Tuesday, March 30, 2010



A little over a year ago, I came into contact
with a local Toledo netlabel via my cousin, Corey.
Filled with excitement at the fact that
I wasnt the only one who cared about free, quality
electronic music, I immediately contacted the label
in an effort to strike up an alliance
with the owner.
....Am I glad I did!!!
Not only did it begin a great friendship, it has
also been beneficial to work as often
as I have with some home-base talent, tossing
ideas back and forth and working on splits,
compilations and albums for both labels.

A little bit more history and insight about Rich...
Splatterfunk is the internet sound collective label
of none other than Richard Naugle.
A long time Toledo native, Rich has been making and
releasing his own audio for a few years now with a sound
based heavily within the realms of long-standing
IDM artists like Afx and Venetian snares.
Although, through incorporating an immense variety of
styles into his material, it is clear that Rich's
influences expand much broader areas than JUST IDM.
Jungle, ambient, some noise, 8-bit and even
a bit of jazz and hip-hop peppered in at various
points for good measure (and thats just for starters!)
are what make Rich's music so unique.

The things which I mentioned above can not only be
found on this album, but a few are even
more prominent than ever (imho) on this album
than on any of his previous albums
with proc, and therefore is easily one of
my personal favorite ep's from Rich (with the exception of
flypoo.....that was just an EPIC ep, man)

the album as a whole is pure editing mastery, although
easily, my personal favorite tracks on this album
are sdaffeedk7jt, nugee, Mkeookj Oke, pgklhe,
with the latter being of particular interest.
I felt it was a prime example of Mr. Naugle's expertise.

Need a nice album to play for your
family on Easter morning?
might I recommend...


Sunday, March 28, 2010



I don't have a whole lot of time available at the moment,
so, like this album, I am going to keep
these linear notes short and sweet :)

Noise is a genre which is very "hit" or "miss",
depending not so much as who is making it, but
rather the intent and the amount of devotion
which is put into the project.
For example, anyone can simply take a
sine wav, pound it to smithereens with distortion, slap
it into mp3 and call it an album.
True noise on the other hand requires things
like modulation, coherency, thought, a little preemptive
planning and above all, a love for the sound!
Pushing Task, aka the fantastic jmnerd is an
artist with such devotion which i have described, and his
attention to detail can be found in any of the sound
files contained on his ep's, Lp's and singles regardless
of the label.
proc just so happens to be fortunate enough once again
to have another prime-sculpted noise album to
provide the underground with.

I love noise with all my heart, and when done
correctly, it is easily one of the truest forms
of electronic-based art around.
To anyone out there who still hates on noise,
I offer this album to you as a testament to
the power of creative passion.


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Diskette Etikette Rekords

there is a new label being initiated
based out of London, England
called Diskette Etikette Rekords
which specializes in doing
PHYSICAL , limited-run floppy releases!!
this is a very exciting oppurtunity for
alot of artists.
I suggest you check them out!


they appear to be a very welcome
label and are willing to work with
many genre's.

help support this effort!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010



with music, some people have it, and...well
...obviousy some people do not.
Not so with Sascha Müller, who just so
happens to have a brand new 2-track dancefloor
ep on the globally recognized proc-rec!!

for those of you who might not already know this
musical genious, I suggest downloading every possible
piece of audio that you can from this guy.
His groundbreaking, genre-expansive
catalog of self-released
and net/physical label releases have
pleased audiences
for nearly a decade and continue to do so with much gusto.

with this ep, we find Sascha manning the soundboard's
once again through a two-piece selection of
highly direct dancefloor anthems.
the A-side of this album, Sternenfusion, is a brutal
and relentless traditional techno track with
pure, unfiltered rhythm and precision.
Nearly ten minutes in length, it captures
the essence of techno and raves of the early and mid 1990's
when beautiful tracks like this were becoming a mainstay
within the minds of many people.
The second track (or B-side) has a much more
"current" sound and seems to be more focused on
intense sound editing, sample placing and, yes, perfect 4/4
rhythmic stances!

