Wednesday, October 29, 2008



after much anticipation, the amazing mr. carfil
has returned to proc-rec by filling in our
[proc205] slot with his freshest ep in quite some time.

In terms of general runtime, this ep follows a similar
guideline by which the majority of carfil's releases
with us share.
Carfil's albums generally consist of five to eight (gorgeous)
tracks and have a playtime of around 1 1/2 - 4 minutes, which
is normally the perfect length to get precisely the desired
effect from this man's audio.

What I've noticed about this release, however, was the
very rich, classic and "old-school" sound
which is something that I havent fully heard in his
previous work.
With a very early IDM sound (post-autechre in a way)
tightly fused with a strong classic ambient-techno
sound, due to the melody construction, this
album deserves recognition for sucessfully
closing a generation gap for many listerners.
However, also apparent are carfils signiture
chopped melodies spurratically panning from
different speaker channels, adding a slight vertigo-ish
effect on the entire track.

Carfil is a genuinely original artist with a tremendous
amount of talent to offer the world through the use of
the netlabel scene.
Producing very highly intuitive audio, in my opinion, he truly is
one of the pioniers in the prgression of IDM.
and with releases both on proc-records and
the amazing 20kbps netlabel, it's quite obvious that
his talents have not gone un-noticed.

find out for yourself!


Tuesday, October 28, 2008



People tend to turn to music to reflect their
particular moods.
And, while many people tend to focus on music
which is not part of the electronic genre, the fact
remains that electronic music is by far the most
diverse genre and certainly
has the ability to be included in nearly everyones
individual tastes.

As the seasons change and the temperature
makes its transition from warm to cold, ambient
electronica is typically the style that most people
listen to, and, if they make music, usually many
artists find themselves developing much darker,
deep-listening tracks.

Vega Stereo is the duo from the wonderful
country of Russia who, on multiple occasions
have allowed proc-records to release their audio.
In the past, they have released albums ranging in lengths
from one track to a dozen tracks, various bitrates
from 8 kbps all the way up to crystal
clear cd quality (and beyond), and have dealt with
sub-genre's such as hardcore dance music, low-key miniaml,
and now...ambient :)

This album, though it is rather difficult to pick
one particular release of theirs, is probably
my favorite Vega Stereo release.
I feel they sucessfully conquered an extremely difficult
genre (ambient), a task which many will tell
you can be quite difficult to do at times.
On this album you will find lush landscapes
of marvelous melodies which are sure
to enchant even the most engaged and hardcore listener.
While drum-patterns ARE found on a few of these
tracks, Vega Stereo did not revolve the music around
Instead, they opened their hearts and minds
to developing a splendid array of pads and leads
which will fill your ears with jaw-dropping sounds.

Having Vega Stereo release with proc-records has
been something that I have been exceedingly happy
to be a part of.
Found within every one of their releases is great music
perfect for nearly every occasion and usually leaves
you with something to contemplate (and also wanting more!!!).
good ambient music USED to be hard to find.
That is, until Vega Stereo came to proc-rec :D

An amazing album too good to pass up!


Monday, October 27, 2008



As an artist, myself, I have often sighted the importance
of utilizing different aliases when demostrating a different
side of ones musical production styles.
For instance, I usually use my c4 alias
when producing techno or acid-house (rhythm) tracks,
and my Graffiti Mechanism alias for my non-rhythmic,
experimental/drone/noise/ambient/etc tracks.
[proc203] is a perfect representaion of
an already highly unique artist
going one step further and creating some
remarkably hardcore-sounding audio
at the very low bitrate of 8kbps,8khz mono mp3!

You may recognize the genuine sound within
the first few moments of this piece.
However, since I realize that it might not be so
obvious to some people, allow me to ruin the suprise...
it's jjoth!!!
That's right!
proc-rec's very good friend from the Ukraine
is back once again to demolish sound
with this fresh new 9-minute opus!

jjoth is an artist who i greatly admire.
Alice is someone who is not afraid to
try something new, regardless of the alias.
the music is usually almost ALWAYS freeform noise,
edited to the perfect length with just the right amount
of volume and then encoded to the low bitrates which
compliment the sounds ever so nicely.

What I found to be the most enjoyable thing
about this release was the fact that it sounded like
a very old recording due to the large amount of
static-noise in the background.
I felt that it gave the music an extra push in the
right direction and allowed it to appear
older than it actually was.

