Friday, February 19, 2010



anyone who has been residing in the underground
has probably encountered RedSK's music
(or at the very least, his alias) at least once
on an utterly astonishing amount of netlabels and
physical DIY labels on a plethora of musical formats
such as cassette, digital download, cd, cdr and
probably even a mini disk somewhere along the course
of his very sucessfull musical career.
I for one have been following this
gentleman's work for a few years already, and
over the duration of this time I have been
quite pleased with the audio which he has supplied.
However, there is one very crucial album from Pat's extensive
catalog which has , in many strong ways, completely
strengthened my love for the noise genre...

2008 saw the release of (imo) RedSK's Modus Operandi, the
turning point and climax of his musical output.
I don't want to have you thinking that since then, his music
has gone downhill.
That could not be farther from the truth!!
I am mearly saying that
[TFN086]Belleville Is Overrun With The MRSA Staph Infection
is the precise moment I fell in love with the sound which

While off the top of my head I cannot say exactly what
order my top-5 favorite albums of all time are
(except number one being autechre's tri-repetae ++ album)
TFN086 is without a shadow of a doubt included
into the top 5 listing somewhere for me.
It is noise production, EQ'ng and editing at its finest.
Careful attention to detail went into the production of the
pieces and perfect execution of pure-raw elements are
noticable within each fleeting second of the album.

As you can tell, I have a huge amount of admiration for both the
album and the artist as well.
Which is precisely the reason why i took it upon myself to
do a remix of the entire album.
While I'm not sure if I did the original tracks much justice,
I too am pleased with this final product.
The remixing of this album took much
longer than I had originally anticipated.
There were many times when I began to remix it, scrapped
the tracks and started over.
I just couldnt seem to get it quite right....
ladies and gentlemen, noise fans of the world, and everyone
in the underground, please allow me to graciously offer this remix
album to those of you with a keen ear and open minds.

Also, do yourself a favor and download the ORIGINAL release.
you will not be sorry in the least!!!!!!
download link:

Patrik, this one's for you bud B)
stay strong!!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010



Being that I happen to be a busy individual myself, I dont
always have time to keep in touch with
specific members of the extensive proc-rec family
nearly as much as I would like to.
Which is why when I get an email from artists
who I don't hear from as much as I would like to, it
pleases me to no end!

Toxic Chicken recently contacted me through email
explaing his current life-building adventure
in which he is living in the vicinity of Bangkok.
Broke, living in various homes, and attending (what seems like)
every party crazy party in the world, Tox Chicken's
story of an artist trying to simply "get by" in this crazy world
is something of a fantasy story to those of us stuck
working a 9-5 monday-friday job.

Fortunately, for those of us who are unable to attend
some of these breathtaking places or
fantastic musical events, TC has recorded a brief
portion of one of his gigs, encoded it into that
ever-so-lovely low bitrate quality and gave it to
proc so that we might share it with a broader and more
advanced audience!!
Whats more, this set also included a second piece of music
to enjoy, composed by this modern-day sound Einstein!!
All in all, this is fun little ep, filled to the brim
with great sounds, hillarious photos, kind words
and absolutely ZERO FILLER!!!!
proc-rec seal of approval all the way :)

I, Adam Crammond, raise my glass to this
gentleman, living the dream that so many of us, including
myself, have the luxery of living in ever-so brief circumstances,
(or so it would seem).


Saturday, February 13, 2010



Before I begin these notes, I would like to
take a moment to apologize for not being
nearly as musically active around proc-rec the past
couple of weeks.
I have been allocating my time a little
differently in an effort to get ahead on some
other minor projects that I had started, though
up until now had yet to finish.
I now am happy to announce that I am (to the best
of my knowledge) a little bit ahead of the game
and am able to once again direct
my time and energy towards mkaing proc-records
the musical hot-bed it is known for! (:
and, of course, there is no better way to
once again get the ball rolling in the right
direction than from another
grand ep of epic magnitude from
Mr. Eric johnson, aka Qygen!

As producers go, Eric has been one who has not only
caught, but HELD my attention as well.
Very active within the music scene, even at a
young age when he was using live instrumentation,
Eric's production of wonderful electronic sounds
has been a blessing not only to
my label, but to my ears as well.

Undeniably, the tracks on this album are Qygen's.
I say that simply because part of what makes him a
fantastic artist is his utterly natural and higly
distinguishable sound.
Using various effects almost as instruments themselves,
his usage of reverb and delay ALONE are sometime
to be admired.
(A good example of such can be found at the beginning of
the 2:35 section of the second track.)
This album, in comparison to his other work
is heavily laiden with more junglish and hardcore tracks.

It's honestly a no-brainer to download
whatever you can
from this guy, because regardless of
the, kid ;)
fortunately, to the best of my knowledge, proc-rec
and 4m@ have been the only two places to host
this incredably genious material!!!

so hop to it and commence the download sequence!!
we're back!!!!!!


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