Friday, April 23, 2010



[proc375] has already come and gone, and
as we say goodbye to such a great compilation, I can
only feel happier as I turn my attention to [proc376], an
album from a long-time net-friend and fellow netlabel
operator, Pollux.

Hailing from the great country of France, Pollux has
been working deep within the underground music community
for many years now and has amassed a
nice collection of albums, both full lengths and EP's,
ranging from ambient to the
darkest hardcore techno around,
and found on such reputable
and respectable labels like
Dustin Must Die, Pavillon36, Microbit Records,
TFN, End Of Music,
Amduscias Records, Intox,
his own label Creative Obsession, and
yes...even proc-records!

This album consists of nearly two-dozen
hand-selected tracks by Pollux which have been
released at the various netlabels
during the two-year period of 2008 and 2009.
He has chosen these particular pieces as his
personal best creations, demonstrating the
peak of his young yet active career as an undergound
artist, and I am in no position whatsoever to
He is certainly an artist who I thoroughly enjoy
listening to when I can, and am proud to have worked
with him in the past, presently and hopefully
for many more years to come.

His material is always heavily emotional,
personal and above all, admirable.
Any of his albums from the past are sure to please,
however, might i recommend saving yourself
some time by simply downloading this ;)

keeping the underground happy and healthy is what
I strive to do at proc-records, and having artists like
Pollux in our roster makes my goal much easier to obtain



Pollux said...

You make me cry Adam! thank you for this text... that's the most beautiful description of my music i have ever read... that's incredible! thank you again for all! hope to work with you again and again ;)

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