Sunday, August 31, 2008


+album_-_Mythical Deity

everyone in the world, from every background or walk of life
enjoys an oppurtunity to relax in a very complacent
and un-hindered atmosphere.
upon looking for oppurtunity to remove oneself from the mundane
day-to-day toil that afflicts us all, one might turn
to retreats to the country-side with family, friends, or simply
just by themselves.
In other cases, they might turn to soothing music as their escape.
Mellow music has an incomparible way of easing the mind,
body and soul without limiting the thinking process
or interfearing with a contemplative mood.
Or, maybe you would do both!

For me, I find that preparing some coffee or tea, burning
some incense and allowing the sounds of mother nature and
artists of human-origin provide a sufficient amount
of aural peacefulness.
(Along with a little guidance from my boy J.C.!!!)

Since his first release with us, Dirk Lienig has proven to be
one such artist that I have turned to on many occasions as
a prime source for the perfect calm, free spirited music that
helps break away from all the negativity found
in the world today.

This release, which features two ambient pieces, demonstrates
Dirk's superb audio programming skills in a way
that I have yet to hear from him before.
Always original, he continuosly gives 100% of himself
in his music compositionsm and the dedication is
very apparent through and through.

Both pieces are very similar in the sense that they
share the same melody, though the first piece is about
half as long as the second, and it contains a ryhthm section
that the second piece also lacks.
However, both pieces are beyond gorgeous and
would seem unfairly "naked" without the other.

Again, if you just cant seem to find the right album
to help get you in a relaxed and meditative mood,
give some of Dirk Lienigs music a listen, especially his most
most most recent release...

Dirk_Lienig_-_Mythical Deity

Thursday, August 28, 2008



Ladies and Gentleman...
children of all ages...
Allow me to introduce an artist who, to be quite honest,
needs no introduction at all, (BUT DEFINITELY DESERVES ONE!!)
the great carfil is back once again
with more of his truly splendid sounds.
EP2 picks up right where EP1 left off...

Carfil's uncanny ability to devise up killer sounds like the ones
found on both EP's (or any of his releases for that matter)
is remarkable, by any stretch of the imagination.
He keeps a steady simple rhythm, but makes use of
some wickedly processed sound effects, premium drum-sequences
and of course...his utterly jaw-dropping melodies, all of which
form one great track after another when combined.

What I also found really nice about this particular ep
that was a little different than past releases was the
amount of very deep bass, and as an example I will use the fourth
track, titled pushed.
Very heavy and rich basslines encompass the whole track
while an astounding melody kicks in , with the percussion
following closely behind.

If you have been paying close attention to this guys work
over the course of proc-records's exhistance, I'm
sure you will notice other things about this release series that really
make it stand out from previous releases.
Carfil has certainly struck gold with this sound
and I cannot express my feelings any better way than to say
that his music has ALWAYS been great, and it somehow
just keeps getting better!!!

Certainly one of my top 10 favorite musical artists of all time,
it is time for me to stop talking and let you do some wholesome
audio enjoyment for yourself.

A release to make both you and your ears smile :)



Tuesday, August 26, 2008


+bitrate_-_various, MP3

The magnificent AHTICAP is back once again
at proc-rec with an astounding release of stellar sounds
worth listening to over and over again.

Hidden behind this release is a tremendous amount of
meaning that runs deep within the hearts of many people.
The message is that of heartbreak, sadness and pure raw emotion.
As Ahticap described it to me, he was listening to the
track called "Daemon Lover" by Shocking Blue, and
upon listening to it, he felt so inspired by the piece that
he felt the need to compose his OWN track using samples
from the original track.

He later read a story of a man who returns to a long-lost
love after a certain period of time and finds that she
has moved on with her life and now has a
child with another man.
Reading that story of emotional setback pushed AHTICAP further
into his desires to produce his version of the track, but
decided to only use the sounds which came from synths and drum
computers in conjunction with the samples.

He soon asked other artists whom he felt would provide
an added flavor to the release to compose
their own version of the track and release.
As such, people like dust_in, Yonshi, and the wonderful wonderful
Razxca jumped on board.

The finished product to this adventure of sound is what you
have just downloaded and are about to thoroughly enjoy.
It gives me a great deal of pleaure to once again have AHTICAP
here at proc-rec.
I hope you enjoy this album as much as I do!!


