Sunday, November 30, 2008



Where did it all go wrong?
Planet Earth as a whole has gone to shit.
Commercialism has completely taken over
almost all forms of media and has severely brainwashed
millions of people (most notably Americans)
into thinking that their lives will somehow become better
or more meaningful by collecting as much fucking junk as
Junk which was made in factorys that have little or no
restrictions whatsoever on the pollutants being blown into
our atmosphere or dumped into (what was once) perfectly
fine drinking water.

Why the rant?
Because each and every year, the holiday season becomes
more and more diluted of all that it once stood for.
I'm not saying that EVERYONE is like that...
Odds are, if you're reading this, you happen to be one of the remaining
few people who actually give a damn (BIG UP BIG UP!!!)

Anyway, in response to a recent MURDER of a
wal-mart (puke) employee by a shitload of
"black friday" crazed shoppers, Wal-Martyr
(aka The Ambience Project) put together a little noise ep
to bring attention to just how incredable, appauling and, well, let's be honest..
fucked up, that whole event actually was.

A runtime of nearly six-minutes, a protest album of this nature
deserves alot of commendation and recognition.
It's time to realize what really matters in this world.
Not the things which can be bought, but the things which are free
(especially free music).
I encourage everyone to download this and share it with others, because
if there was ever a time when the "average american"
needed to do a major reality check, it's now.

As we approach the new year, proc-records (along with other fine labels like
Love Torture Records, TRASHFUCK-NET, Dustin Must Die, HN, etc) continue to
stay deep underground with the sole-purpose of distributing
the best art in the world by the best artists in the world.
completely free of charge.
Open your mind to the possibilites, bitches!

Many thanks to Wal-Martyr for the audio-condolences




Never in my life did I think I would be part of something
as enjoyable or satisfying as proc-records.
Operating it is something which gives me great pleasure
and is something which I take great pride in
Having been in the underground netlabel scene for a few years,
I payed close attention to a few artists who exemplified quality
and dedication, and who seemed to really care
about what they did.
Sascha Müller was one such artist who I greatly admired
even from the very beginning.

So, naturally, when I started laying the groundwork
for proc-records, he was an artist who I contacted with haste.
Sascha is an electronic musician who has an un-paralleled
production style.
Seeming to always be at the forefront of new idea's, concepts
and styles, his natural talent for sound creation
is something that any label would love to release!

At the very end of October we released an ep from Sascha
titled "Kombat Zone".
That album was a hands-down dance-floor smash hit and
got played frequently by me wherever I went.
However, I can't help but now devote my full attention
to this brand new release from Sascha Müller.
Three tracks long, this album picks up RIGHT where
the previous album left off.
Those deeeeep and wonderful basslines, the pulsating kick drums,
precision-placed hi-hats and of course, those brilliant
rhythmic melodies, leads and pads that
fill in the empty pockets of sound with the greatest of ease :)

There is no debating the fact that Sascha cares about what
he does.
His dedication and love-affair with sound are apparent in
every-single-second of audio being pumped
from your speakers to your head.
If you are looking for an easy way to get any dancefloor in the
world filled, look no further than Sascha Müller's newest release...


Friday, November 28, 2008



The incredable Mr.Dee is back at proc-records after
a brief break!!!!!
And, this time around he has taken a slightly different
direction with his sound...

Typically Mr.Dee is found making wonderful
dancefloor tracks which are custom made for people
to get down'n'dirty on that dancefloor.
However, on this new EP he has laid down three very
solid and rough, yet also very laid-back, rhythm pieces
perfect for anything from just cracking open a beer and relaxing
or for putting on your dancing shoes and getting
funky at your favorite club!

While this ep is just shy of eight minutes, it really
gives us a better insight as to how diverse of a musician
Mr.Dee really is.
In nearly every aspect of electronic music, we have found him
trying something new and different, but accomplishing it
with such sucess that it could make
some people quite jealous ;)

Mr.Dee has been featured on multiple compilations here
at proc-rec and has also been heard on his own label
(deep-x) AND on the GLORIOUS 20kbps records netlabel
(just to name a few).
If this is your first introduction to his sounds, feel lucky.
You are about to enjoy some quality sounds!!

