Monday, January 2, 2012



like every other great label,
there is usually always a core
grouping of artists which defines
or represents what the
direction of the label is
all about.
It's values, it's musical
direction, but most importantly,
what it seeks to define itself as.
Too often we forget who
and what we are.
We lose our identity
in an effort to fit in with those
around us or whom we admire,
and in the end, our quality
of life suffers purely because
of our desire to change into
something we think is better.
proc, on the other hand,
doesn't dwell on preconceptions
or false admiration from others.
We don't rely upon trendy
scene hipsters to download
our music onto the smartphones
their parents bought them and
then pretend to know what they're
talking about.

From his initial release
with proc way back in...2008(?),
RedSK has been on the top
of the list of people who
truly embody everything
that proc stands for.
He bleeds his art, distorted sine
wave's flowing through his blood
stream as he progressively
moves the noise scene further
down the path of finely-tuned
dedication amongst a
plethora of weekend-warrior
screamo bullshit.

This new album, while an
excellent representation
of who and what Patrick Doyle
is, is still only a vague
glimpse of why he does
what he does, and an even more
vague experience into
the whole mindset of what
a noise ARTIST is all about.
If, after listening
to this album you still don't understand...
guess what? fuck you,
because you never will.

With everyone out
to screw each other
over these days, rest
assured that proc and patrick
are a force to be reckoned with.
the unstoppable force
has met the unmoveable object.
It's gunna get ugly.



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