Sunday, October 26, 2008


with proc200 still fresh in our minds, proc-rec continues
to push forward.
Locked into the proc201 slot is the infamous
B-TON (aka GAAD).

Having already been featured on various releases
here at proc-rec already, B-TON is GAAD's much harsher
and abrasive alias.
Exceedingly fast rhythm, crazy yet brief vocal samples,
strong bass-heavy kicks all mixed together at
is what you can expect to hear on this album.

If you are new to B-TON's work, I recommend this
as a good place to start, since it isnt as complex as
his other material.
However, don't let that fool you!
This album packs one hell of a punch and should be
handled with much caution!!

As a whole, the album is very rhythmically oriented.
The addition of heavy distortion on very raw-sounding
amen breaks is a nice touch to B-TON's style,
and I have acknowledged him
to be one of the pioneers and perfector of noise-breakbeat!

If you were looking for a good album to listen to
while driving at high speeds on an open road or
just something to play as you rave out with a bunch
of people in an old abandoned warehouse,
then my friend, you have found it :)

prepare yourself ahead of time!
it might be to late to turn back!!!!


also, check him out at...

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