This is jjoth's first use of the BELSEBUL moniker
at proc-records, and it has certainly made a lasting
impression on me.
Sadly, I feel that harsh, low-bitrate noise is a
concept which has not yet been fully understood.
Luckily, there is a place on the internet for artists to
release THEIR art however THEY want to.
And you, my friend, have just downloaded an album
from that site :D

Just in time for Halloween, proc-records is
pleased to release a brand new ep from an
artist using a brand new alias...



Straight from France, comes an ep for all of the
people who love those rich, deep, solid and
classic-sounding tracks.

Benoit has been with proc-records almost since day one.
He was one of the first artists to submit something
to us, (the second as a matter of fact), and
has since released with proc-rec on numerous other
Now, after a brief pause, Benoit has been able to
put together an outstanding album with three luscious tracks
that are up to par with the sound that IS Spacecraft.

Nearly reaching the eighteen-minute region, the three
tracks wich make up this album seem to
work together perfectly.
Following the traditional 4/4 pattern, while still maintaining
an interesting sound is what benoit seems to do best :)
While the whole album is good, really good...
my personal favorite piece is "Terra incognita".
Everything about this track is what reminds me
why I love this guys music so much.
With a heavy dancefloor sound, this (in my opinion)
is a definite "must have" for any DJ!!!

With great pleasure, I am pleased to announce
the latest release from an "old-school" proc-rec artist!
Thanks again Benoit!!!


Sunday, October 26, 2008


with proc200 still fresh in our minds, proc-rec continues
to push forward.
Locked into the proc201 slot is the infamous
B-TON (aka GAAD).

Having already been featured on various releases
here at proc-rec already, B-TON is GAAD's much harsher
and abrasive alias.
Exceedingly fast rhythm, crazy yet brief vocal samples,
strong bass-heavy kicks all mixed together at
is what you can expect to hear on this album.

If you are new to B-TON's work, I recommend this
as a good place to start, since it isnt as complex as
his other material.
However, don't let that fool you!
This album packs one hell of a punch and should be
handled with much caution!!

As a whole, the album is very rhythmically oriented.
The addition of heavy distortion on very raw-sounding
amen breaks is a nice touch to B-TON's style,
and I have acknowledged him
to be one of the pioneers and perfector of noise-breakbeat!

If you were looking for a good album to listen to
while driving at high speeds on an open road or
just something to play as you rave out with a bunch
of people in an old abandoned warehouse,
then my friend, you have found it :)

prepare yourself ahead of time!
it might be to late to turn back!!!!


also, check him out at...

Saturday, October 25, 2008



A little over one fiscal year ago, (around late August of 2007),
proc-records officially became an active netlabel
with it's very first release release from
BIOC (GERT 3000, Jonny Sleeper).
now, after one-hundred-ninety-nine praise-worthy ep's
and full lengths, proc-rec has reached, yet again, a personal

Since its conception, I had always had high hopes and
aspirations for the progression of the label.
In many ways, I considered it to be an extension
on my life.
Already an active producer and certainly
not naive to the netlabel scene, my primary goal
was to produce a label where people
could freely release their work without having to
meet certain criteria or bend their work around
a particular style or sound that the label was looking for.
From my own experience, I realized that people
don't always make the same type of music, and trying
to find a label that will welcome styles unique to the individual
could be very frustrating.
proc-records, essentially was a place where artists
and fans of music alike, could come together in a
very family-like community to showcase their art to
the entire world.

While I have said it on numerous occasions, it seems
fiting to mention it once more...
running and operating proc-records has been one of the most
enjoyable and rewarding experiences of my life and I hope
to continue to be graced with such an amazing oppurtunity
for many, many years to come.
It has allowed me to meet
gentle, kind-hearted and like-minded artists across the world
who share the same strong convictions
about sound-freedom as I do, and who also realize the
importance of electronic music in all cultures, from
all backgrounds.

As you listen to this compilation, it is my hope that you,
whoever you may be, comprehend the importance
and the strength of not only proc-records, but
of the netlabel scene altogether.
Also, please keep in mind that proc-records
isnt the only netlabel out there making a difference.

