Tuesday, October 27, 2009



proc-rec is trekking right along, once again
releasing some highly experimental, and equally
as interesting noise-ish, low-fi electronic
music for completely 100% free download
(because, well, music SHOULD be free!!)

Tabu Monist is an artist who is somewhat
of a newcomer to the proc-rec scene, although
with this new album from him, I am
very inquisitive as to what lies
beneath this rather mysterious artists
surface, musically speaking.

This particular album is just as diverse as the
artist himself, it would seem.
The tracks are quite different from one
another in terms of style, conception
and overall sound.
However, with as diverse as these tracks
are from one another, the ep flows
remarkably well.

i am going to keep this review brief, only
because the concept of this album
is so texturally unique and I rather enjoy
allowing it to play as opposed to
voicing my silly opinion about it.
after all, you have a brain.
think for yourself!!


Thursday, October 22, 2009



every once in a while in the
underground, an artist comes along
who dictates a very direct message and captures an
audience with his or her music. Not only myself, but
anyone involved in proc-records
has had the pleasure of experiencing on
multiple occasions the brilliant work of one Eric Johnson
also known as Qygen.

Deserving endless praise and genuine admiration for
his work, Eric's presence here at proc-rec
has been not only greatly appreciated, but
endlessly loved and admired time and time again.
With each new album, I re-affirm my love for this guys
work. It seems as though each release (somehow) outdoes
itself and never ceases to please the aural compartments of
my mind.

There is a special place in "electronic music heaven"
for people who take pride in their work and show
true dedication in sound creation like this.
(I know, I am probably boring you to death with
this continuous praising of
this release, but please
understand that I get excited when
I hear utterly fantastic
electronic music, especially that of a
genre like Trance, which
has severly let me down over the years)

Now, as I have no doubt said before, this is
the best Qygen release I have heard so far, and you can
bet I will be burning it onto a cd and spinning it
quite often.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009



after a much needed vacation, proc-rec is
active once again.
Our continuing mission: to provide
the global underground massive with a most
brutal, yet equally enjoyable
listening experience
through the various facets and
genres of electronic music.
And [proc342] is a prime piece of
highly experimental punk-garbage-noise
by the newest 2-person project
of RedSK and Insideout028!!!

Both gentleman are artists who require no
form of introduction whatsoever.
If you have had any exposure to
the netlabel scene whatsoever, I'm sure
their aliases have been mentioned a time
or two (;

This album, which is just slightly
under twenty minutes, showcases two
brilliant noisers that love what they do, doing
what they love best...destroying a genre
completely, pulverizing it to a pulp,
cross breeding it with countless other lovely
noisy sub-genres, and then breathing
life back into the crazy noise-beast they
had just created.
It's a crazy process,really. But they make
it work so beautifully (:

I know that was a rather confusingly vague
and somewhat open-ended description, however
proc-rec wishes to focus more upon
the sounds than by mere text and sight.
After all, you should know exactly what you're
getting into when you download an
album from those two guys.
and that is...nothing less than perfection.
(which, by the way, also happens to be what to
expect from proc-records.net as well)

What are you doing still reading this??
crank that volume UUUPPP!!!!

big respect to both artists.
keeping things as real as possible for
art lovers world-wide.


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