Thursday, August 12, 2010



sorry, I have left this blog
un-attended for so long.
I had been having a few issues
with uploading album cover-art
and therefore have relied upon
people simply checking the
primary page for release updates.

proc400 is soon upon us and
it makes me wonder how proc
ever got as big as it has over
the past few years.
the dedication from the artists
to this underground sound movement
has been uncanny and i truly appreciate
the efforts of all those
who continue to be such a pivotal
force on this scene.

with the release of proc400, I will
continue to be accepting submissions,
however, there are a few side-projects
which I must also take care of.
this may slightly slow the release
process of proc slightly, although
it shouldn't last long.
please be understanding in this
time-limited days.


Sunday, July 4, 2010


Today, America celebrates it's independance.
yep, it's July 4th here in the USA, and
while everyone here is drinking beer and
blowing stuff up, I'm celebrating
independance in a slightly different way
(but the beer is still included! haha)

Independance is something we should
value greatly here in the underground.
Due to the vast capability of the internet,
talented people from all corners of the planet
have been able to come together
and share their crazy sounds without
having to deal with corporate mega-sound
agencies who force-feed the brainless
mASSes with generic, run-of-the-mill
garbage day after day.

One such agent in the war on terrible music
is toxic chicken, who has single-handedly
done astonishing and very positive things
for the underground sound-movement.
Taking the proc250 compilation
and remixing it into a danceable
techno album is such a genuine
idea, it could have only come from
Kai (toxic chicken).
It's people like him who make my job
of running a reputable netlabel
so refreshing and fun.
showcasing artists like Mr.Dee, Microbit Project,
VWT, Pollux, Endometrium cuntplow, and
Flat affect, this one-track 80kbps
mix set is pure genious wrapped
up in a zip file!!!

I would like to give a huge thank you
to everyone down here in the underground
(FUNderground? lol)
who are making music simply for the
sake of making music, and especially
to Toxic Chicken, without whom
this compilation would not have been possible,
nor would our netlabel scene be quite
as unique.


Monday, June 28, 2010



the past two years or so have seen
a large amount of albums from Sascha Müller,
most of which have been DJ-appropriate
in almost any occasion and have been a
total of two, sometimes three (the third
track was usually a remix) tracks
which revolved around a particular theme.
More often than not, this theme was packing
a dancefloor full of people and
watching their bodies move to the voluptuous
kicks, snares, and high hats.

Sascha's music always delivers
premium quality sound, and with
proc-rec, that is precisely what I hope to

The album opens with a track that
takes a little while to build up completely,
although the final product is well worth the wait
simply because he transforms a simple techno
beat into something much more profound
and meaningful.
layering sharp-edged crispy basslines and
even sharper lead synths over the beat, he
moves the track in the proper direction.

The first track ends abruptly and
moves us right into the second piece, which
takes off very quickly and maintaines the
speed and level throughout.
Black is my personal favorite track on
the album, and is also one of the best tracks ive
witnessed from Sascha in a long time.
It seems to go back to the roots
of the early days of DJ techno and what better
person to do that than Sascha Müller!!!!

as always, this release is a must-have from
proc AND sascha
(the man who needs no introduction whatsoever!!!)


Sunday, June 20, 2010



It is hard to believe how long it has
been since proc has had an album from
Toxic Chicken, although I am now
pleased to announce the first of 3 total albums
by the sound genious, two of which
will be found on proc with the other
on our sub-label, 4m@-records.

Toxic Chicken is none other than Kai Nobuko, a man
who I admire tremendously for not only the
music he makes, but also for the way he lives
life. Never worried about how he will survive
with each passing day, he is certainly a testament
and great example of how to approach life...
always have an open mind, an open heart, and make
electronic music as often as you
possibly can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This album follows the same type of
theme as much of his other work.
great, straight-forward dancefloor
tunes perfect for rocking out and getting
hot girls to rock out with you!!!! (:
Toxic Chicken takes techno to a
completely new and entirely
friendly level by putting an always happy
spin to his work.
Comprised of eight total tracks, none of which
go beyond 2:37, Kai gets right down
to business by starting out with strong, funky
and fun tracks and finishing
in the very same way.
And even with his higher-than-average
bitrate encoding
of 256kbps (he is usually found writing
tracks at a much, much lower bitrate), these
tracks still manage to sound very
old school, analog, and full of that lovely
low-fidelity sound!!