People like Patrick (aka RedSK) at TFN
David Matheke (Endometrium Cuntplow) at LTR
Lee Rosevere at Happy Puppy Records
Mathias Aeschilmann (GERT 3000) at 20kbps
Scott (Scrap Heap) at oceanbase
the DUSTIN MUST DIE and OH!Bleep-Records netlabels
Razxca at Razxca :D
Seth (overthruster) at Northam
Sascha at Super-Six and Chillzone Records
Astral Vomit at HN
Alex (hertzcanary) at Abulia Concepts
Ehafh at Dramacore
are just a few examples of people
who are making a very significant and positive impact
on the musical world around us all.
If you have had any affiliation with
proc-records, it has not gone un-noticed or under-appreciated.
Each and every artist here is of equal importance
and I consider you all to be part of my extended family.

So, with much love and respect to you all,
I humbly welcome you to enjoy a very important block
in the proc-rec catalog.
this is still only the beginning!!!!
And as long as mother nature holds out, I will continue
to drink coffee and say with a smile...

NOISE WILL BE NOISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, October 23, 2008



Listening to Andy's music really gives me alot of mixed emotions...
The first one probably would be 'suprised' or 'shock'
because I find it hard to believe at first what I'm actually hearing.
Immediately after that follows a slight disapointment
in myself, due largely in part because while he and I
both have slightly different styles of electronic music production,
when placed side-by-side, his music quite honestly
puts mine to shame.
the third emotion is essentially just the culmination
of the first two, which also trade places amongst themselves
at various time during my listening experience.
I realize that's a pretty deep introduction to these notes, but
after hearing this brilliant album from end to end a few dozen times
(and trust me, you will!)
I'm sure you will know precisely where I'm coming from.

proc-rec last saw Mr.Culvre in action exactly thirty-three
releases ago, and within that time, I've had my
hopes and thoughts set on releasing his next album
as soon as it became available to me.

Nothing short of remarkable, Andy's latest ep
shows him in fine form, excercising each one of his musical
muscles to squeze out the last little drop of perfectly timed
melodies, samples, drum kicks and basslines.
His strong focus on detail is found
(though "heard would seem to be a more approprite description)
in, honestly, every second of every piece.

Now, I wont go through each track and explain them
words simply cannot do these tracks any justice whatsoever,
and as a result I am once again left with a handful
of feelings that I'm unsure what to do with.

All I have to say is that I am fully expecting this album
to fly off proc-rec's digital shelves.
Free music doesnt get any better than this shit.
I WOULD challenge you to find a more dedicated artist,
but you would just be wasting your time.

A perfect way to bring the [proc1xx]'s to a
close and welcome in the [proc2xx]'s.
Put this audio in your dome-piece with haste!!
(personal favorite tracks include #'s 1-5)


Wednesday, October 22, 2008



Mikhail Gusenkov, the highly prolific AND very intelligent producer
who operates under such aliases like Sexual, Ideal Drop Pops and
probably his most well-known and widely used alias, Razxca,
Mikhail has returned to proc-records to
feature his latest release.

[proc198] is simultaniously our shortest and our longest
release all in one!!
He has attempted to give an explanation about the
concept behind this extremely brief piece, which has
been included with this download pack.
However, allow me to do my best at giving a
somewhat brief, yet in-depth explanation
behind this album.

Always seeming to be at the forefront of
digital, non-rhythmic production, Razxca has opened
his mind to the possibilities to a new way of
producing basic tones and drones through the use
By manufactoring a few lines of numerical code,
saving it as a .txt file, and then opening it as an audio
file in any popular sound redactor (i.e. Adobe), he
was able to transfer basic code into sound.
This album can be edited to length by
placing this very brief clip on repeat for as long
as you wish.

As the title of this album suggests, this is essentially a concept
album, and it should be treated as such.
Razxca has done an excellent job at presenting this wonderful
idea to anyone out there who may be interested in possibly
trying out new methods of producing free-form noise audio!
A very classy and appropriate album,


Tuesday, October 21, 2008



Dirk's reputation as being an obscure ambient electronic
artist has carried with him throughout his career
and I have been pleased to showcase this gentlemans work
here at proc-records on more than one occasion.

Not quite like anything we've heard from Dirk before,
(though one could argue it has a similar
sound to Solitude in the Shadows, [proc079]) this
slightly extended ep lives up to its name by demonstrating
some quite obscure structures, indeed.

Seeming to keep a somewhat steady (though complex at times)
rhythm, Dirk uses choppy, glitch-laiden
drum-sequences and layers very nice and landscap-ish
arpeggiated melodies to fill in the empty spots.