This album is a bit different from his past x2 releases
in the sense that while these two fantastic tracks are
very similar, they are also just as different.
Each is deeply rooted with a club and techno sound design,
however, they seem to focus on
different styles of production in terms of editing.
And, as is typical with all of Sascha's work, these
tracks have a very high level of remix capabilites
and an equally high replay value.
DJ's throughout the world would be silly not to
scoop up this album and try their hands at spinning
these tracks (and others from him!) more than
once in an evening.

bottom line.
great music.
great artist.
great price ;)


Monday, March 22, 2010

and in other news...

with almost just as much speed
as it got started, monarch-records
has officially gone off the grid.
I felt that it destracted proc
from potentially getting
the quality material it deserved
and therefore decided to
debunk the concept.

from now on, proc will remain the
primary place for people to get
the most experimental and original
music around, while allowing 4m@
to explore the realms of restrictive
size limits (:

and for those of you who may have been
worried about proc being on holiday for too long,
we are finally back in action with a brand new
release from razxca!!





okay, so while proc isnt completely back at
full power, I felt that there had been entirely too
much of a pause in between the last release and now,
so I took it upon myself to hunker down and focus
myself back into a proper frame of mind to once
again release the lovely music that the hungry ears
of the world so desperately require!

propelling us into the realm of the proc37x's, our
long-time and highly cherished
friend, Razxca, returned
to the construction of audio and
has given us this glorious,
droning, cold and calculated track
which develops itself around layers of
white noise and a beautifully reverb-ridden
ambient melody.
A common theme in much of Razxca's material
(or at least his material which I'm most familiar with)
is the sense of being physically displaced or
entering a realm of slight mental uncertainty.
However, in every case, the end result is completely
satisfying, worthwhile, and above all, inspirational
to the degree of self-experimentation.

Mikhail (Razxca) has been active in the scene for
many many years and has always provided thought
provoking material (both sound AND images)
for those of us who may be looking for something
a little off the beaten path.
Having even one release from him on any label
takes it to almost the upper echelon of musical

I welcome anyone with an open mind and an ear
for hardcore ambient to download this album
and share it with those you love.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

lowbizzness (:

our very close and musically-active friend, jjoth, has
just recently begun his own netlabel, one which
has an incredibly direct focus...8kbps mp3 only!

he welcomes all styles and genre's as long
as they conform to that one rule.
it is still young and has no releases yet, although
i have a feeling this will change very soon ;)

if you make music, especially lowbit, there's
absolutely no reason why you shouldnt release
get to work!!

NOISE WILL BE NOISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, March 13, 2010

big news!!!

okay, so I realize that I was going
to use this time off to redirect my focus,
but i found myself still deeply involved
in music!

as a result, proc-rec has a new sub-label!!!

focusing on releasing continuous DJ mixes ONLY, and
only at 32kbps!!!

pretty straight-forward, huh? (:
incidently, this is more than likely
the final sub-label for proc-records.
i think, however, it is a perfect way to reach out
even further to new artists and also perfect
your DJ skills

check it out, and send 'em in!!!

stay strong,


Sunday, March 7, 2010

new 4m@ releases

couple of new audio gems to enjoy
from 4m@-rec.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

minor update

due to time restrictions
and life, proc-rec and 4m@
will both be put on hold for
about two weeks.
Middle of March-Early April.

during this time we will not
be accepting demo submissions.
HOWEVER, immediately after
this brief pause, I hope to
have the oppurtunity to
apply the same amount of
focus into both labels as I originally
was! (:

during this time i will be
(hopefully!!) clearing my thoughts,
and focusing on my current direction
in life, as well as possibly working
on new music and thinking of
ways to improve staying in contact.

please, use this time to work
on new music or re-work
possible submissions.

stay strong,
and remember.....

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