Wednesday, January 18, 2012



with all of the commotion
and whatnot taking place
surrounding the possibilty
of major internet sites being
blocked in an effort to keep
pirating from happening,
proc records encourages
it's artists to become
even more networked
than before, and to embrace
originality through open-source
such is the way
of our culture
to simply steal
thoughts and ideas
from other people and
build upon them,
that very few so-called
artists, (specifically
those who are heard on
the radio)
are doing anything
original or worthwhile.
however, once again, proc
proves the point the neccessity
for a counter-culture
movement to exist through
an internet medium.
having access to accepting,
open minded individuals
such as Mr. Nick Newland is truly
a treasure and one that should
be embraced and carefully

Nick is the newest member to
the proc-rec family, and while
his impact on the music
scene has been quite noticable
(...seppuku+ and DATAMOSHPIT...)
we have only recently had
the pleasure of experiencing
his musical awesomeness
firsthand just recently.
An amazing debut
album, JEM is all over
the genre-map, finding solice
in various forms of ambience,
and atmospheric
techno, and even
bits of harsh
power-noise electronica,
all of which have a very
chilling and calculated
detachment about them
that leave the listener
feeling left on the outside
looking into the mind
of Nick, which could
very well be a pandora's box
in and of itself.

what I found most
interesting about
this release was it's
old-school sound, which
reminded me very much
of the early days of orbital
in some aspects.
this of course is merely
my own opinion and intended
to be a compliment
held in the highest regards.
(Output 28 is what
really gave this effect
on me).
this is truly a wonderful
little album
and can be played in a variety
of circumstances, the best
of which require
full attentiveness and a good
pair of headphones, although
I've also found it to
be adequate as
a background-music
album as well.

regardless of HOW you listen
to it, just make sure you do.

the first of hopefully many
more to come at proc
from him...


noise will be noise

Tuesday, January 17, 2012



live performances
aren't an exact science,
but few artists really have
the ability to effectively
provide a quality show.
when the lights go dim and
all eyes and ears are
focused on you, THAT is
the time when you
need to show them
what it's all about.
let those people
hear your latest experiments,
show them why the passion
you have for music goes
beyond simply a hobby!!!!
General Mike.
The name says it all.
He IS the man in
charge of the Army of 2600,
but his expertise in
sound assimilation extends
to the outermost
reaches of the sound

Well known under a variety
of other pseudonyms,
Mike Bourque is the
mastermind behind
AO2600, and his passion
for music can be heard
in an extensive catalog
of impressive
music all over
the netlabel multi-verse.
Armed with outdated
technology, Mike
single-handedly proves
what can be accomplished
through sheer simplicity.

On this latest installment
of his at proc, we can hear
ourselved being sucked into
yet another remarkable
To the best of my reckolection,
this is our second live-recording
set from Mike, the one prior
was under his Xenocats alias
from back in 2008
( )

weighing in at just over
half an hour, this well-recorded
show is an excellent
representation of his various styles
all becoming amalgamated
for your listening pleasure :)
being very genre-expansive,
Mike shows that his skills
with sound can cover everything
from the harshest electronic
drone textures, to distorted 8-bit
(or lower?) breakbeats.

proc has been blessed
to have a vast selection
of work from mike's
career as an artist, and I
always keep a slot
open for his latest
release whenever I get
the chance.
I thoroughly enjoy
hosting releases that consist
of live-performances, and
it should be quite apparent
why Mike is easily one
of the most respect-deserving
artists within the underground.

thanks mike for all you do!

without a second wasted,
it is time for me to release...


Monday, January 2, 2012



like every other great label,
there is usually always a core
grouping of artists which defines
or represents what the
direction of the label is
all about.
It's values, it's musical
direction, but most importantly,
what it seeks to define itself as.
Too often we forget who
and what we are.
We lose our identity
in an effort to fit in with those
around us or whom we admire,
and in the end, our quality
of life suffers purely because
of our desire to change into
something we think is better.
proc, on the other hand,
doesn't dwell on preconceptions
or false admiration from others.
We don't rely upon trendy
scene hipsters to download
our music onto the smartphones
their parents bought them and
then pretend to know what they're
talking about.

From his initial release
with proc way back in...2008(?),
RedSK has been on the top
of the list of people who
truly embody everything
that proc stands for.
He bleeds his art, distorted sine
wave's flowing through his blood
stream as he progressively
moves the noise scene further
down the path of finely-tuned
dedication amongst a
plethora of weekend-warrior
screamo bullshit.

This new album, while an
excellent representation
of who and what Patrick Doyle
is, is still only a vague
glimpse of why he does
what he does, and an even more
vague experience into
the whole mindset of what
a noise ARTIST is all about.
If, after listening
to this album you still don't understand...
guess what? fuck you,
because you never will.

With everyone out
to screw each other
over these days, rest
assured that proc and patrick
are a force to be reckoned with.
the unstoppable force
has met the unmoveable object.
It's gunna get ugly.



Sunday, January 1, 2012

new 4m@ releases

proc's sublabel, which has
been rather silent lately
due to mis-placed submissions,
is back in action and has
kicked off the new year
properly with seven brand
new albums, each of which
are just under 1 meg in size :D
ch-ch-ch-check 'em out

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