Tuesday, October 27, 2009



proc-rec is trekking right along, once again
releasing some highly experimental, and equally
as interesting noise-ish, low-fi electronic
music for completely 100% free download
(because, well, music SHOULD be free!!)

Tabu Monist is an artist who is somewhat
of a newcomer to the proc-rec scene, although
with this new album from him, I am
very inquisitive as to what lies
beneath this rather mysterious artists
surface, musically speaking.

This particular album is just as diverse as the
artist himself, it would seem.
The tracks are quite different from one
another in terms of style, conception
and overall sound.
However, with as diverse as these tracks
are from one another, the ep flows
remarkably well.

i am going to keep this review brief, only
because the concept of this album
is so texturally unique and I rather enjoy
allowing it to play as opposed to
voicing my silly opinion about it.
after all, you have a brain.
think for yourself!!


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