Saturday, June 27, 2009



looking for ways to beat the heat??
here are some proc-records tips!! (:

1. run through your neighbors sprinkler
2. swim in your neighbors pool
3. hang out at your neighbor's house and drink their beer!
4. go to and download the
newest album from RedSK and teh soup rebellion
and educate them on the finer things noise can offer!!!

while all of those options are quite recommendable,
might i suggest that you make the fourth option
your first choice?
For you see, my friends, much like their collaborative
work in the past...this new project certainly has
opened up the floodgates to a whole new
arena of noise, which i call "Pure Detroit Audio Destruction".

There are many people who I'm sure will consider you
a "sick person" or "ill" for enjoying this sort of audio, though
I can assure you, there is nothing more pure, strong, or REAL,
than the audio you will find on this release.
Organic noise at it's finest, RedSK and tsr have
once again combined their unique skillzzz and talents
in an effort to pump out another album of pure
Intelligent noise.
"Swine Flu", as they are called, is just one of the handful
of aliases and monikers that these two gentleman
have used (and continue to use!) on a regular basis.

I wont go too much into detail about the specifics
of this album because you will find that the audio
very clearly speaks for itself.
What I WILL tell you is that this album is hands down
one of the finest pieces of collab work proc-rec has seen
in a while, and certainly my personal favorite
project from red and teh.

thanks dudes!!!


Sunday, June 21, 2009



The Ukraine.
Along with Russia, it is one of the most dominant area's
of the noise scene in the world.
Breeding some of the finest noise-artists
around, the area is truly a hot-bed for experimental
noise production.
Two such examples are...
Razxca (from Russia)
and jjoth (Ukraine)
However, proc-records has also had the privelage of
releasing music in the past from
the Ukrainian-based artist found on this release...Ahtictap!

Ahtictap, who has released on proc-records at least twice
before this album, is back once again with his own unique
style of noise-audio.
Verging on minimal/ambient, this album takes noise, flips it
upside down, throws it into a blender and then adds reverb
to give it a "library" feeling.
I know, thats not the best decription for this wrok, but while the
tracks on this album could be considered noise, I would also
classify them as being deep ambient and almost even drone.

Ahtictap was last seen on proc-records with his album "[proc161]Daemon_Lover",
and since then, we have patiently been awaiting his return
with more of that quality audio that he is so well known for.
Finally, aftera brief moment, we are able to provide the
underground with such an event!!

Without further delay, proc-rec enthusiastically
welcomes the newest release from a truly
classic artist....




ahhhhh yes!!
at a young age i starting listening to alot......ALOT of techno,
some of which back then included trance.
So, to hear an album with the kinds of sound contained
within this folder really takes me back
(as I'm sure it will for many other people).

Qygen is the Seattle-based alias of one Eric Johnson.
For those of you who are still somewhat un-familiar with this
He was born in 1990 and has deep roots in various
forms of sound creation.
Producing music since the age of 15, Eric has
graciously given us yet ANOTHER collection of
fine-tuned trance-ish electronica perfect
for getting any dancefloor, coast to coast, in a proper
state of mind to jam the night away.

This full-length release, which has a runtime of just under one
hour, contains nine great tracks, reminiscent
of the early days of trance.
The melodies.
the textures.
the kick-drums and combined hi-hats
(even the "industry-standard"reverse hi-hat).

Proc-rec hasn't recieved an album featuring this
genre in quite some time.
In fact, I'm not sure we have EVER released
a complete full-length trance album by anyone up until
this point.

At any rate, if you're looking for just the right album
to play at an abandonded warehouse rave
or just for something to play to get you in that sort of mood,
Qygen's latest installment is nothing short of perfect
for doing just that ;)

thanks again Eric!


Saturday, June 20, 2009



To all of you who thought you knew
eeeeeeverything there was to know about the
underground noise scene...
the time has once again come for you to
completely school yourself on the
truest example of Noise this side of the world.