Monday, August 25, 2008



Spoken Word is a genre that is far too often overlooked
as being a critical component to electronic music.
Your voice is your own unique and beautiful instrument
that no-one else can replicate exactly, no matter
how hard they may try.
This is why I find it so intruinging when artists
attempt a project much like the this one.

Evgenij V. Kharitonov (aka Yoko Absorbing) much more than
your typical artist.
He has a very vast, unpretentious, and above all...unique
catalog of published works, both with proc-rec and
found at other sources as well.
This new release from him, however, is one of
considerable importance.
Not only is it as diverse as the artist himself, it
also propels proc-rec forwards and places us snug
and comfortably at the [proc160] mark!!

A very special release indeed!!!

I commend Mr. Kharitonov for attempting a release
like this one.
We very rarely get to see this side of sound and it
really is a treat to have Kharitonov releasing with proc-rec
on a regular basis.

With an astounding array of vocal snippets layered upon one
another with added effects such as delay, reverb, distortion and
channel panning , a release of this nature and quality
comes along only once in a great while...
pick it up today at your local computer with internet capabilites!!



Sunday, August 24, 2008



Ah yes!!!

A brand new release from one of the newest members
to the constantly advancing catalog of artists,
endometrium cuntplow is up to his usual
tricks with more of the brutal noise that we love him for
and have come to expect.

Truly one of the creme de la creme's on the noise scene today,
endometrium cuntplow (who also uses a few other alias's for music)
never lets down his guard when it comes to demolishing
audio, and this fresh five-minute EP is a prime example of that.
Thats right, folks.

The August Untitled EP features a wide array of
pieces ranging from three seconds in length and
no higher than fifty-nine seconds.
They also cover a somewhat vast variety
of styles within the noise-based genre which include
rhythmic noise (as demonstrated on the third track), very
un-obnoxious low-key drone (track eight)
and everything else in between!

All in all, this is a powerfull little ep that packs one hell
of a gorgeous punch, and sounds great on
computer speakers in a library.

Add this album to your collection and prepare for a nostaligic
trip down the noise-lovers highway!!!


check out my dudes other music here..

and peep his own kick-ass netlabel, Love Torture Records...

Monday, August 18, 2008



Mono Syntax (aka astral vomit) has returned to proc-rec
with another solid ep of low-bitrate, low fidelity hardcore
noise that is available in a convenient, small file size.
It isn't very often that we recieve music from this guy, so
it certainly is a treat to have this track
included as part of our catalog.

A deeply texturous drone of crunchy static, pulsating
frequency waves and the squealish feedback from the
low-bitrate encoding that fills in those brief gaps of
silence all work together in perfect harmony to lay the
framework for this wonderful piece, while mr. Syntax
acts as the maestro conducting this epic opera of sound.

Given the audio's bitrate, there may be some of you
who might not fully appreciate this release.
The reason for that, of course, is that you might not
have had much exposure to this particular style of sound.
Take this oppurtunity to encompass your surroundings with
an appropriate atmosphere.
One that may be more suitable for the un-expected, because
Mono Syntax will continue to provide the excellent audio,
regardless of your viewpoints on what you think music should
sound like.

For the rest of you, I say this...
drag and drop this file to your media player and
go enjoy yourself!
This is lowbit noise the way it was meant to be made!!!




Back for a second round of releasing developed audio-terror,
the Utopian Listeners of Imaginary/Exotic Insects have hit up proc-rec
a second time for their newest and freshest release simply
titeled "Exotic Insects".

What I have found most enjoyable about the music
from these gents is that they dont sound even remotely
similar to anything else I have ever laid my ears on.
It would be hard for me to come up with even 3 other projects
they remotely resemble.
Heck, im not even sure I could easily describe
this release in terms that would make sense!

A true full-length release, all eleven pieces are
a combination very chaotic, spurratic, laid-back, rhythmic,
sample-laiden, glory tunes that are simply stunning and breathtaking.
tracks like bumblebee graveyard (remix)--(my favorite track on the album)
and Imaginary Insect call are excellent refference points
to use when desiring to hear tracks that contain most, if not ALL
of those characteristics.

Putting it in laymens terms, this is exactly the type of album
you will need and certainly will want to have when it becomes
a necessary for you to break away from the mundane themes of life
and dive deep into the un-hindered, un-interrupted, and most importantly...
the un-commercialized aspects of electronic music.

Good music still exists, and you will always find it here at proc-records.
Especially now that you have a copy of...