what more can I say?
it's just great music, man!
It would be a shame for you to miss out
on such a wonderful album at such
a wonderful price.

play it for the people you love (;


Saturday, June 19, 2010



even at the very begining stages of
proc's life, it has been a label where
many artists have jump-started their musical
career on (and off) the netlabel scene.
Artists like Qygen, Spacecraft, The Gemini Lounge Orchestra,
Micron, (and countless others), are just a few
examples of artists who
have decided to go underground
and release on a global
platform, demonstrating their unique
sounds and talents through
a method which promotes creativity
simply by restricting...restrictiveness!
This next release is from just such a fella.
Using his alias of bUScITRA , Adrian McCann
(who hails from the US) has for the first
time entered the underground music scene
by allowing proc to release his debut album.

While quite brief in runtime, this album
packs a definite wallop of
hardcore dancefloor sound.
Adrian follows a similar theme throughout
the entire length of this album by
extensively using glitched and spliced
vocal patterns, layering simple, yet effective,
drum sequences very thick over them, then
peppers in some nice little melodic textures
into the mix, simply for good measure.

This is some truly unique work, however, and
much like with any other form of sound, it may not
appeal to everyone.
For example, things such as the slightly provocative
track titles, heavy usage of glitched vocality
and the hardcore style of the drum patterns
may have a tendency to make a few people
However, I have made it a personal goal
of mine to make sure that only the most
original music gets released on proc, and, only
by people who are willing to push the limits
of their own minds and skills and experiment
with an art-form which has such an
incredable diversity, not only from
coast to coast or from country to country,
but by person to person and album to album as well.

As Adrian's skills as an artist continue
to develop and evolve, I will be paying close
attention to his latest material, wherever
it may be that he chooses to release it.

I am pleased to announce not only the newest
member of the proc-rec familiy, but also
the newest ep on proc...


Wednesday, June 9, 2010



a brand new album being released on proc
which was given to me by my good friend
Microbit Project is precisely the reason
I am overjoyed with writing this note.

While proc-rec doesnt necessarily
focus on one particular aspect of
electronic music, I tend to be
more profoundly interested in releasing
dark ambient, noise, drone, and
heavily experimental audio, as opposed to
strictly dance music.
This latest EP is definitely the type of
sound I appreciate most (:
Microbit Project has a very extensive
career on the underground music scene.
He operates a very busy blogspot which
showcases all of the latest and most up-to-date
low bitrate music news, while also
operating multiple netlabels and
making music under
his various aliases...trulya busy man!!
and a talented man, as well!!!!!

While I thoroughly enjoy all of his music,
this album might become my personal
favorite of his entire work, simply because it
is so minimal, dark, mysterious and
very, very experimental.
Taking the listener on a vast journey
into the unknown, Evgenij has created a
landscape of deep sound which encompasses
your entire thought process and bombards
it with continuous simplicity.

This is an album which I have listened
to on multiple
occasions before I finally
decided to release
it and with each time
of new listening, I find
something new about it
that I enjoy!!
and even with the low bitrate encoding, the
track still is remarkably clear and perfect.

Microbit Project hasnt released
with proc in a while, although I am very pleased
to have him back and willing to give us
such a unique and proper album!

with much respect to Evgenij, I am proud
to finally release...


Thursday, June 3, 2010



my time this evening is pretty short,
although i felt the desire to once
again hit the web and release
some fantastic new music from
an artist that proc-rec hasn't
heard from in a very long time,
Strawberry Milkshake Inc,
although for this
album he has chosen his
new alias of Cock 7 as a way
to move away from his older
material and enter a new
realm of sound production (:

While I dont really know a whole
lot about this particular
artist, I do know a few
crucial things like... he's from
the great country of Russia... and I
really enjoy his music!!