Tell your local DJ to download this and play it at a club near you!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, November 25, 2008



I apologize in adavance if my sentences
have a tendency to run together or make
very little sense.
I havent slept well these past few days
and as a result of had to increase my coffee consumption
as a way to compensate.
Anyway, [proc225] is here and on it we find
some really interesting material from our newest
project, Sons Of Bradford.

SOB is also part of a project called the Xeric clan, and is
ALSO part of a group-effort between RedSK (BIG UP BIG UP!!)
which is known as kxdX.

This ep is alot like a video-game you can't play
or a movie you can't watch.
THAT may not sound cool, but the music certainly IS :)
The entire ep is composed of smaller tracks glued together
as one solid piece of electronic beauty.
With a very analog and an early 1990's nintendo
feel, It is a spectacular little release that has
held my attention since I first played it a few weeks ago.

Various samples are played at points
during this album (especially at the begining) and
with the added effects like heavy distortion , reverb, flanger(?)
and panning, they seem to cooincide PERFECTLY
with the other things taking place during it's runtime.
this album also features very ambient
sections (most notably at 11:40 and 29:35)
which really help carry this ep to another level of inginuity
and imagination.

All in all, this is a splendid piece of work
and will be appreciated by those who enjoy
good art :)


Sunday, November 23, 2008



Originality is ESSENTIAL in nearly every aspect of life.
And certainly much more so when dealing with music.
The netlabel scene has grown at an incredable rate
over the past few years, and as a result, it has been
difficult for many individuals to
1. find a good netlabel that frequently releases music
2. find artists who "Deliver" 100% with their music
3. as an artist, try to prevent yourself from sounding
like all the rest of the artists.
Well, as could be expected, the newest release on proc-records
is a second-to-none culmination of the successful
blending of all three of those criteria.

Believe it or not, there was a time when proc-records was
a small net-label located on the outskirts
of the scene.
In many ways, we were "on the outside, looking in".
Having payed close attention to labels like
20kbps, mp3death, Stars in Rehab. and northam,
I (as a listener) had found a few
artists whose music I thoroughly enjoyed hearing, and
would frequently listen to.
Of those artists, one sect particularly caught my attention.
Their name?
So, when I finally decided to start proc-rec, they
("they" meaning Greg and Paul, the two men who make up xorqz)
were one of the first projects on my list of people to contact.

Time had passed and we stayed in contact from time to time, until
finally Greg agreed to send something over for me to
And boy...what a release it is :D

This is essentially a live session of the duo performing in New Jersey
sometime last year.
As described to me, Paul was utilizing a Korg EMX sampler while
greg was running audio which was being emitted from a pair of
turntables through some distortion and playing it
and various speeds (from 16rpm to 78!).

This is a really impressive track, and is an excellent introduction
to proc-rec from these guys.
Because the two are located on different parts of the US, they
dont get to work on music with each other as much as they
(and certainly their fans) would like, however, they both
also have solo projects which may be of some interest :D
Hopefully this will not be the only release from them here, but's still a (long-awaited and highly anticipated!!)
ep from a undoubtedly original and progressive

Don't miss it!!!


Friday, November 21, 2008



November has been a very busy month here
at proc-rec.
We have had over a dozen new releases up for free
download, and a large portion of them have came
from either a new alias or from a new artist!

Well, I am here to tell you about the latest artist to
grace our wonderful label!
His operating alias is Toxic Chicken, and he isn't
a stranger when it comes to the netlabel scene.
With net-releases on various labels, especially
one on the FANTASTIC netlabel, Dramacore (BIG RESPECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
, it is safe to say that he knows his way around :)
However, in a way, this isn't his first release with us...
With the introduction of proc-rec's sub-label, "Sexual-Records",
we have had a couple releases on it so far.
And, one of those particular releases came from
Toxic Chicken under his alias of kai Nobuko.
(high recommended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1)

On this particular ep, Toxic Chicken introduces to
the massive his more rhythmic, ass-shaking, dancefloor tracks.
Six very straight-forward tracks , these pieces
the cullmination of upbeat, happy tracks and
darker, more mysterious/dangerous tunes.
A perfect album for nearly any occasion due to
it's diverseness and download size, it makes an excellent
Christmas Gift for people on a budget :D

He has a very genuine sound and "flavor", but
if you are a fan of Spacecraft, Derex, carfil, or even Static Bass
then I am sure you will find something about this
ep that you will enjoy!
While this music isn't really Techno, I would
consider it to be more closely related to that
genre than anything else.