Saturday, August 16, 2008



Yoko Absorbing is back with ANOTHER release!!
this guy is producing music at such a rapid rate, its hard
to keep up.
fortunately, he has let proc-rec release some more
of his music, and for that I am very grateful.

A brand new full length release from (yep!! you guessed it!!) Russia!!
I'm serious, people.
If you are looking for the country with the most
talent in regards to electronic music,
that is the place to check out.
The majority of our releases and artists have come from

Anyway, this brand new release from YoAb is
a cornocopia of killer tracks with an intense variety of
styles ranging from rock, IDM, jungle and even experimental noise.
While YoAb's great ability to cross genre's with such simplicity
is apparent throughout this entire release, it
still retains his unrivled soulful sound
and once again takes us
in a completely unexpected direction.

Yoko Absorbing is exactly the type of artist
we like to have releasing with proc-records and I hope
he will continue to do so.
Even though his previous release with us is still HOT HOT HOT,
this new one is the perfect way to give even your portable media
device something to smile about! :)

messing you up soooo rough and gently...
we present to you YoAb's newest rough and gentle release....




The UK's IN THE HOUSE!!!!!
proc-rec is happy to feature another great musician
from "across the pond" who is known
to many (musically) as sybi0t.

With a style very similar to that of Josstintimberlake's
(who also hails from the UK), sybi0t demonstrates
some truly mind-blowing hard-core chiptune talent his
debut release on proc-records titled Crashed Rom Bonanza.

Unfortunately, there arent many people these days who
really appreciate or fully understand chip-tune.
There is a word I use for people like that


chiptune is such a crucial part of electronic music.
In many ways it was the first form of the genre and
I attribute much of the success to electronic music
to the early days of video gaming.

That is probably why I'm so excited to have
the oppurtunity to release this wonderful
little ep!
We don't very often recieve chiptune submissions
(aside from JT and carfil), so having a brand new cresent-fresh ep
like this from yet ANOTHER new artist to the proc-rec scene, all I can
do is smile and crank up the volume.

I recommend that you do the same....

with a brand new artist and a brand new release
gracing the catalog, proc-rec is exceedingly happy to
announce the release of...




As the other text document included with this release suggessts, Forhazis
is an artist from Russia who manipulates analog cassette's
in order to produce a very genuine and "organinc" sound.
He also operates the label 24919, which releases
limited run cd's and also features file releases
for free, much like a traditional netlabel.

Our good friend and trusted ally, Razxca, sent this track
over to us a few weeks ago in an effort to draw attention
to the possibilities of extreme low bitrates, while
still retaining a fair amount of quality and keeping it
enjoyable and interesting.

I have considered this release to be a remix
due to the fact that the original version
(previously encoded at 256kbps) would probably
sound quite a bit different.

Either way, This is still a Forhazis release and I am very pleased
to not only have such a wonderful piece of audio
available on proc-rec, but also a new artist within our catalog.
Another Russian artist, at that!!
I give the great country of Russia a massive
amount of credit for having such
a strong artistic center.
proc-rec relies very heavily upon the talent
that comes from there :)

So, for a few minutes would you please
stop your homework,
stop paying your bills,
and most importantly...
Stop Your Train!!!


Friday, August 15, 2008



Okay people, mark this on your calenders...
August 15, 2008 .
because this is the day that one of proc-records's
most notoriously strong musicians has
laid to waste everything you may have thought
you knew about harsh-noise and non-rhythmic art music.

This album is the second of a two-part series with us
from Yoko Absorbing and is (in my opinon) his best release
with us so far...
Even though i hate reffering to it as "noise",
there just doesnt seem to be any other appropriate
way of labeling it.
Either way, my interest in noise music is very strong
and I love to listen to it and compose it as often as I can.

Fortunately, this time around, I've had the oppurtunity
to sit comfortably in my chair with a fresh cup of coffee and
listen to this awesome little digital gem!
Yoko has certainly outdone himself with production and
equalizing these tracks.
They flow from track to track beautifully and are so diverse
from each other that this album sounds
like a bunch of little ep's put together.
more bang for your buck!!!

I give alot of credit and props to Yoko Absorbing not only for
this release but for everything from Yoko that I've laid my ears on.
Please, I shall speak to you as though you were
truly dedicated listeners of music...
give this album your full attention!
It would be an absolute shame not to...


Thursday, August 14, 2008



the brand-spankin' newest club of internet releasing mofo's
comes to us straight from Japan!!

With a very early-rave sound, the Utopian Listeners of Exotic Insects
demonstrate (with great simplicity) their true capabilites as a
dominating force in the underground electronic music.