This album is a 4-track ep of
some seriously hard-hitters geared
up, primed and ready to go!
the tracks are very beat-oriented,
with a heavy emphasis on
extremely crunchy distortion and
rhythmic intuitiveness.
all 4 tracks are encoded to 320
kbps and are all in mp3 encoding.

It's easy to see
that Russia truly has a strong
grip on the electronic music scene
by providing the underground
with artists like this.
This album is durable little package
of some exquisitely hardcore tracks
and doesnt take up much space
at all on an mp3 player.
If you're a DJ who's planning
on playing some really deep tracks
to get the party jumping, be sure
to bring this along and watch the crowd
go wild!!

enjoy the sounds!!!


Sunday, May 30, 2010



the music of today, or at
least the underground
music, seems to follow a
very similar theme
of disorder, chaos, ruthless
self-denial and of course,
the amalgamation
of those feelings into
an all-encompasing
thought process.
Noise has especially become
a rapidly growing form
of expression through audio
over the past 5 years, and
certainly quite noticeably
over the course
of maybe even the
past two or three.
I'm not one to brag, but
I am very proud
with the success which proc
has had, especially
within the underground
noise community.
It has been a goal of mine
to keep the label at
the forefront of the noise
scene, becoming
a terminous or focal point
for creative output
and un-restricted
musical expression.
having artists like Pushing Task,
also commonly found
using his alias of jnmerd,
on the label
makes my lovely chore
of listening and releasing
great music that much easier.

his extra-unique hybrid of noise
ambient and minimal are quite
refreshing to find and hear on
a regular basis.
such things are what propels
the noise genre into a whole
new form of creative expression.
I have said on multiple occasions,
and I fully believe it to be a fact,
there are such things as GOOD and
BAD noise.
Good noise can be found through
modulation, experimentation, attention
to detail, various effect usage, and, forming
the foundation for the genre is an
un-wavering love for the sound and
true dedication and commitment
to making progress
wherever possible.
Thus, artists like Pushing Task
can easily be weeded
out of the seemingly endless
amount of low-quality
noisesters who only want to
mess around with junk and
be as loud as possible.
Another crucial element to
creating a noise album of substance
is making sure of it's replay value.
If it is only downloaded one time and played
one time...what's the point???
Such things are not so
with PT, and certainly not with
this ep.

I have played this album multiple
times during various times
of the day while doing various tasks
and have found it to be effective when
reading, resting, or just
wanting to have something comforting
playing in the background.
regardless of why you would want
to download this album, please
make sure you do.
I would hate for you to miss it...

another quality product from
my neighbor to the North (Canada)...


Friday, May 21, 2010



on the whole, the music world is
constantly changing.
Sometimes for the
worse, but more often than
not, for the better.
my personal musical life has
taken a slight directional
change due to a side-project
which I was recently a part of.
However, things will work out
(after all, they always do).

Anyway, this release by one of
my favorite proc-records artists
is truly a double edged sword of sorts.
It is a brand new album of
never-before-released material,
although, suffice it to say, upon
receiving this album, Qygen
confirmed that this would be the
last album for a long time
(due to respectable and honorable
changes taking place in his own life).

The album itself is a true gem
of hardcore sound perfection.
those wonderful drum sequences,
perfect melodic pitch
and score, deep grimey
basslines and just the right
amount of everything else
are what have made Qygen albums of
the past so memorable and
close to my heart.
My personal favorite pieces on this
ep is the third and final track, which
combine the afformentioned
crucial elements
all in one, making it a
perfect way to bring to an album of this
caliber to a close and punctuating this
artist's career.

Qygen has certainly left a mark and a
name for himself nearly the past 2 years.
Fulfilling the requirements of every proc-rec
artist by remaining true to himself
and to the scene as a whole, Eric's legacy
of sound is without a doubt
some of the biggest shoes to fill.

if you download one album this month,
make it this one

Until next time, Eric.
best of luck!


Monday, May 17, 2010



so I'm sitting here at my computer, enjoying a
nice cold beer, and I start to think to myself
"flat affect sent me an album a few days ago...
and I havent had a release from that cat in a while..."
I took a swig and got to work!! :D
basically, if you don't know who flat affect is,
he just happens to be the missing piece
to the ambient/noise-scene puzzle.
allow me to explain emphasis.