So, if you havent downloaded it already, I suggest you do...
Then, after you download it put it on your mp3 player
and go to a friends house and download it on their computer as well!!


Wednesday, November 19, 2008



Myself, being an electronic music artist, recognize
and understand the concept of using various
aliases for new or different projects.

Well, Evgenij V. Kharitonov, who has been a crucial
part of the proc-records family, especially during this year,
has released under a handful of different aliases
(EugeneKha, YokoAbsorbing just to name a few)
and is now being featured on a new release with us
using the same name as his very own netlabel, Microbit Project!

Following an extremely rhythm-based theme,
this ep has kicked melody to the sidelines
and given percussion a chance to speak it's mind! :D
Not only that, these pieces are very fast-paced
and are somewhat relentless with their
hard-hitting bombardment of solid kicks, snares
and hi-hats.
Evgenij has shown that he is about as diverse as
artists come these days, and has proven
on many occasions (both on and off compilation releases)
that he can easily produce music to fit almost
any mood or theme.

There are some people who would probably
let their pride or ego get in thier way, which would
keep them from releasing on netlabels.
Fortunately, Evgenij is kind enough
to share his talents with the world and release
his music not only here at proc-rec, but at
many, many many other netlabels (even his own!).

Such people who contribute so positively to the netlabel
scene deserve a round of applause!
So please, join in me in giving Evgenij a standing ovation with
his latest title from a very powerful alias!


Tuesday, November 18, 2008



Coming waaaaaaaaaaaay out of left-field is a new
ep from the internationally respected artist, Razxca.
My reasons for writing so boldly about this release
is the simple fact that it is entirely unlike
anything that we here at proc-records have come to expect
from Mikhail.
Very beat-driven anthems are what make this release
so different.
On albums past, Mikhails sounds have been very
anti-rhtythmic and and higly avant-garde.
Yet, on this new ep, we find him flexing his
skills as a truly diverse musician.

It should be mentioned, however, that these tracks
are a bit older than some of his other material
and therefore do not follow the same musical direction
that Mikhail has been taking lately.
With a slightly old-school sound (especially on tracks 1 and 5)
these pieces have a slightly "dirty" and raw analog-feel to them
which INSTANTLY makes them pleasing to the ears.

The other three tracks on this ep cover a
much deeper early-analog dark ambient genre,
which reminds me of the early days of electronic music
(very much like early Warp Records)
when it seemed like there were an abundance of
styles yet to be discovered.

With MUCH anticipation and pleasure, I am pleased to release
this very high-quality ep from a remarkbly talented gentleman!
Razxca, you are my brother from another mother :D


Monday, November 17, 2008



up next at proc-rec is another release
from yet another new artist to our label!
Coax, a sound project which I am admittedly unfamiliar
with, recently sent over this wonderful little ep
of spectacular noises upon suggestion from
a fellow proc-rec artist, Jonbro (aka The Wizard Rises).
A very good suggestion, indeed!

Deep ambient landscape textures play throughout this album,
and even from the very beginning it is easy
to tell exactly the type of mood to be found within these
Similar in style and sound to artists like
Yoko Absorbing, Vega Stereo, GAAD all fused together
with a little bit of Xenocats mixed in, Coax's first
impression on me has certainly made a
positve and lasting one!

Like any good ambient album, this one features a variety
of colorful tracks which also play alongside
a handful of darker ones.
The perfect amount of volume, an ample supply of reverb,
a matrix of precisely executed sound-effects and
some very catchy track titles, this album is
definitely one that I will be listening to
quite often during these upcoming months of
chilly weather and even colder nights.