This is a very concise and clear album, but it was not designed
to simply play as background music while you are
doing other tasks.
By not devoting an ample amount of attention to this piece
of art, you loose sight of the album's charm
and more importantly...the message!
With each and every release, Mr. Lienig seems to
challenge the listeners ability to comprehend deep emotional
sound and engages them in various themes and ideas.

Dirk's presence both at proc-rec and on the netlabel scene has
been a very welcoming and humbling experience, and his
ambient, textural, aural-pleasing
sounds have resonated throughout world.
This is a perfect album for bring the fall season in :)

thanks dirk!!!




In my experience of running proc-rec, I have found
that there are an enormous amount of artists
who deal alot with the aspects of noise/experimental audio.
proc-rec alone has well over a dozen artists
who deal exclusively with such genre's.

On the flip side, I have also encountered a tremendous
amount of artists who encode their work at lower-than-normal
Placing zero restrictions on the material sent to us, proc-rec
has prided itself on being open to nearly all aspects of
eletronic music.
So, when i recieved this album and gave it a thorough
preview, I was immensly pleased to see hear the lowbit
encoding style joined with glitchy, harsh noise, especially
when so tactfully done!
To give a brief background about who Die Society Die is, I welcome
you to continue reading :)

DSD (for short) is the noise project of Australian-based
Mike Drever.
Mike is not only a fellow producer, he also is the label-head
of the spectacular OH!BLEEP RECORDS netlabel AND
is ou very first artist from "down under"!!!
Truly a triple shot of excitement for me :D

While there IS music to preview on his myspace page
(which I also recommend you take a look at),
this little two-track ep of extreme ruff-ness works as
a proper introduction to this fellows work.
Both pieces are hard, in your face (or ears) and play great
at both high AND low volumes (just incase there are people
nearby who may be sleeping).

With Halloween just around the corner, and the entire
world seeming to be engolfed in peril, turmoil, controversy
and yes, even mistreatment, proc-rec continues
to thrive on the underground scene!
Want to know how?
The music speaks for itself.


Saturday, October 18, 2008



XENOCATS has been a very interesting project
for me to follow, and I have payed close attention to
the work being produced.

A handful of releases already on such labels like
Love Torture Records (respect!!), Completely Gone Recordings
and even a couple here at proc-rec, XENOCATS have been
a very productive sound project on this constantly
changing music scene.

On this latest EP given to us, the projects of
XENOCATS and Army of 2600 were combined
in an effort to produce a highly experimental sound
fused with a deep-listening atmosphere. A perfect
combination in these hectic times when it seems
that so few people are even putting forth an ounce of
effort into their music.

This album has a much more granulated sound to it, most
likely due to the vintage and raw-sound of the Atari 2600,
a very effective and advantagous machine to have
if someone is interested in obtaining a completely
unique and eloquent sound!

As I mentioned, this album is truly an artistic goldmine.
With a very laid-back meets electronic hip-hop sound
that also features a highly chaotic and perilsome
theme, it is everything (and more!) that I have come to
expect from XENOCATS and has also been an incredable
introduction to the sound associated with Army of 2600.
The WMA encoding format was also a perfect touch to
an already purrrrrfect anthem. :)

Your ears are hungry, so give them something to munch on!


Friday, October 17, 2008



For me, my TRUE passion is music.
I love making it.
I love listening to it.
I love hearing new beats.
and I always look forward to hearing a classic
old school track!

But, there have been many many times when
I have tried to sit down and actually
make a list of what my top ten favorite album are.
There was alot of erasing, adding, removing, and
even frustration.
Making a list of my all-time favorite albums
(or even individual tracks for that matter)
was nearly impossible for me to do!

However, within the midst of all the different
hardcore acid techno albums and other classic
rave anthems, one little album kept popping up...
Basinski Drone Corps's Degradation Loops (NAHC116),
which my very first exposure to the sound
over a year ago.

Basinski Drone Corps is the (unfortunately) rarely used
lowbit ambient alias of Overthruster.
I have, on regular occasions praised Overthruster
for making such an amazing, yet so incredably
simple album
(please, check it out for yourself!!!).

My friends and fellow music lovers, what you have just
downloaded is product that very artist.
A truly spectacular album that continues to keep up
with the sound that I so closely associate (and regularly refer to)
as Basinski Drone Corps!!!

