Friday, February 27, 2009



I will be the first to admit that I genuinely enjoy having
time to myself, quite often in fact.
There are times when I need to step away from
all of the activity in the world around me and re-energize
myself through brief meditation, enjoying a cup of coffee,
and of course, making and listening to music that
fits my mood.
I designed proc-records to be as unique, original and diverse
as possible and by doing so, it has allowed
the musical genre to flourish and really take shape
into something quite pleasant.

Pollux is an artist who has been with proc-records
for a few months already and has really demonstrated
his uncanny knack for making very calming, soothing and
exceedingly mood-heavy music.
His past releases have had some truly unique melody
sequences and didnt always rely upon ear-shattering
walls of noise to get his point across
(although, I am a HUGE fan of ear-shattering walls of noise).
This small ep is apparently heavily influenced by
creating a very strange and somewhat un-familiar atmosphere,
yet still retaining qualities of something enjoyed as a young child.
Happier days, maybe?

All in all, Pollux has returned to proc-records in a very proper way.
This strong release is just another reason why music is
such an important part of life.
Let the sounds cover your soul and mind, just be sure
to let others enjoy the trip as well!!

thanks pollux!


Wednesday, February 25, 2009



Well, this has certainly been quite an amazing
year for proc-records so far.
the continuous string of solid as hell releases
from talented people in nearly every corner
of the planet never ceases to slow down
or take a break.
The pop-music world wont stop burdening our
eyes, ears and minds with their constant bullshit,
so day by day, proc-records strives to be a more
dominant force in the underground.
A safe-haven for intelligent ARTists, and a place
where quality is not only's expected.

which is why [proc264] is so important.
GAAD, a long-time proc-records family member,
has come back to release another harsh-noise ep.
But, I dont think harsh is a descriptive enough word
to really do this album justice.
Quite honestly, the music speaks for itself.
An un-relentless barrage of intensly granulated
and heavily distorted white-noise fills in every single moment
of silence while choppy, screaming, ear-piercing sine
waves provide the proper balance of new-school and old-school
noise flavor :D
just shy of a full half-hour by only a handful of seconds, this
ep just goes to show that noise is truly an art, regardless of
what anyone else may tell you.

With GAAD as a member of proc-records, this label
has a strong and vibrant foundation to build upon.
His releases are always meaningful and convey a strong
message about just how crazy things in todays
global society really are.

Broaden your musical horizens
(or simply update your GAAD catalog),
but whatever you do, don't miss out on
ANYTHING this guy has released.


Monday, February 23, 2009



Okay, So like do you TOTALLY just <3>
Do you have all the latest Usher, linkin park and beyonce
*teehee* ;)

...wake the F*** UP, people!!!
this is proc-records!!!!
And what you have just fucking downloaded is soooOoOoOoOo
completely against the grain, that after hearing it
you might just find yourself questioning everything
you thought you knew about what REAL audio is.
(unless of course, you dont have a pop-music head)

Yes, my fellow undergroundians...NOW is the time to celebrate
another release that is a long LOOOOOONG time coming.
RedSK is back in fucking action at proc-rec, and this time he
has united forces in the fight against horrible scenes and shitty music
with his good friend teh soup rebellion (aka Scott Gerst).

in an effort to school some of you on t.s.r...
he has done some exceptionally nice work for labels like
NQA/TFN (RESPECT!!!), Harsh Trip Records, Noise-Joy, and has
even been featured on [proc250]!!!!!
His musical skills are quite advantageous for any
dual-artist collaborative release, and his presence is
certainly felt and equally welcomed with the insemination of this
great EP.
The other piece of this truly dynamic duo is none other
than Patrick (FUCKING) Doyle.
This guy is essentially the fleshy embodiment of the underground!!
No experimental audio label is truly complete without SOMETHING
from this guy...and proc-rec has over three!!!
I have looked up to him and admired his skills, knowing
full well that I am not alone in doing so.

Having said all this, please understand that this
is not your average release.
Re-defining the underground once again, RedSK and his partner
in crime, teh soup rebellion have pushed proc-records
deep into the upper echelon of quality audio dispersment with
their utterly astonishing skillz.
Bar none, this is one of the best experimental releases
that I've had the pleasure of laying my ears on in a long, LONG time.

thanks again guys!


check BOTH of them out on myspace at

Sunday, February 22, 2009



as we creep our way into the [proc26x]'s, proc-records
begins to once again take on a slightly new form!
Our newest member to the constantly growing
family comes to us, yet again, from overseas!

Genus Inkasso is an exceedingly talented artist.
With releases on netlabels like Love Torture records
AND Abulia Concepts, he already has made quite a lasting
impression on people here in the underground.
With this new release from him, we can
further open our minds and subject our souls
to the newest possibilites of breakcore vs. noise!

This brief ep has a runtime of under fifteen minutes, though
within this limited timeframe we find some truly
remarkable, yet suprisingly basic skills at work.
I do not intend to downplay the sheer brilliance of
this release whatsoever.
Inkasso's knack for sloppy precission, deep textural
landscapes and grimey atmospheres give this ep a very
appropriate chaotic feel.