As anyone will tell you, first impressions are extremely
important, and it helps to make a profound and direct
statement as quickly and concisely as possibly.
Coax has certainly done this, and there is little doubt
in my mind that this is only a one-time thing!

So, without further delay, i am pleased to announce
the release of the first (of hopefully many more to come!!)
release here at proc-records by the newest
member of the family...


Sunday, November 16, 2008


"Close your eyes and open your mind".
That phrase fits this album perfectly,
and in more ways than one.

Anyone who appreciates good ambient music
(which if you are a regular visitor to proc-rec, odds are you do!)
will certainly agree that this album from our newest
member of the proc-records family is, hands down,
brilliantly produced.
Immediately starting out dark and mysterious, this EP
carries a sense of despair and
peril through and through.
Dark and mysterious are just a few other terms
which can be used to describe this release.
Very much an ambient and drone release, these tracks
are excellent examples of the perfect fusion of
noise/drone/ambient and landscape and
have an amazingly crystal-clear sound.

Though only eighteen minutes long, these twenty-two pieces
work well together which allows this album to
move from one track to the next with a
very fluid motion which , when done correctly, can
really add to an album's success.
Tracks like Pangea (parts 1-4) and Waterdream (parts 1 and 2)
are all pieces which, in my opinion, really stand out among
the rest of the album and which also provide
a solid framework and "backbone" for the EP.

However, please note that this EP is a deep-listening
album and sounds best when heard through headphones
and with no distractions around you to
keep you from absorbing these sounds in their entirety.
Please, do not simply let it play in the background while
you do other things.
Full mental devotion is not only required, but expected
when hearing this (truly) amazing ep.

So, with nothing else more to say, I leave you, the listener,
with the oppurtunity to indulge yourself with a brilliant
ep that is second-to-none on so many levels.
Turn out the lights, put on your headphones, and immerse
yourself in the wonderful sounds of...


Saturday, November 15, 2008



You know what's awesome?
I mean, besides Adam Sigmund's music??
The fact that this is the second release we have
had from him in a matter of weeks!!
It used to be that we would only get music from
him on rare occasions, but now it seems
as if our prayers have been answered because I am
pleased to announce the newest EP from
the EXCEEDINGLY talented musician here at proc-records!!
On this new ep, we find Adam using his other operating
alias, "Origami Repetika", a name which is itself
music to my ears! :)

Three tracks long, a runtime of nearly twelve minutes and a
bitrate of crystal-clear 320kbps mp3, these refreshing, somewhat
imperturbable pieces are admirable and
represent the calmer, more melodic and texturous
side of Adam, representing who he is, what he stands for,
and why we love him!
Never boring, never overbearing, this is
electronic music that nearly anyone can appreciate!
Calm enough for your grandparents to listen to
while they drink some tea and reminisce of days gone past,
yet strong enough for even the most hardcore electronic
music fanatics!
(and everything else in between).
Basically, this is an album for the people by one of
proc-records favorite people in the music scene.

Happy sunshiney beats custom-made for your enjoyment
on these progressivly colder days, Origami Repetika
has done it again...

download it for yourself and see why so many people
are turning to proc-records for their music


Friday, November 14, 2008



The incredably talented Mr Razxca has thankfully
returned to proc-rec for yet another deep-listening
trip into the furthest edges of noise/drone!

Similar in style to proc180, this release features a grand-total
of one-hundred solid hours of noise!
As an added bonus, it was encoded at 8kbps mono mp3
and divided into four seperate sections for your
listening convenience.
This is a very, VERY conceptualy-driven release and
is not like ANYTHING I have ever heard before, due
to it's length.
I have always placed Razxca at the forefront
of creativity, and this album certainly strengthens my
profound appreciation for his contributions to
the netlabel scene.
By taking a concept that few artists have dared to attempt, he
has almost single-handedly changed the way that
many of us listen and create sound!
As I mentioned before,
by keeping in mind that the majority of people
will not be able to listen to this album
from end to end in a single sitting
(though I encourage you to do it if you can!!), this album
has been divided into four different sections, each one
ranging in lengths and sound.