Two pieces, both over eight-minutes.
Both calming, deep, dark, mysterious and

Having a release from Basinski Drone Corps
puts a GIANT smile on my face.
If your an ambient/drone fan, it simply just
does not get any better than this.


Thursday, October 16, 2008



Now, with our newest release, proc-rec's catalog takes
a slightly different turn.
Straight from Brazil, we have a debut release
from an artist who operates under the alias of Lik-o!

An all-around great little five-piece album of
minimalistic dancefloor tracks, Lik-o's Lost Love
album is a refreshing reminder of just how much
I enjoy this type of music :)
While the tracks are somewhat brief, this album is sure to
leave a very lasting impression on the
minds of the listeners.

With the first track, this album gets things started
right away.
A very cool speaker-panning sound effect is introduced
and immediately afterwards, the gorgeous rhythm
kicks in.
Showing an uncanny ability to create minimal electronica
without sacrificing its danceable qualites, Lik-o's
true colors shine (in my opinion) with this
perfect opening track.
Soon after, the albums self-titled track "Lost Love"
hits the speakers.
Once again the great rhythm section is apparent,
though this time he also incorporates a
very hypnotic (and almost Trance-Techno sounding)
These similar qualities are found throughout this release's
thirteen-minute runtime and it would seem
that Lik-o intentionally made a brief release to
"tease our ears" and keep us waiting impatiently
for future releases, (hopefully here at proc-rec!!!)

From begining to end, this album is a perfect party starter.
The tracks sound complete, fulfilling and are
very remixable!!
If you're a DJ who plays alot of clubs, toss
this album on your harddrive and give it a play or two,
especially my favorite track...Reinvento!!!
Lik-o's styles remind me alot of a fusion between
Hertzcanary, Gert3000 , Mi.Cron and a little bit
of Carfil mixed in.
Fans of good music will not be disappointed!!

proc-rec proudly presents to the WORLD...


also, be sure to check him out on myspace at...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008



a chilly day with a very overcast sky.
terror all around you.
Earthquakes, famines, plagues!!!
This is the type of them that I have found in almost
every single piece of Astral Vomit's work
and it has worked out to his advantage :)
Nearly Immesurable talent with raw audio
destruction and digital manipulation, AV is
extremely well known for unleashing some of
the most brutal and in-your-face noise.

Three pieces (all encoded in 128kbps mp3, mono)
are just a few of things that this album boasts.
Brutally fucked and scorched constant melodic drones
in the background are played in conjunction
with an equally brutal amount of static and
squelching textures.
Every single moment of these pieces is just as
intense as the last and will leave you banging your
head and begging for soooo much more :D

This is, by no means, your typical release from
Astral Vomit.
And, as we approach proc-rec's 200th release,
there is no better way that I can think of then to have
Mr. Vomit lay a solid foundation for noise
lovers around the world to appreciate and build upon.

pure audio magic!


Tuesday, October 14, 2008



The newest addition to proc-rec comes straight from
overseas :D
Straight out of the United Kingdom, this dynamic duo
of supreme-quality sound devastation
makes their presence known to every person with ears
that they truly mean business!

Re-defining the art of noise, Foamshanks take advantage
of intense rhythm, extremely loud and spurratic
static noise, fucked up vocals and a sample or two
peppered here and there, simply to add
even more interest.
A very unique album (and also quite short. nearly thirteen minutes),
proc-rec certainly has something else to smile about!

What I found very cool about this release was the fact that
the tracks need not be played in succesion.
In fact, I found that by randomizing the playlist often
(and trust me, fans of noise will be listening to this often im sure)
the listener can really find themselves going on a
seemingly endless variety of crazy wacked out
excursions into the deepest recessions of noise.

At proc-rec I have always made an honest attempt to
provide the world with the finest in the craziest
electronic music, regardless of the style.
And today, my friends, you now have
the oppurtunity to thorougly enjoy a truly instant classic
that will keep your full attention maintained for
quite some time.
Best of all, like all proc-rec releases, IT's FREE!!!!

download this bitch now
...because ALL the cool kids are doing it ;)


Monday, October 13, 2008



As we break into the [proc19x]'s, what better way to
do it than by introducing our newest member of the proc-rec

Keith Jars, who hails from the great country of France, recently
approached proc-records with a simple question...
to release his wonderful music with us!
I enthusiastically accepted his offer and embraced his
audio in a very head-strong manner! :D

Keith's music is very, very unique.
Using sound manipulation methods and techniques that
I havent seen accomplished with such success in years,
Mr. Jars has certainly made a lasting first impression with us
that I'm sure will remain for quite a while.