Shaun Phelps is one of the truest, down to earth
music-making gents this scene has encountered
in a long, long time (with the exception of a few
artists, of course)
a unique style which he conveys with superb execution,
shaun seems to follow a consistant patteren
of natural inconsistency.
never repeating the same method twice allows him to
expand his creative horizons on an un-even playing field.
yep, he's THAT good!
This album is everything a good
noise release should be.
close to a half-hour in length, never too a
braisive or overbearing,
superb sound placement and an
even more impressive
amount of modulation are just a few of the things
which we humble listeners
take for granted.

please don't hate me, but I don't have much else
to say about the artist or this album.
both are great and I'm beyond pleased to
have both around at proc!



since this is the first release from him ANYWHERE in about
a year, after you've listened to this
album the first few thousand times, drop
him a line through myspace and welcome
him back into the world of premium-electronic-music!

Saturday, May 8, 2010



I'm a firm beliver in the fact
that good music still sounds good, regardless
of the bitrate (and sometimes even
BETTER, because of a lower bitrate!)
our next artist, who has been around the
netlabel scene for nearly a decade, is no
stranger to bitrates, codecs or file properties.
in fact, his music has been all around
the bitrate-encoding spectrum.
With sounds as low as 8kbps (and lower, im sure!)
all the way up to .wav releases, Sascha
certainly knows his way around an encoder.
But his music goes far beyond just bitrates.
His highly eclectic DJ mixes and live performances
join together all aspects of electronic music, forging
sounds together into a cornocopia
of pure audio perfection.

This lengthy release is a two-track LP
of live DJ mixes and performances from
our Germain-based musical mastermind.
The first mix, which is roughly two hours long,
is a very minimal-house mix filled with nice samples,
great drum sequences, and a suprising
amount of bass preservation even at 8kbps!
The second half is a much harder heavy-techno
mix with an oldschool rave sound.
This is a perfect mix to get people out
on the dancefloor and raving the night
away until the sun rises :)
Both pieces are encoded in mono mp3
and take up very little space.
If you are going on a long train ride or
simply want something to take with you
to a house party, DEFINITELY make sure
this is an album that finds it's way onto
your mp3 device!!!

ravers of the world UNITE!!!

big respect to sascha for one again
allowing proc to spread his sounds world-wide


Wednesday, May 5, 2010



In an effort to make up for lost time, I've been
recently devoting much of my free time
to making sure that proc gets some of the freshest
music in the world out onto our global platform.
And, with artists like this next guy, a true embodiment
of a proc-rec artist through and through, Joss Manley,
aka JM, Josstintimberlake,etc, is a definite crowd pleaser
with his wonderful production methods and skillful
audio programming.

with over 5 brilliantly produced albums on proc, and
tracks found on nearly every single
one of our compilations,
josstintimberlakes work has always proven to be a
great addition to the artistic qualities
which I find so crucial (and yet so lacking in much
of the media found elsewhere).
His brutal removal of ego from all musical equations
allows him to become much more than
just another sound-boy with talent.
it gives him the ability to work within the realm of
all bitrates, styles, formats, genres, sub-genres, sub-sub-genres...
you get the idea ;)
For a proper example of what I'm talking about,
download an album like [proc135], listen to IT first,
soak up every ounce of it's fullness, then
repeat that with this album.
The realm and diversity of his talents are quite
admirable and certainly noticed, I'm sure.

This album is a journey through
what could be considered "harsh ambience",
verging on the line of noise, although
it is nothing less than pure
idea's put into mp3 form .
Washed-out sounds like distorted
melodies, and light ambient background textures
layed with reverb, and even, at times, a little bit
of phaser (it sounds like to me, anyway)
join together in perfect harmony to bring
this three-tracker into athe deepest recesses of emotion.

the bottom line is,
if you're soemone who is maybe looking
for some great ambient tracks to play around a
campfire with some friends and beer, this
album should be at the top of your list.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010