Genus Inkasso has generously provided proc-records
with this ep and I am very humbled and pleased to
have it as part of our catalog.
Artistic freedom is something that proc-records has
always stressed from the very beginning, and this release
is a perfect example of what I hope to have proc-records
be recognized as.
Anyone who has been around here long enough knows that
I also do my best to insure that only quality audio
hits the underground, keeping the massive rocking
and tuned it for as long as we can!!
If you are reading these release notes right now, rest assured
that you have just downloaded a very exquisite piece
of audio, one that will keep you pleased each and every moment.

Genus Inkasso, I would like to thank you once again for the
quality work and true commitment you have shown us with
your debut release here.
please understand that from now on, you always have
a home here at proc-records.



Friday, February 20, 2009



Many many many releases ago, proc-records
introduced for the first time ever in it's catalog, an ep
from the one and only hertz canary.
I have played that ep seemingly countless times, and have
enjoyed it thoroughly each time.
since then, proc-records has released
a few other ep's from from hzca, and has also had
the profound pleasure of having hzca released on
a few compilations!
Now, after all that time, we FINALLY have something new
to present to the underground world from the
prodigal electronic music scenester!! :)

Available only at proc-rec, this release is a live jam session
by hertz canary and was performed entirely in milky tracker!
Just shy of one-half hour, this supremely accurate variable lowbitrate
ogg sound file packs one serious punch!
Crazy vocal samples are used at random points in this mix, while
a pleasant drum sequence (accompanied by a plentiful
amount of bassssss)
keeps the piece moving in the right direction.
And, with the low bitrate being so prominent, the piece
has a terrific low-fidelity sound.
PERFECT for all you lowbit-headz out there ;)
Whats more, this mix sounds great on almost all of the
sound-systems that I've played it on!!!
So, to all you DJ's out there looking for something interesting to
toss into your mix-sets, this ep makes an excellent companion!!!

It has been entirely too long since proc-rec last heard from hertz canary,
and I know I speak for everyone who appreciates
the audio that this great musician releases when I say that
this certainly makes up for lost time ;)

alex....thank you!!
great shit!!! :D


also, check out hertz canary's killlllller fucking label, abulia concepts...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009



I'm sure I'm not the only one on this planet
who has ever had a crazy day, only to have it turn out
to be one of the best days I've had in a while.
It happens to all of us at time or another!!!
Heck, it's part of life!!!!!
Well, it's nice to finally have a soundtrack
to compliment such an intense and odd day!
the ASTONISHINGLY talented "toxic chicken"
has been quite generous with this recent gift of audio
by allowing proc-records to relase it!

on it, we find various sounds taken from a past release
and are able to hear them in a new light!!
this completely improvised and live mix is a perfect way
to spice up a bad day, or to make a great day THAT MUCH BETTER!!
Too often, we allow the cares of day to day life drag us
down and make us feel like shit.
It's time to lift your spirits and accept the fact that
certain things are out of our control...
except the music you want to hear!! ;)

This is one of those releases where I cannot easily describe.
To put it as basic as possible, it is one of the more uplifting and
pleasant "happy" releases that I have come across in a long time,
and since it was given to us directly from the prime source
of superb audio production, satisfaction is definitely guaranteed!!

dont even give it a second thought!
play this ep with haste!!!!
it may just change the way you look at life ;)


Saturday, February 14, 2009



Over one-hundred releases have passed since the amazing
NoskovOlegs has released with proc-recrods!
During that time, we have had some truly spectacular audio
released by people who really care about sound.
However, there has also been a slight void or empty feeling
due to Noskov's lack of presence.
Fortunately, he has returned once again to bring the underground some
an ep of extreme, sonic-glitch, rhythmic noise!!!

This release brings two aspects of NOSKOVSOLEGS
stunning skills and combines them in one ep!
An audio piece titled penirapes is where we find him
getting down and dirty with his devices of audio destruction.
This piece reminds me of the somewhat earlier days of IDM
due its slightly old-school sound, not to mention the effects
and programming styles.
However, on the other side of the same token, it is also quite
heavily influenced by hardcore house-techno and therefore
cannot completely be considered IDM.
A very grimey and noisy piece, it's very high replay value
makes it a fantastic companion on any randomized playlist.

The Second portion of this ep features an audio/visual piece titled
urbanspace, which is also the title of this release.
Harsh, brutal noise and effects are layered over one another
very very thick and spread throughout the entire length of the piece, while
scenes from various places are chopped, sliced and diced in no particular
fashion. a very cool mini-film indeed!

This is a very intense release, and therefore some people may not
completely appreciate it.
However, it is part of what I find so appealing about NOSKOVOLEGS material.
His in-your-face sounds and musical direction are quite a treat, especially
when his releases are so far apart from one another!