Just over 44 minutes long, this ravers anthem of
the 21st century is very true to nature and
has a very rich "old school" feel to it (reminds me alot of Daft Punk).
Whats more, he can maintain a very productive dancefloor
atmosphere for extended periods of time without
his sounds becoming too repetitive or boring.
Altogether, the tracks on this release flow very nicely
from one to the other and work just as well
independantly, not needing to play the whole album
to get just the right amount of his groovy and funkadelic
techno feeling!!

While each and every single track is great in it's own way,
I found my personal favorite pieces to be "grpt for neptunia" and
"walkyra" (which would also seem to work well
as a "single" release).

keith Jars is certainly not your average musician, and he
has proved this statement quite well with this album.
While he has his own netlabel (Quadrant Recordings), it is
my personal hope that he will be releasing with proc-records
on a much more regular basis!!!

without further hesitation, proc-rec is pleased to bring you...

Keith_Jars_-_Volupt Apnea LP

Sunday, October 12, 2008



the talented and highly prolific GAAD has been
producing audio very quickly over the past few months,
and fortunately proc-rec has been able to
release a large portion of this fellow's resulting

Before I start these linear notes, please excuse me.
I have to refil my cup of coffee and burn some insence.

Okay, im back!
Now, as I have said in the past, noise takes a very
keen ear, regardless of how well it was produced.
And yes, there IS a difference between good noise
and aweful noise.
GAAD, since his debut with proc-rec, has always
shown strength in his sound and has demonstrated
a true passion for what he does.

On this EP we find GAAD really pushing the limits
and moving above and beyond his typical styles.
These tracks carry a much stronger punch, are shorter
than most of his usual work, and are very, VERY loud!!!

I know that there are some people who dont recognise
noise as being a crucial aspect of electronic music, though
in my honest opinion, I consider it to be of the
utmost importance.
Free form audio (both producing and listening) is an
excellent way to really open your mind to a completely
different channel of sound.

I have, since my first introduction, felt that GAAD
was one of the most diverse and certainly one of
the most important people on the noise scene today.
After hearing this work, that strong conviction of mine
only grows stronger.

this one is for you :)


Friday, October 10, 2008



Causes for celebration are always something to
get excited about!
And I currently have some very valid reasons
to be overwhelmed with very profound happiness.

First of's Friday!
After a long and dull week of unloading trucks
and trying to look busy (since the economy is so slow right now)
it is nice to come home and have the ability to relax
for two days before going back at it for another week.

being happy is the fresh pot of coffee currently being
brewed downstairs!!!
The aroma is slowly filling the house and making me
slightly impatient to remove this slight caffiene-withdraw
headache that has plagued me for the past few hours.
...I love coffee!

But finally, the third reason why I am celebrating
is because proc-rec now has a full-length release from
my good friend David (best known as ENDOMETRIUM CUNTPLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

David is back!!
It hasnt been a terribly long time since
proc-rec has last heard from ExMxCxPx, though
it has certainly been long enough!
(and this album definitely makes up for it!!)
This is an intiguing little album.
It's demeanor has a complicated and slightly deconstructive rigor,
though at the same time holds within itself an
almost hypnotically meditative quality which will certainly
change the perspective of any listener.

I've had the pleasure of working with David for a while now.
He is a stand-up gentleman, runs an out of this world label,
is against cruelty towards animals and embraces a
cruelty-free vegan lifestyle (much like myself),
...oh yeah....and he makes fucking awesome music too!

Download it for the Name.
Listen to it for the aural pleasure!


Wednesday, October 8, 2008



After recieving this album, I immediately went through
the proc-rec catalog to see when the last album from
jjoth here was.
TOO LONG ago, I later found.

One thing that can be said about jjoth's music, he doesnt
release often...but when he does it gets alot of attention!
A talented artist all around (both visual and audio), jjoth
brings us right back to where we last found him...
deep within the realm of noise-based audio :)

However, unlike his previous work which was done at
much lower bitrates, this album was encoded at
the astonishingly high quality bitrate of 320kbps,MP3.
This helped his audio retain much of the original
genuiness that is often over-ridden when
encoded at the lower bitrates.

