like this, we have one final
Christmas present to open and
enjoy again and again!!!!!

give it the attention it deserves, put
on those headphones!!!!


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proc-rec said...

amazing work. this is such a great album

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