Hopefully we will hear from him again very soon, but in
the meantime, if you are a fan of
un-convential, hard-hitting, genre destroying audio, turn on your
sound system and give this puppy a spin!!!!


Wednesday, February 11, 2009



As I look out my window, a cup of coffee in my hand, and watch
the rain fall from the sky to the ground, a certain level of comfort
falls upon me.
Knowing that mother nature is taking it's course, despite the
huge amount of destruction caused by each and every
living and breathing human on this planet is very re-assuring.
Even today, as I type on a keyboard made of plastic, produced
in a factory thousands of miles away, shipped on a giant
truck to the store where i bought it (which I drove to in a car), it amazes
me just how wasteful and destructive we humans actually are.
Despite all of these things, my efforts to reduce waste have
been quite sucessful.
Especially with hearing the latest and greatest ep from Microbit Project
here at proc-records!!!!!!

Normally, people would say that electricity consumption would
be considered a waste, though I can assure you, listening to the
breathtaking, mellow, deep, dark and utterly gorgeous tracks on this
release is by no means any such thing!!!
Microbit Project, or for those of you who still might not know, is just one of the
many aliases of Evgenij V. Kharitonov.
Evgenij is a visual, word, and sound artist hailing from the great
country of Russia, and since his debut with proc-records
back in 2008, he has released an astonishing amount of
amazing ep's Lp's and singles on this label alone!!!

Along with releasing music here and at other fine labels like
Love Torture Records and 20kbps, Mr. Kharitonov also finds time
to operate his own netlabel, also called Microbit Project AND
manages a few internet magazines.
A truly talented musician and artist on so many levels,
Eugene is without a doubt the most active artist at proc-records
and is also one of the most active on the scene in general today.
With each and every release from him, I find a new way to
hear and appreciat his sound, and his work never ceases to amaze me.

This release happens to be my personal favorite from him, and with tracks
like Stargates and Star Mole, it is easy to understand why.

This is a the quintessential album for any minimal or ambient fan!!


Monday, February 9, 2009


+----------------------------------------------------------+ you know how sometimes you're sitting around,
trying to think of something to listen to?
You go through your seemingly endless list of mp3 albums
on your hard-drive, only to find the same ol' jams
that you've heard thousands of times before!
Granted, there are ALOT of great ep's and full length
albums out there that deserve to be heard a few thousand times
more, but sometimes nothing quite seems to be appropriate.

Thankfully, proc-records has just the solution!
Str8 off the fucking Toledo scene is a pair of gentlemen who
are by no means strangers to the underground electronic scene.
this is, however, the first actual release from them here on proc
and because of that, I am utterly pleased to present
this breathtaking album to the electronic loving massive!

Eleven tracks long and having a total runtime of
Thirty minutes and fourteen seconds, this EP, which is
full of fantastic Toledo-grown flavor, features both guys
doing what they do best....making some killer fucking tracks!!

The first portion of the EP is done by Rich (Splfk).
With a heavily influenced breakcore, dnb, and IDM-ish sound, Rich 's
tracks feature wonderful samples, deeeeeeeeep bass,
perfectly executed percussion and remarkably strong melodies.
The second portion, performed by Robotic Joe, is equally
as intense and strong as Rich's, and is also a spectacular display of talent
from another artist who has done a fantastic job
of providing a proper introduction.

In my honest and heartfelt opinion, this is precisely what
underground breakcore should be.
In many ways, I feel that this particular field of electronic music has become
exceedingly watered-down artists
who honestly don't care about quality.
Having said that, I would highly recommend to
anyone who is new to the scene
and is interested in either becoming more familiar with this
particular sound, or who might be interested in creating
their own tracks of this nature, to use this EP as their blueprint.
It is a perfect representation of true dedication to sound!

Without further delay, I welcome you to enjoy the newest
release to proc-records, by two of our newest members of the
proc-rec family...


Monday, February 2, 2009



for fans of jjoth, this has certainly been a great
past few months to really get some fantastic new
releases from this cool artist!

What is even cooler is the fact that we have been getting to
hear jjoth's work in a much different form, that of high bitrates!
Unlike much of the previous work, this release features six different
tracks, all of which are encoded at 320kbps, mp3!

These pieces all pretty much start out the same, though
as the tracks progress and take on their various forms, they
soon develop into something quite different.
Pure, harsh, solid walls of granulated noise and squeeling
sine waves erupting from the speakers
are what you can expect from this LP
(and trust me, there is plenty of it!!!)

As an artist myself, I have alot of respect for what jjoth is
doing here on the noise scene.
Unwilling to compromise his sound to fit comfortably
within society's "normal", jjoth has, on EVERY release,
brought something completely new, original, compelling
and interesting to the underground.

And so, with nothing else to say, I now wish to let you
enjoy this release for yourself.
If you enjoy noise as much as I do, you are sure to
find a track on here that really tugs at your emotions and
leaves a lasting impression on your mind.
For me, that track happens to be the final (and longest)
piece on here.

Without another second to waste, here it is...


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