Stylistically, this album is similar to jjoth's
past work.
Complete with gorgeous artwork for each track,
this is a HIGHLY avant-garde yet has many musique concrete
& even some dadaist qualities.
And, as usual, it is just long enough to satisfy your
craving for fun, yet very crazy noise and still leave you
wanting more....
MUCH more ;)

So jump on board!
If you aren't a fan yet, you soon will be!


Monday, October 6, 2008



over the course of 2008, proc-records acquired a massive
amount of gorgeous noise-based audio from nearly every
corner of the planet.
It was my hope to make proc-rec one of the most dominant
forces in the netlabel scene, and having the best artists around
really helps meet that criteria.

Well, hailing from the former region of Yugoslavia is
the man known to the music scene as "GAAD" (among other aliased).
This unique genleman has allowed proc-rec to release
his utterly mind-blowing music on more
than one occasion!
Always coming up with new idea's, themes and
art, GAAD's music has easily won a place in my
heart and mind due to his phenominal creativity.

To give you a brief breakdown of this release...
it is noise.
it is ambient.
it is experimental
...and it is GOOD!!!

Now, there are some people in the scene who would argue
this statement, but in all honesty, there IS a difference
between GOOD noise and BAD noise audio.
Making good noise consists of being there with the audio
for each second.
Builfing upon ideas and themes as the tracks progress.
Paying attention to details.
Finding things within the tracks that work well af\nd things that don't.
GAAD does all of that...AND MORE, and it is noticable
on every release with us.

If you're a sucker for harsh noise like I am, then
this release is just the thing for you!



Sunday, October 5, 2008



the incomparable Static Bass has returned to proc-rec.
We have been very fortunate, as a netlabel, due to
the tremendous amount of music we have recieved
from this fellow, and one can only hope to have the
same oppurtunity to continue to release music from this
very talented artist for many, maaany more years.

Traditional acid techno is, by nature, a repetitive genre.
Have a familiar or regular beat playing helps people
get into the mood to get down and dance, which
is something that Static Bass has been able to do
on ever-single-release!!!

This album, however, is geared entirely towards
constant repetition!
All four tracks were created with the intent of being played
seperately (as opposed to having all four play in succession).
Something about Static Bass's music that I have always been
quite fond of was the raw and "full" sound of his percussion.
His kick drums always carry a little extra bass than
normal bass drums, his high hats typically have a much
more rich and piercing sound to them, and his acid lines
(which are always one level beyond perfect!!) have
always had a nice -reverbish additive,giving it that
old-school sound that I love so much and grew up hearing as
a youngster when i would listen to Detroit radio stations
late at night.

All four loops are genuine, distinct, and above all...amazing.
(My personal favorites include Static Loop 2 and Static Loop 3).
If you've been a good listener and have all of
the Static Bass releases so far, it's time to add this
one to your collection.

A truly stellar release perfect for late nights and
abandoned warehouse raves!!!!



Wednesday, October 1, 2008



"Two heads are always better than one".
That phrase has been around for a very long time, and up
until now i never FULLY understood what it
actually meant.
Allow me to explain my sudden epiphany to you...

you see, located in Belleville, Michigan live two gentleman
of high importance.
The first is a man who musically operates under the alias of
Two Shoes.
A very unique individual indeed, he plays a key role
in Simply Wow's existance (the other half!!!).
Doing what appears to be much of the synth work in these tracks,
this guys first introduction , musically, here at proc-rec
is VERY strongly felt and upon hearing this album, I have much
respect for him!!

The second (and simply badass half) of this duo
is none other than Mr. Red-fucking-SK!!!!
Needing no major introduction at all, to say
that I am a fan of Pat's work is such an enormous understatement.

So yeah, about the music...
It's honestly some of THE BEST freeform-based
rhythmic electronic music that I have had the oppurtunity to
let my ears hear.
The melodies are gorgeous, the beats are perfect,
the sound is genuine and the producers are top notch!!!
Honestly, what --the fuck-- more could you ask for?

This Album really take a keen ear, however, and therefor
might not be completely appreciated by certain people.
Fortunately, YOU aren't one of those people.
Therefore, there is no reason whatsoever that you shouldn't
bump this shit in your ghetto blaster at maximum loudness
and cruise the mean-streets of your city.

Crack open a 40oz, brew up a fresh pot of coffee,
Just make sure that you are the first person on your
block to have a copy of this flawless piece
of work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks again fella's...



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