Tuesday, January 17, 2012



live performances
aren't an exact science,
but few artists really have
the ability to effectively
provide a quality show.
when the lights go dim and
all eyes and ears are
focused on you, THAT is
the time when you
need to show them
what it's all about.
let those people
hear your latest experiments,
show them why the passion
you have for music goes
beyond simply a hobby!!!!
General Mike.
The name says it all.
He IS the man in
charge of the Army of 2600,
but his expertise in
sound assimilation extends
to the outermost
reaches of the sound

Well known under a variety
of other pseudonyms,
Mike Bourque is the
mastermind behind
AO2600, and his passion
for music can be heard
in an extensive catalog
of impressive
music all over
the netlabel multi-verse.
Armed with outdated
technology, Mike
single-handedly proves
what can be accomplished
through sheer simplicity.

On this latest installment
of his at proc, we can hear
ourselved being sucked into
yet another remarkable
To the best of my reckolection,
this is our second live-recording
set from Mike, the one prior
was under his Xenocats alias
from back in 2008
( http://proc-records.net/upload_music/%5Bproc230%5DXENOCATS_-_Live_At_Cape%27s_Lounge_%2811-15-08%29.zip )

weighing in at just over
half an hour, this well-recorded
show is an excellent
representation of his various styles
all becoming amalgamated
for your listening pleasure :)
being very genre-expansive,
Mike shows that his skills
with sound can cover everything
from the harshest electronic
drone textures, to distorted 8-bit
(or lower?) breakbeats.

proc has been blessed
to have a vast selection
of work from mike's
career as an artist, and I
always keep a slot
open for his latest
release whenever I get
the chance.
I thoroughly enjoy
hosting releases that consist
of live-performances, and
it should be quite apparent
why Mike is easily one
of the most respect-deserving
artists within the underground.

thanks mike for all you do!

without a second wasted,
it is time for me to release...


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