Saturday, June 16, 2012


+----------------------------------------------------------+ +artist_-_Shokushu +album_-_Clouded,_Crowned,_Conquered. +cat#_-_[proc462] +year_-_2012 +bitrate_-_30kbps,MP3 +----------------------------------------------------------+ adding a new element of sound to the proc-rec roster, Yannick Houle, better known musically as Shokushu, sent this wonderful little ep over to proc for the world to enjoy, and now is your chance! hailing from the wonderful country of Canada, more specifically Montreal, this musical mastermind of ambience has recently embarked on a more upbeat approach to music, and has combined his skills with both styles quite well! intense rhythm segments coincide with lucious ambient textures, allowing you to float effortlessly on a cloud of sound, taking you to various mental landscapes. However, his more experimental side is still quite apparent on this album, especially with tracks like scrambled memories where he lets go of the reigns and allows his music to be more liquid and follow it's own inclinations. this is a perfect introductory release from such a fine artist, although he is by no means a new-comer to the scene. he already has a pair of releases with the wonderful sirona-rec and another release on the netlabel "less ego more noise". I've not heard them as of yet, but if they're anything like this release, I'm certain they're worth the download!!! grab this one and throw it on your portable media device! :D Shokushu_-_Clouded,_Crowned,_Conquered.


+----------------------------------------------------------+ +artist_-_Qygen +album_-_Celestial_Hyperspeed +cat#_-_[proc461] +year_-_2012 +bitrate_-_320kbps,MP3 +----------------------------------------------------------+ Don't really need to explain this album too much. It's Qygen, the madman from Seattle who's trance-techno music has completely changed my initial preconceptions of the genre. As someone who appreciates all styles of electronica, I had been let down many many times by artists who simply could not properly make the trance that would get me moving, let alone make me want to listen to it more than once!! Maybe it's just because he's on my label that get's me so pumped, but one thing is for sure, I definitely am, and new music from Eric is always something to be appreciative of. while nothing of his has ever quite compared to his 5th album on proc, Enchanted, ( this album, which runs for almost an hour and a half comes dangerously close in my opinion. If you're someone who is still a little uncertain whether or not trance is a genre that you think you could ever love like you do with a different style, give qygen a try, and prepare to have your mind changed for you! sorry for the delay with music! NOISE WILL BE NOISE!!! Qygen_-_Celestial_Hyperspeed

new releases on 4m@

hey! there was supposed to be a new release on proc although due to a misunderstanding I had to remove it from the que. however, there are a handfull of new releases on 4m@ just WAITING to be heard, so get those while they're still hot :) NOISE WILL BE NOISE

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