Combing various qualities and aspects
from within the realm of "electronic", Techno,
experimental, noise, and even a slight glimpse
of trip-hop, these guys really set the stage for
an impressive introduction with proc-rec.

This killer little ep of about 32 minutes really
is one of the more "trippy" releases that we have had here.
By that, i mean that is has a very heavy
(while also quite subtle) narcotic -infused style, which reminds me
a bit of somthing groups like Boards of Canada
would maybe have produced, though very very very
unlike anything they would do at all...

does that make sense???

At any rate, this is an awesome release
and has a high replay value.
(Ive listened to it at least 5 times already and am
still finding new things about it I never noticed before!!)
My personal favorite track is the fifth track, photosinthesis which
has a ton of reverb, delay and distortion.

A perfect release for almost any occasion,
we are pleased to showcase the first of 2 (so far!!!)
from Utopian Listeners of Exotic Insects

and here it is....


and of course, check them out on myspace!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008



I have once again had the kick-ass oppurtunity
to work with labelhead David Lucien Matheke (of Love Torture Records)
on yet another split-release exclusively for proc-rec :)

Although I am admittedly a little bit of a newcomer
to Dave's work (probably maybe 4 months or so)
I have been quite fond of this gentlemans capability
as an artist and admire his dedication to the netlabel scene.

This time around Dave uses his most recent alias,
"ASSHOLEMOUTHEAD", to completely
devistate all audio in the perimeter with his
exceptionally brutal piece called "garbage hunter".
A very kick ass piece by one of the nicest gentleman
I've met on the scene.
(big ups to my fellow Vegans!!!)

My track, titled "Download, Delete (then repeat)"
is a nice little funky breakdown I composed using
some rough distortion, a few drum kits and a heavy acid bass

So look, stop what you're doin cause we're about
to ruin the image and the scene that you're used to!!
I promised you more quality jams from the ULTIMATE NOISE KING HIMSELF, ASSHOLEMOUTHEAD
and this is exactly what you're about to get!!
(not to mention a piece from c4,

here it is folks!

enjoy :)


Tuesday, August 12, 2008



sometimes in life, its nice to just turn off the
music and let mother nature get in a few words.
In todays society, there are so many things going on:
Busses and cars driving around.
people walking and talking, laughing and crying.
Birds chirping, dogs barking.
rain falling, wind blowing.
you get the idea ;)

There were two different things that I had
given some serious thought for what to make [proc150].
The first was this type of release.
something very simple, but effective and very much an
interesting concept.

the second was a remix album, where artists could
send in a track that they had remixed whether it
be from a proc-rec artist or some other artist (so long
as they had permission to do so).
After much thinking, i decided to go ahead and make
[proc150] the "field recording" release.
I felt that it was an excellent way to ring in a whole
new chapter in proc-rec releasing and even though
I didnt recieve many tracks for either proposed
releases, this one seems quite complete nonetheless.

There is still time to send in a track for the remix
compilation if you wish.
So far we have a total of three tracks for it,
so there is still PLENTY of room to include your
remix if you haven't already.
Incidently, proc-rec will probably
be doing another release quite similar to this
in the future so if you didnt make it on time
for this release, there will be another oppurtunity
to get on the next one.

But, for now, pour yourself a nice frosty glass
of lemonade, kick back, and let planet earth
do some speaking of it's own.

zero effects.
just pure, organic.


extra special thanks to:

Sick To The Back Teeth
Lee Rosevere
Sascha Müller



the great country of Russia is in the hosue once again!!
Back for round two, we feature a solo branch-side project off
of Vega Stereo.
This project, titled Analog Concept truly is a remarkable
venture indeed!

This wonderful ten-track LP takes us
down to street-level with some hearty and deep
textural melodies and rhythms that have
been custom tailored to the very intelligent
group of listeners we have at proc-rec ;)

As I mentioned before, this release is extremely
minimal and ambient.
However, it is also one of the best debut releases
I've heard at proc-rec in a long time.

What I enjoy most about this release (aside from the amazing
prodcution and execution) is the rich and
colorful quality that these tracks posess.
Each track picks up where the one before it left off, and has it's own
unique feel and demeanor to itself.
Very reminiscent of early, early (mid to late 1980's) ambient
electronica, Analog Concept do a superb job
of limiting the resources, but not the sounds natural

Simply said, I love this release.
It is a nice break from traditional ambient music
and the fact that we have another awesome release
from Russia really makes me glad to
be running proc-rec.