Enter RedSK.
The epitomy of mid-west Americana noise-art.
Patrick is without a doubt one of the most talented
people I have come across in this scene for quite some time.
He has over a dozen ACTIVE aliases and
has been showcased on countless netlabels and DIY cd-r
platforms, not to mention owning the underground
with his own magnificent label, TFN.

As an active participator in split-album's, Patrick
has joined forces this time with a newcomer
to proc-rec, Popsicle Dice Love.
Now, I admittedly don't know too much about this
artist, aside from the fact that they have
also done a split release with the infamous
Endometrium Cuntplow (BIG RESPECT!!) and
have also appeard on a compilation
for Dadais Audio, both of which were back in 2k8.

This split EP features several tracks from
both artists and are great representations
of their true potential.
RedSK's tracks a bit more brutal and harsh, while
PDL has a chaotic, masched, and grimey approach,
combing intense percussion and a very samples
peppered in various spots.

All in all, this is an amazing split release, and has
a welcomely high amount of replay value which is definitely
an added bonus!!

Download this puppy, post haste!!!


Thursday, June 18, 2009



I have always highly regarded Russia as being
one fo the strongest countires in terms of having
the largest frequency of strong-willed electronic artists
in the world.
In the past, at least at proc-records, the majority of them
have been very deeply rooted in the
noise/freeform/ambient genre's, however, this new release
from our newest member to the proc-rec family
has introduced his russian-bred style of
glitch/IDM/electro to the underground scene
and has allowed proc to share his wonderful
sounds with the world!

This ep is about twenty seconds from a full
twenty-minute playtime, and hosts a total
of four remarkably solid and heavy tracks.
The first piece, titled "Register" reminds
me of some turn-of-the-decade Warp (label) IDM,
with a very distant and percussion based
sound, with subtle melodies wrapping
itself around the entire life of the piece.

The second track (and also probably my favorite on the ep)
is titled CCTV and starts out with a low-fidelity, muffled
sounding effect that plays along a rough little
breakbeat. The melody that begins to play
as the piece progresses is very nice as well, and
adds an intruiging aspect to the track.
Somewhat reminiscent of early "Boards Of Canada", this track
certainly demonstrates remarkable audio

The final two pieces are also quite strong and
do an excellent job of bringing the ep to an end.
Long time fans of IDM (or electronic music in general)
are almost certainly sure to find something
enjoyable about this album!!

A wonderful introduction by someone who truly respects
music and isnt afraid to show off his skills a little bit,
proc-rec is whole-heartedly pleased to announce it's
newest installment....


Wednesday, June 17, 2009



Moving right along, [proc303] is a huge step forward
for the label.
"Why?" you ask
Because not only is it the return of
one of our coolest noiseicians at proc (bastard child)
but it marks the debut appearance of a highly respected
noise artist, Noise Nazi, who has been laying waste
to countless audio dispersment platforms worldwide!!!

A true artist in his own right, Bastard child has already been
with proc for quite some time.
He has been on a few of our compilations and has even
released an album or two of his own on
our label (usually as Flat Affect), not to mention running his own
amazing label, Smell The Stench (RESPECT!!!)

Noise Nazi on the other hand, has never once released
with proc-records, which is why I am not only pleased, but
honored as well to have this tremendously talented
individual be featured here for the first time!
He has released on fine labels like TFN, LTR and STS, just
to name a few, and he has such an extensive catalog
of freely downloadable audio, it really is incredable to
see such strength in sound.

This two track EP is a relentless barrage of distortion, white
noise static, high pitches and screams and volume
on top of even more volume (:
These two gentlemen, both of whom are
proteges on the noise scene, have done an excellent job
in pooling their collective love for the sound
and have brought us a fantastic example of what GOOD noise

friends, if you were looking for a killer noise anthem to bring the
whole place down, rest've found it!