I have a few friends who claim they like good music.
they go to big stores and spend money on cd's.
they watch music video's on MTV.
they have their radio's tuned to their favorite channels
which only play the most current playlist of
singers and performers.
So called artist's like 50cent, Taylor Swift, Lil Wayne, etc.
And then they look at me.
I'm off in the corner, speaker volume
turned as loud as it can go, enjoying every single moment
of art being poured into my head.
You see, ladies and gentlemen, for those of
you who might not know this already...real music doesnt
come in a jewel case with crappy cover art of
someone sitting on a car surrounded
by millions of dollars.
Real music isnt found on maintstream media like
globally owned radio and television conglomerates.
And.....real musicians are people like Ukrainian-based jjoth
(under a different alias).
this work vastly different from his other work,
both on and off proc-records.
It seems to follow a much more pattern driven
style while also incorporating his chaotic and
emotion driven sound properties.
Like nearly all of his other work, it also maintains
a strict, low bitrate of something way below
what is considered normal, even on the netlabel scene.
(8kbps is ALWAYS welcomed here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

this is a great little ep and I am a little
upset with myself for not releasing it at an earlier time.
However, after a few months, here it finally is!

(by the way, be sure to check out his own wonderful
netlabel, 8Ravens, which can be found


Sunday, May 2, 2010



proc-rec releases consist of many varieties.
techno, acid, jungle, ambient and noise
are just a few of these styles.
However, I like to focus more upon music
which does not fit any particular genre or description.
I take pride in knowing that people who continue to
come back to proc-rec (and it's sister label 4m@-rec)
are bringing their most unique styles and sounds
to release on this globally recognized label.

For me, an artist who has been of particular interest
over the past few years has been a man named
Under his alias of Neurosampler, he has been showcased
on some fantastic labels.
Some of which include BPM Front, Rus Zud,
Microbit and even the mysterious Dustin Must Die!
(is that label still active, i wonder?...i hope so!!!)
This time, Doodkin brings us new sounds
and musical direction through the use of his other fine
alias, dn76e.
While still a slightly new alias, he has
already composed some wonderful sounds (especially
his album on 20kbps!!!)

This single-track album is a live performance
of dn76e doing what he does best.
Simply making deep, dark, mysterious audio which
bends the mind and changes your
way of thinking about music and the way it can be produced.
Throughout the entire piece, a constant theme of
being in an unfamiliar place is what one can expect.
In my opinion, the thing that gives this album
extra interest is the encoding qualities which he has
A constant bitrate of 40kbps, 24Khz stereo mp3
take this track to a whole new level of science through
sound, simply by adding low-fidelity properties.

If you're looking for some great
experimental music that wont utilize
alot of disk space on your mp3 player, download
this little gem and enjoy!!


Friday, April 23, 2010



[proc375] has already come and gone, and
as we say goodbye to such a great compilation, I can
only feel happier as I turn my attention to [proc376], an
album from a long-time net-friend and fellow netlabel
operator, Pollux.

Hailing from the great country of France, Pollux has
been working deep within the underground music community
for many years now and has amassed a
nice collection of albums, both full lengths and EP's,
ranging from ambient to the
darkest hardcore techno around,
and found on such reputable
and respectable labels like
Dustin Must Die, Pavillon36, Microbit Records,
TFN, End Of Music,
Amduscias Records, Intox,
his own label Creative Obsession, and
yes...even proc-records!

This album consists of nearly two-dozen
hand-selected tracks by Pollux which have been
released at the various netlabels
during the two-year period of 2008 and 2009.
He has chosen these particular pieces as his
personal best creations, demonstrating the
peak of his young yet active career as an undergound
artist, and I am in no position whatsoever to
He is certainly an artist who I thoroughly enjoy
listening to when I can, and am proud to have worked
with him in the past, presently and hopefully
for many more years to come.

His material is always heavily emotional,
personal and above all, admirable.
Any of his albums from the past are sure to please,
however, might i recommend saving yourself
some time by simply downloading this ;)

keeping the underground happy and healthy is what
I strive to do at proc-records, and having artists like
Pollux in our roster makes my goal much easier to obtain


Tuesday, April 13, 2010



brief notes for great music :D

over the years, proc has been fortunate enough
to have been involved with the careers of
many successfull dedicated artists deeeeeep within
the underground. It has been a wonderful
and tremendously rewarding part of my life, not to mention
a way to really connect and STAY connected with
the musical direction within the netlabel scene
(the truest place to score the best music around!)

this compilation comprises a total of ten tracks from
just a HANDFULL of the artists at proc, both local and global, who
have been not only a positive influence on my own life
and musical career,but who also truly and
whole-heartedly embody the sound and values of
sound ARTists.

no genre restrictions or length limits.
just pure, raw electronic music
in a crystal clear 320kbps.