This is what it's all about, people!
see for yourself why music is one of the
most important art forms around by listening to...


Saturday, August 9, 2008



proc-records has had a very strong Russian influence
lately, and with a handfull of artists from that country,
I think it's pretty safe to say that Russia is one of the most
dominant countries in the underground music scene today.

[proc148] is a release that is unlike anything
we have every had at proc-rec before.
Branching out from electronica and noise, this latest
release is proc's VERY FIRST rock/metal ep!!

While my understanding of the Russian language is
almost none, music is the UNIVERSAL language, and therefore
makes this little release very enjoyable nonetheless.

My first real exposure to HAT was the track blige, which was
sent over to me by another russian artist (and fellow proc-rec artist), Derex.
Admittedly, I wasn't really sure what to expect from the track
at first, seing as how my interest in this type of music
was very limited, but upon hearing the tune
for myself in the right atmosphere, I found that I really
enjoyed the music and definitely wanted to hear more.
He later sent over this little ep and I knew I would be a fool
if I didnt release it.

To all of the fans of rock music out there, please accept my
sincere apology for not fully recognizing your music
as a true art form.
This release from HAT has completely changed my views
on this type of music
(at least when it's from dedicated artists like this)
and having it included into the proc-rec catalog is
a very comforting feeling, indeed.

Without further delay, I present to you an album
that will get you rocking the night away, regardless of what
language you speak!!!

Thanks again, HAT!!


extra thanks to Derex for putting me in contact with HAT.

Friday, August 8, 2008



here at proc-records, it's been an awesome
experience meeting so many talented artists
from nearly every corner of this giant planet
that we all share, aka Earth.
And, especially during the past few months, proc-rec
has seen a tremendous amount of growth, due
largely in part to the amount of people
who feel that proc is a worthy ongoing sound project, capable
of demonstrating to the entire world specifically
the importance of netlabels in our culture.

Noskovs Olegs is a great example of
an artist who has given proc-rec a reason to
keep going!
This guys makes some brilliantly programmed
head banging beats full of in-your-face basslines and
kick drums.
His newest release with us, titled simply [proc147] (for obvious reasons)
is one of his more dance-oriented techno releases and
is ripe for the picking.
In a way, this release reminds me of Static Bass meets overthruster

If you've been an avid listener and follower of Noskov's work with
us here at proc-rec, then this little two-track ep
will be a the perfect addition to your club-party mix's!!

quite honestly, if you dont like this release...theres something
wrong with you!
Mr. Olges is truthfully a very experienced musician
on the scene and having him release as regularly as possible
within proc's digital parameters is certainly a treat!

music lovers of the world rejoice!!!




Assholemouthead is actually David Matheke (head of Love Torture Records)
and is aka as Endometrium Cuntplow.

A renowned and respected "noise" and non-music artist,
this new side-project of David's features a much more intense and brutal
side, one that we have yet to experience before.
with cats in bathrooms is a DEEP-rooted noise ep, with roughly
a seven minute runtime.

From the very first second, this ep engages you
into a n audio-based warzone, bombarding your
soul and mind with high-frequency white-noise, ear drum piercing
sine waves and a matrix of other extremely distorted
pieces of sound scattered about the tracks in a very
haphazard manner.

However, if you thought that the serious shagging
your head recieved from the opening piece was all that this
ep had to offer, you were unbelievably incorrect and foolish!
From begining to end, this release will take you on an upward spiral to
the newest and deepest realms of audio terror, leaving
nothing behind in its path and allowing you to jump on board and
give it a listen for yourself...

that is...if you feel up to it ;)

A release that mentions of cats in the title, yet
is by no means recommended for your average
pussy (no pun intended!)
proc-records is pleased to bring you our newest release
by an another not-so-brand-new artist


Wednesday, August 6, 2008



Based in the UK, The Gemini Lounge Orchestra have
been releasing on proc-records almost since day one.

And, in that time, they have amassed a pretty impressive
catalog of audio.
(certainly something that proc-records is pleased to have!)

This time, the GLO take us on another complex and
intense trip through un-coordinated, rapidly blasting melodies,
crazy samples, wicked rhythm, throw it all inside
a blender and chop.
and dice to perfection!

What makes this release (along with their other work)
extremely enjoyable is the fact that the gemini lounge
arent predictable whatsoever.
Using a similar style or theme throughout much of their audio,
they have easily established for themselves a highly distinct, unique
and un-deniably recognisable sound for themselves.
One that will be engraved on the minds of both fans
and causal listeners alike.