Mikhail is an artist who makes music because
he loves to!
And proc-records is a label which releases great music, because..
well.....we love to!!!
We are a noise/experimental label at heart and
take pride in releasing stuff that is
considered "different".
Razxca's music certainly fits that description, and
there is no better way to celebrate creativity and
diverseness than by downloading this very valuable
piece of work.

Razxca, if you're out there...I thank you!!!
I, Adam from proc-records, give this album
the quality assurance stamp of approval
and am positive that you will also enjoy....


Tuesday, November 11, 2008



Across the ocean, located in the country of Ukraine, lives
a talented artist named Alice.
Having been with proc-rec for an impressive length of time,
Alice has released some truly epic low-bitrate audio under
the aliases of jjoth and Belsebul, which is the alias that
is being used on this fresh new slice of audio.

As always, Alice's work has been HIGHLY inventive
and, above all, unique.
Never seeming to follow one particular set of rhythm,
heavily distorted, spurratic and free-form melodies are strewen over
very choppy and complex background textures, a technique
which is quite common with Alice's work under either
By adding other various effects and having the pieces
encoded to the heavily lossy bitrate of
8kbps mono mp3, Belsebul's work is, quite honestly, jaw dropping.

Previously, when trying to classify his work, I often placed
Alice's music in experimental or avant-garde.
However, upon deeper listening, it also fits the description
of noise and even non-verbal sound poetry!
Expressing himself through his sound-instruments
in an entirely new way, constantly re-inventing his sound
to be understood better by the underground, and expressing
himself in such an explicit and unique manner, Alice's music
is almost always at the forefront of creativity!!

Since the last release under this alias, I had awaited
a further installment, and now we have the oppurtunity!!
With much excitement, I am pleased to announce the newest
release from Belsebul!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, November 10, 2008



formidable sounds by admirable people (insects),
the Utopian Listeners of Exotic Insects have returned
to proc-records yet again by giving me this killer
anti-beat album of genuinly original sounds!
Now, to be clear, this particular release under the alias was
actually created solo by one of the members.
To avoid too much confusion (and because it's a fucking awesome
artist name) it was released under their common alias.

The Utopian Listeners of Exotic Insects have been with proc-rec
for a few months, giving us a pair of ep's prior to this one.
While lacking the usual crew, it still maintains an enormous
amount of creativy and that all-too original sound
which i have come to not only recognize, but expect
as well, from them.
Sample heavy, loud, bombastic, and even offensive at times
(keep your kids indoors!!), it is nice to see that the
creativity and avant-garde thought processes are still
exhistant, even while the rest of the group takes a brief
holiday :)

In every way, this ep is a definative example of
the strength which can be found in the underground
in response to an intense refusal to conform our ears, minds
and tastes to the continuous regularities and restrictions
placed on art these days.
proc-records will NEVER (yep, I said it! NEVER!!!!)
become a wasteland from the urban-sprawl of pop culture
into the underground netlabel scene.
SINCE DAY ONE we have been releasing
original and inventive sounds by people who
actually give-a-fuck, no matter how different or
counter-culture it may be.
Having said that, a freshly prepared piece of audio artwork
is now ready to be enjoyed by people with hungry
ears and thirsty minds!!!

If you need to prepare yourself before laying your
ears on this, do it now because it's going to get pretty
crazy in there!



Sunday, November 9, 2008



In many ways, proc-records has been a forward
thinking, open-minded and highly progressive label, something
that I certainly hope to continue to maintain throughout it's life.
New idea's, challenges, concepts and production styles
have given listeners across the planet a reason
to try different techniques when working with sound.
One such example is that of our newest artist, Phanto Bro, who
certainly has delivered in terms of originality!

They are the perfect way to re-acquaint
yourself with outdated titles from ages past.
With a mediocre processor and a little bit of RAM+HD space,
one can spend hours (assuming you are fortunate to have
that kind of time) playing games from video game
consoles from Atari to XBOX360.

