Saturday, October 18, 2008



XENOCATS has been a very interesting project
for me to follow, and I have payed close attention to
the work being produced.

A handful of releases already on such labels like
Love Torture Records (respect!!), Completely Gone Recordings
and even a couple here at proc-rec, XENOCATS have been
a very productive sound project on this constantly
changing music scene.

On this latest EP given to us, the projects of
XENOCATS and Army of 2600 were combined
in an effort to produce a highly experimental sound
fused with a deep-listening atmosphere. A perfect
combination in these hectic times when it seems
that so few people are even putting forth an ounce of
effort into their music.

This album has a much more granulated sound to it, most
likely due to the vintage and raw-sound of the Atari 2600,
a very effective and advantagous machine to have
if someone is interested in obtaining a completely
unique and eloquent sound!

As I mentioned, this album is truly an artistic goldmine.
With a very laid-back meets electronic hip-hop sound
that also features a highly chaotic and perilsome
theme, it is everything (and more!) that I have come to
expect from XENOCATS and has also been an incredable
introduction to the sound associated with Army of 2600.
The WMA encoding format was also a perfect touch to
an already purrrrrfect anthem. :)

Your ears are hungry, so give them something to munch on!


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