Monday, June 15, 2009



so yeah, proc300 is finally here, and boy's
pretty much fucking amazing

since day one, proc-records primary and direct
focus has been to supply the underground scene
with only the finest in electronic music.
Now, nearly three years and a tremendous
amount of music later, we still have held firm
to that goal.

proc300 is a quite different compilation from the
rest in many ways.
Firstly, it was compiled, arranged and provided by
the always amazing Overthruster.
A while back (maybe even before proc250), I had
approached Overthruster with the proposition of
having him make a celebratory compilation, for the
promotion of proc-rec and its 300th release.
He accepted the offer and really
took the compilation to a whole new level.
Instead of having the compilation be open to everyone,
he designed it to be exclusive only to artists
in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.
I of course knew that that particular area had a
substantial amount of talent, though I had no idea
just quite how much.

After listening to this compilation for the fourth or fifth time,
I still cannot believe how rich the sound quality
is in these pieces, not to mention the amount of passion
and love for sound that these artists displayed.

So, without further ado...
To the twin cities, my heart goes out to you.
proc-records is forever accepting and dearly
admiring the sound-children you produce for
us electronic music fans.
And, to Seth (Overthruster), be proud, man.
This is an incredably strong compilation, and
has solidified proc-records as a noise/power-electronics
(thanks for helping put us on the map!)

much love and respect to ALL in the global
underground music scene!!!

proc-records is pleased to present the massive with...


Thursday, June 11, 2009




welcome back to the proc-rec netlabel!! (:

as we were preparing our back-to-back
compilation releases, we recieved a tremendous
amount of killa albums and ep's from
various places on this planet.
One such release comes to us from overseas (of course!)
the O.P. is one helluva hardcore electronic
grouping of individuals, producing some sickeningly
insane beats, breaks, cuts and bass
and doing in astounding ways.

as far as debut releases are concerned, this one
has really left a lasting impression on my mind.
With what appears to be an intensly magnetic attention
to detail, the O.P. have presented their skills in fine form
and have demonstrated an uncanny ability to produce
very solid sounds, something quite rare on the scene these days
(except of course here at proc-rec).

even though proc was experiencing a brief pause in
releasing, we were positive that the wait would be
well worth it, and it certainly was!
Dont delay, grab this album now and commence the groove
process!! (:
btw, they have a myspace page too, so if you feel
like staying "in the know" with this project, you might
want to check that out as well.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009



Now, I dont particularly enjoy bragging.
I dont feel that it is a good personality trait in anyone.
However, I admit that there are particular circumstances
in which bragging, when done appropriately, can
be useful and fun.
One such circumstance is found within the
boundaries of [proc301].

While this is certainly not our most successful
compilations in our history, it does mark a crucial
milestone in proc-records life, albeit still rather young.
You see, this is the second release so far
of the [proc3xx] catalog series, and it
is placed back to back with our [proc300] compilation,
a rock solid tribute to Minneapolis-based noiseicians!!!

Due to the fact that [proc300] was rather exclusive,
I decided to make 301 a traditional proc-rec compilation,
one which every producer in the entire world
could partake in, if they so desired.
as is typical with most compilation-based releases
here at proc, the turnout was quite successful, and
equally as enjoyable.

Since it was a traditional proc compilation, there
were obviously a few quidelines imposed on the artists
submitting their precious ear-candy.
Firstly, all pieces had to be encoded at 56kbps.
Secondly, the BPM of the pieces had to
be either under 100 or over 200, no middle ground.
Besides that, I encouraged people to
be as creative as humanly possible, and trust me...they were!!!! (:
I have listened to this great album many many times
and each time I seem to find something else about
it that really catches my attention and strengthens
my appreciation for such an amazing amount
of talent on this scene.
Without a doubt, proc-records is one of the most
enjoyable experiences in my life, and I am pleased to
announce that the label continues
to progress and take shape.

As the months and years go on, we will have new artists,
new compilations,
new sounds and new styles.
But through it all,
there will only be ONE proc-records!!!!




Monday, June 8, 2009



proc300 is still being compiled, arranged and prepared to perfection, so please be patient as
it is coming together.

i can hardly wait, myself! (:

anyway, in the meantime there is still tons of incredable music to hear by some of the most
talented artists around!

here are a few of my personal favorites...

trust me, the entire proc catalog is equally as amazing, these are just a specific few
albums for you to download and maybe discover for the first time while we
prepare for a whole bunch of new stuff

stay strong,


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