Monday, April 5, 2010



demonstrating TRUE underground-ness is what
I hope to achieve at proc and have
been incredably pleased thus far, primarily due
to extreme "out there" artists like Army Of 2600.
For a little bit of background, check out his other
releases with proc or other fine labels like Love Torture .

In the meantime, let's talk about this
album because, well, it's just so damned awesome!
From the very first second, this album is true
distortion brutality.
Opening the ep is the track "oshe time"
which is very much glitch-hop, ghetto-chip
and all around cool track, laiden with deep grinding bass,
interesting beat sequences and a pleasent
melodic lead.

immediately after this piece comes
a personal favorite track of mine from the album,
channel 59 mega mix which draws many styles into
its destructive and very appealing percussion-path which
mostly include hardcore jungle and even harder techno
(in 8-bit style of course *wink*)

after this we are lead deeply into the depths of
unknown motherboard territory, annexed off by
those that fear such distinguishable sounds as this.
Once again, the heavy distortion (which plays a lovely
common theme throughout the life of the album) can
be heard spread very thick over basslines and
kicks, snares, high-hats and claps.
a killer track and certainly one of
particular interest to me.
However, the album reaches it's paramount with
the fifth track, "dr mindbender in the lab", which
leaves little room for discussion, due to the highly
descriptive title of the piece.

As with every AO2600 album I've heard, he always trails
off the release with a wonderful closing track, maintaining
our thoughts an interest once again and leaving us
left to patiently await the arrival of his next epic performance.
with this guy, you can always expect the most premium
analog-rich 8-bit chiptune sounds around, and proc
has been proud to release as many musical
ventures of his as possible.
without further ado, it gives me incredable
pleasure to release....


Tuesday, March 30, 2010



A little over a year ago, I came into contact
with a local Toledo netlabel via my cousin, Corey.
Filled with excitement at the fact that
I wasnt the only one who cared about free, quality
electronic music, I immediately contacted the label
in an effort to strike up an alliance
with the owner.
....Am I glad I did!!!
Not only did it begin a great friendship, it has
also been beneficial to work as often
as I have with some home-base talent, tossing
ideas back and forth and working on splits,
compilations and albums for both labels.

A little bit more history and insight about Rich...
Splatterfunk is the internet sound collective label
of none other than Richard Naugle.
A long time Toledo native, Rich has been making and
releasing his own audio for a few years now with a sound
based heavily within the realms of long-standing
IDM artists like Afx and Venetian snares.
Although, through incorporating an immense variety of
styles into his material, it is clear that Rich's
influences expand much broader areas than JUST IDM.
Jungle, ambient, some noise, 8-bit and even
a bit of jazz and hip-hop peppered in at various
points for good measure (and thats just for starters!)
are what make Rich's music so unique.

The things which I mentioned above can not only be
found on this album, but a few are even
more prominent than ever (imho) on this album
than on any of his previous albums
with proc, and therefore is easily one of
my personal favorite ep's from Rich (with the exception of
flypoo.....that was just an EPIC ep, man)

the album as a whole is pure editing mastery, although
easily, my personal favorite tracks on this album
are sdaffeedk7jt, nugee, Mkeookj Oke, pgklhe,
with the latter being of particular interest.
I felt it was a prime example of Mr. Naugle's expertise.

Need a nice album to play for your
family on Easter morning?
might I recommend...