However, this time you wont be using this common
utility for the sole purpose of gaming.
Instead, Phanto Bro has composed an entire piece
and rendered it into .nsf format to be played exclusively
on an NES emulator known as "Fceux"
(included with the release and used by permission!).
Ranking alongside Razxca's text-based audio release with
us a few weeks ago, this brilliantly handled
ep is a highly engaging album utilizing a method
which I, admittedly, had previously given little thought about.
Either way, such a debut release has left a lasting impression
on my mind and hopefully this will be a regular thing
from him!

A new artist at proc-rec (not to mention our very-
-first artist from South Carolina), I welcome music
lovers and hardcore video gamers alike to check
this out.
Satisfaction Guaranteed or your "money" back :D


Friday, November 7, 2008



In true low-bit raver fashion, the short-tempered
sounds of mr. J_T are quite refreshing to the
ears of many a listener, especially since Friday
is finally here after 4 previous days of utter bull-snot.
To be sure, this is a nearly unstopable barrage of
quality-as-hell lowbitrate rave tracks
finely tuned, edited, spliced, diced and baked to
perfection for all to enjoy!

J_T, aka Josstintimberlake, is a semi-regular
artist on proc-rec offering the world-wide
audience with a nice helping of releases
(compilation and regular), 1000000% free of charge!!
With regards to his previous releases with us, the
bitrate encoding of this ep is higher than regular.
We have seen his tracks go as low as 8kbps,8khz MONO
(and still have a wonderful original-sound retention!!).
Donning the 32kbps,MP3 Stereo properties, we are able to
more clearly hear and appreciate this man's truly stunning
work, while still allowing it to retain it's highly
portable-friendly properties
(for those of us who are using very outdated mp3 players.
I use an old 256mb RCA Lyra. very restrictive at times)

Now, concerning the album itself, it is still very true to
nature in the sense that it has that
classic Josstin' sound that we have all come to know and love.
Five highly original and crisp, yet equally as low-fidelic, they
can really help to get ANY abandoned warehouse
rave moving in the right direction.
Wonderful consistency from Track A to B, and an enormous
replay value, there is no reason NOT to add this
EP to your collection....



Wednesday, November 5, 2008



proc-rec has been moving forward at an unprecedented
rate, and from time to time it can feel a
bit overwhelming to try staying on top of things.
Making sure all of the files for each release
work correctly, maintaining some form of communication
between me and the artist just in case an issue
should arise, making sure the tags are correct, not to
mention the time spent listening to the demo's from
top to bottom!
At times, it really can stressfull...
HOWEVER, it honestly is a labor of love and
it's little ep's like this one that really
make it worthwhile!

The Ambience Project is a solo-artist project
of Alaskin based producer (David) hailing from
the city of Fairbanks.
An area known for it's chilly (sometimes harsh)
atmosphere, T.A.P's music on this album is a mirror-image
of the area, changing the visual patterns into
the ear-candy which so many of us crave! :D

A style which reminds me much of
overthruster meets GERT 3000, it would
seem that The Ambience Project is almost anything
BUT ambient.
Very haphazard drum sequences are strewn about over
harshly granulated 8-bit melodies and basslines, giving
it a very pleasant and
an unquestionably unique sound and "feel".

While this isnt The Ambience Projects first release with us
(he was on the widely sucessfull [proc200] as well)
this does happen to be his debut, non-compilation release!
It flows very smoothly from one track to the next,
has the right level of volume for the style and
definitely shows it's ability to be easily remixed for
people who like to do that sort of thing ;)

This isn't T.A.P's only release, so if you happen to
be craving more audio candy after hearing this ep
(which im positive you will!)
swing by his myspace page and find out
where you can download more shit to make you rock the
night away!!!

thanks again man!!




My friends, close your eyes, get comfortable with
a good beverage, put on the headphones
and find a comfortable place to lay down...
you are about to embark on a very calm and deep
journey into premium-quality ambient sound!!!
EugeneKha is once again in control of proc-rec's newest
release, the Ambient Collection Vol. 1.
Truly a wonderful representation of an (obviously)
incredably talented artist, I feel quite fortunate
to have the oppurtunity to lock this release
by EugeneKha into the [proc211] slot.