Also, this release is available in physical format directly from the
group themselves!
Read the other text document included within the
release .zip to find out more about how you
can contact them for your own copy

I'm keeping this linear note short and sweet, because quite honestly,
this fantastic bunch of gentlemen have "done it again"!
If you listen to any GLO release this month, make sure it's this one!!

proc-records rolls out the red carpet for one of the longest running
sound-acts within our (endless) borders!!!!!


Monday, August 4, 2008



I have had the pleasure of working
with endometrium cuntplow quite a bit as of lately.
He has released two ep's of mine already on his
SUPER-FU%@ING GORGEOUS netlabel called
Love Torture Records, we have a split release here at proc-rec,
we've been on a 5-way split release at TRASHFUCK-NET
(RESPECT to RedSK!!)
and there is also a split cd-r due out soon on LTR!!

It goes without saying that this guy keeps quite busy.

What we have here is a fresh new release from the
world-reknowned-california-based electronic/noise/drone/ambient
ARTist pleasantly operating under the moniker of endometrium cuntplow.
this little gem of audio contains 4 pieces of music that
dive deep within the chasms of experimental noise and
take you to an entirely new realm of musical enjoyment.

What makes the audio even more enjoyable
is the 32kbps bitrate, which is an excellent bitrate
for these tracks due to their already highly organic nature.

I <3>

Okay, so listen...
you've got the tracks...
you obviously have the time if you're still reading this...
strap on the headphones and give this
release all the decibles you can possibly spare!!!

a true delight for fans of great music and even greater artists!!!
Hopefully we can convince EC to send us much, MUCH more, but
for now we have a brilliant little
six and a half minuter titled


p.s. also check out his new side-project...

Saturday, August 2, 2008



My friends and valued listeners, what you have just downloaded
is the very first physical release that proc-records
has ever done!
(aside from the catalog cd-r's that we provide)
While this isnt something that you need to mark on your calenders,
it is a release of extreme importance.
It marks the changing of proc-rec from being only a net-label
to being both a netlabel and a physical label!
While we shall always remain a netlabel, it is my hope
to release limited-run physical piecees more and more
often (as finances and resources allow), while still
allowing a freely downloadable version
of it at our home page.
This release had a limited pressing of 25 copies on
a translucent, yellow-shelled cassette.

I once again had the honest, heartfelt pleasure of working
with Lee Rosevere for the creation of this release.
His ambient work is among the best on the scene and
he always delivers 110% quality.
At the time of the initial idea to do a split cassette, I was
(and still am, actually) working alot on
solid droning pieces and ambient atmospheres, a concept
which i hadnt messed around with exclusively until this point.
Lee Rosevere, quite simply, just seemed to be
the obvious choice for this release.
Lee also chose the title for the release, gelwaz, which
is an old Proto-Germanic word for "yellow".

As i mentioned, this is also a limited run
cassette release, so depending on when you are reading
these linear notes, there may or may not be
physical copies still available.
The cover image included in the digital release, however,
is almost identical in color to theat of the cover
used on the cassette and is laid out precisely the same

I hope you enjoy this release as much as I do.
It truly is a major turning point in proc-rec's
musical journey.




As proc-records grows day by day, I can only smile
and see how far we've come
(and how much farther we still have to go!).
There is still so much more music to be made, released and heard
by so so so many talented and gifted people.

GAAD is a Yugoslavian art-sound musician who has released
on such labels as TRASHFUCK NET (RESPECT!!!), SEWER rec,
and yes, even a release prior to this on proc-rec (proc091).
Since that release, we havent heard too much from him
...until now!

GAAD's latest release is just as deep, influencial and impressive
as his last one with us.
A very droning and almost landscape-ish release, it features
three tracks that are perfect for people who enjoy
deep listening music.
GAAD has a unique ability to beautifully compose highly emotional
pieces that go beyond traditional music of its type.
Adding his own special style, he has placed himself
in a league of his own and is almost a pioneer of a whole
new style of sound.

As i mentioned before, this is a deep-listening type
of album, so it is most appropriate to listen to with
full attentiveness as opposed to just letting
it play in the background while doing other things.
GAAD has proven that to overcome regularities within
sound, you must search the deepest realms of your mind and
unlock the doors of sound that very few people these days
go near or open.

this release will stick around with you for a while ;)


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