Sunday, March 28, 2010



I don't have a whole lot of time available at the moment,
so, like this album, I am going to keep
these linear notes short and sweet :)

Noise is a genre which is very "hit" or "miss",
depending not so much as who is making it, but
rather the intent and the amount of devotion
which is put into the project.
For example, anyone can simply take a
sine wav, pound it to smithereens with distortion, slap
it into mp3 and call it an album.
True noise on the other hand requires things
like modulation, coherency, thought, a little preemptive
planning and above all, a love for the sound!
Pushing Task, aka the fantastic jmnerd is an
artist with such devotion which i have described, and his
attention to detail can be found in any of the sound
files contained on his ep's, Lp's and singles regardless
of the label.
proc just so happens to be fortunate enough once again
to have another prime-sculpted noise album to
provide the underground with.

I love noise with all my heart, and when done
correctly, it is easily one of the truest forms
of electronic-based art around.
To anyone out there who still hates on noise,
I offer this album to you as a testament to
the power of creative passion.


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Diskette Etikette Rekords

there is a new label being initiated
based out of London, England
called Diskette Etikette Rekords
which specializes in doing
PHYSICAL , limited-run floppy releases!!
this is a very exciting oppurtunity for
alot of artists.
I suggest you check them out!

they appear to be a very welcome
label and are willing to work with
many genre's.

help support this effort!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010



with music, some people have it, and...well
...obviousy some people do not.
Not so with Sascha Müller, who just so
happens to have a brand new 2-track dancefloor
ep on the globally recognized proc-rec!!

for those of you who might not already know this
musical genious, I suggest downloading every possible
piece of audio that you can from this guy.
His groundbreaking, genre-expansive
catalog of self-released
and net/physical label releases have
pleased audiences
for nearly a decade and continue to do so with much gusto.

with this ep, we find Sascha manning the soundboard's
once again through a two-piece selection of
highly direct dancefloor anthems.
the A-side of this album, Sternenfusion, is a brutal
and relentless traditional techno track with
pure, unfiltered rhythm and precision.
Nearly ten minutes in length, it captures
the essence of techno and raves of the early and mid 1990's
when beautiful tracks like this were becoming a mainstay
within the minds of many people.
The second track (or B-side) has a much more
"current" sound and seems to be more focused on
intense sound editing, sample placing and, yes, perfect 4/4
rhythmic stances!

This album is a bit different from his past x2 releases
in the sense that while these two fantastic tracks are
very similar, they are also just as different.
Each is deeply rooted with a club and techno sound design,
however, they seem to focus on
different styles of production in terms of editing.
And, as is typical with all of Sascha's work, these
tracks have a very high level of remix capabilites
and an equally high replay value.
DJ's throughout the world would be silly not to
scoop up this album and try their hands at spinning
these tracks (and others from him!) more than
once in an evening.

bottom line.
great music.
great artist.
great price ;)


Monday, March 22, 2010

and in other news...

with almost just as much speed
as it got started, monarch-records
has officially gone off the grid.
I felt that it destracted proc
from potentially getting
the quality material it deserved
and therefore decided to
debunk the concept.

from now on, proc will remain the
primary place for people to get
the most experimental and original
music around, while allowing 4m@
to explore the realms of restrictive
size limits (:

and for those of you who may have been
worried about proc being on holiday for too long,
we are finally back in action with a brand new
release from razxca!!





okay, so while proc isnt completely back at
full power, I felt that there had been entirely too
much of a pause in between the last release and now,
so I took it upon myself to hunker down and focus
myself back into a proper frame of mind to once
again release the lovely music that the hungry ears
of the world so desperately require!

propelling us into the realm of the proc37x's, our
long-time and highly cherished
friend, Razxca, returned
to the construction of audio and
has given us this glorious,
droning, cold and calculated track
which develops itself around layers of
white noise and a beautifully reverb-ridden
ambient melody.
A common theme in much of Razxca's material
(or at least his material which I'm most familiar with)
is the sense of being physically displaced or
entering a realm of slight mental uncertainty.
However, in every case, the end result is completely
satisfying, worthwhile, and above all, inspirational
to the degree of self-experimentation.

Mikhail (Razxca) has been active in the scene for
many many years and has always provided thought
provoking material (both sound AND images)
for those of us who may be looking for something
a little off the beaten path.
Having even one release from him on any label
takes it to almost the upper echelon of musical

I welcome anyone with an open mind and an ear
for hardcore ambient to download this album
and share it with those you love.


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