Once again, as is typical with his music, quality
and true dedication are readilly apparent upon hearing
the opening track.
As the title of this album suggests, thick and soothing
pads and leads conjigate together and coat your ears
and minds with bountiful ambience for almost forty-five

Humbling tracks like Spate of Whisper and Russian Space
both stand out in my mind first when thinking of this
While the entire album is nothing short of breathtaking,
those two tracks in particular are what hold
the album together and really make it
an enjoyable experience that is almost out
of this world!

This is the first of many to come (I hope!!!) of this
sort of album from EugeneKha.
In many ways it left me short of speech
and of ways to describe it's unique sound.
So please, dont waste any further oppurtunities or time!
Devote 100% attention to this album
and you will soon understand why I love music
so much :)

an early Christams present to the massive!!!


Tuesday, November 4, 2008



in the deepest regions of audio, classic forms
co-exist with one another.
simlpe rhythm, melody, tempo, etc.
These are the basics of nearly all forms of music and
electronic music frequently uses all aspects of sound.

Enter Mikhail.
Traditional Russian music is very eclectic and
warm, able to stir up many emotions to those
who listen deeply to music.
However, in todays society, few artists seem to
focus their purest, raw emotion in their work
and as a result, the music quality has to sacrifice.
Fortunately, proc-rec doesnt allow such things to happen!

Anyone who has had any contact with Razxca knows
exactly what he stands for in the music scene.
Unwilling to follow current styles or techniques,
he has an uncanny ability to follow a different
path and design his art (visual and audio) around his life.
One of the most active musicians there is, Mikhail's
work can be heard on over a dozen labels (including his own), and
has a very respectable amount of music released with proc-records.

This newest release from him contains a single piece
which runs over eight minutes total and
lacks nothing in terms of originality.
It also contains rhythm sequences!
(though not in a traditional 4/4 sense).
Razxca's music has always typically leaned
away from rhythm and had a much stronger free-form style,
so it is certainly an aural treat to
be able to experience (as always from him), something
entirely new and different!

Simply said, this is rhythm-based noise
done by a superb artist, and it has the proc-records
stamp of quality!

dig in, and enjoy!!! :)


Monday, November 3, 2008



The collective conciousness on [proc209] is
a match made in heaven for noise fans!!!
The superb netlabel (Dustin Must Die)'s very own labelhead, using his
alias of Die Society Die, goes head-to-head with the
utterly astounding CEO of
Love Torture Records, Endometrium Cuntplow
on this epic ep of premium-harsh-noise!!!

Having strong roots and backgrounds
both on the netlabel scene and noise-production, these
two gents have pulled out all the stops and delivered
precisely the type of thing that not only myself, but
fans around the world have come to expect from
both dudes.
Silencing haters world-wide
by drowning out all the senseless bullshit talk from
people who have no business in the underground
through the use of brutally harsh elctro-squelch,
static, grainy texturous melodies and drones, and of course...

This split-release is truly spectacular.
It features a good selection of various styled
noise tracks from both artists and maintains the interest
of people who have a keen ear for this sort of thing
(a five-minute track is an eternity in the pop-music world).
It also has an extremely high replay value.
On MULTIPLE occasions I have mentioned that there IS a
difference between good noise tracks and bad noise tracks.
It is easy to tell the difference between someone actually putting
force the effort into their art (and proc-records will only
release music when that criteria has been met!!!)

I have an un-ending amount of respect
to both of these indivduals for what they stand for and
for what they have contributed to the netlabel scene.
They talk the talk and walk the walk, and are relentless
in their efforts to not only RELEASE quality audio, but
to make it as well.

I tip my hat to you, guys!
this split release is truly sublime.



Sunday, November 2, 2008


I think I speak for every fan of Origami Repetika
when I say that it has been entirely too long since
his last release with us (or anywhere for that matter!!)
Adam Sigmund is one of those guys who doesnt release
very often, but when he does, it is certainly
something to be celebrated.
"Why?" you ask?
Just download any one of his release and you'll see why.

On this new ep, Adam introduces us to his
latest sound project, Kitschwerk.
A sound that is undeniably Sigmund's, Adam's
new alias allows him to further pursue his love-affair
with music without having to be constricted or "weighed-down"
by trying to associate a style or genre with a name.
Kitschwerk gives him the oppurtunity to take his
diversity in sound to un-parralelled heights!!
What's more, this album has a very classic sound
to it, without using a low bitrate!

The six tracks that make up this album each have a title
in relation to (im guessing) the day they we're created.
If that IS the case, then it goes without saying that
these pieces are an excellent representaion
of how this gentleman can produce simply amazing sounding
tracks in a very short time-frame!
Complex yet simple all at once, these pieces are quite uplifting
and sure to give your spirits a rise :D

While the entire album's demeanor is complacent
(much like the artist himself),
there were two track one here that really stuck out.
Tracks three and five BOTH have a charming sound
which are sure to delight the aesthetic senses of ANY individual!!

please, do not pas this album up!
First-rate music is something that everyone deserves
to hear, and what better price is there than FREE?
Adam, your sounds never cease to impress me!
keep them coming, we'll keep listening :)


Saturday, November 1, 2008



By now, Sascha Müller has become a household name
around proc-records, and for that I am eternally thankful.
Having had various releases with us already, not to mention
being heard on even more proc-rec compilations, Sascha
has been a highly active producer.

With each release Sascha has given proc, top-notch quality
has been found.
Crystal Clear sound, deep basslines, pulsating effects
and hard hitting kick drums all seem to come together
with perfect harmony whenever Mr. Müller brings
something to the table, regardless of his alias!

So, it should come as no suprise to you when
first playing this album that Sascha has picked up
right where he left off and keeping the party alive!
A veeeeery strong 2-track ep ranging just over
sixteen-minutes in length, this album takes hardcore
techno and advances it by including very minimalistic
production styles, which is especially apparent
on the second track.

The first piece, "Kombat Zone" is quite similar in style
to tracks which can be heard on his "Soldier Force" ep on
Eastern Recordings back in 2006
(a personal favorite of mine).
This track has very rapid hi-hats clammoring
throughout while a kick drum lays down a solid rhythm
for people to hit the dancefloor with ease :D

The second track, Heavy Metal is quite different
from what I have heard from Sascha in the past.
A splendidly basic guitar riff lays down a nice danceable
background sound while the drum sequence gradually
moves in to take this piece to the next level!!!


If you want to get the fucking party moving in the right
direction, spin this shit and see just how fast the people
will flock to the dancefloor!!!

Doing what WE do best, proc-rec is proud to
showcase this album by an artist who does what HE DOES BEST!!!

THANKS SASCHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




With the start of a brand new month,
November brings new possibilites!
It also allows proc-rec to introduce its newest
artist, a gentleman from Brazil who uses the alias

On this album we can find a wide array
of styles of electronic music ranging from
minimal electronica, psychodelic acid and techno
with a little bit of ambient and IDM peppered in
at various points in the work.
This is truly original music, and I would even go as
far as to say that maybe holocaos has developed his
own genre within the realm of electronic music :)
Sampling seems to have been kept to a minimum, which
has allowed holocaos to also focus more on making
the splendid rhythm, percussion and
the various sound effects and ambient textures
which provide the backbone for the majority of the music.

What I also found interesting about this album was the
fact that while these tracks are pretty complex,
they still have an enormous potential for being
remixed by DJ and fellow producers alike, and therefore
will work wonderfully in discotheques around the world,
not to mention the fact that they also are perfect just to
sit back and listen to after a long day.

I have only been aware of holocaos's work for a short period
of time, but after hearing this album I know
that he is truly dedicated to his work and to the scene.
He has released on the TRANZMITTER netlabel in the past,
however, I hope that this wont be the last time that proc-rec
has the wonderful oppurtunity to release more music from
mr. holocaos.
(fans of hertzcanary will enjoy this album!!)



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