Friday, July 31, 2009



every time Sascha Müller sends soemthing
over here to have released, it blows my mind
how someone so talented and brilliant
could consistantly produce
amazing tracks without pause!

for those of you who may not know who
he is, Sascha is the electronic music artist
from Germany who has (litterally) dozens
and dozens of full length albums, eps and single
ranging in various styles and formats, and also found
on various platforms like vinyl, cdr, floppy, cassette and
file format!!!

Among producing his own music, he also manages
and operates some of the finest uinderground techno
labels in the world which
also consistantly put out quality dancefloor audio.
check them out!!!! (:

Anyway, this new ep from Sascha
is precisely what I had expected to recieve
from him....phenominal dancefloor
tracks and mind-blowing rave-anthems, each piece
transforming itself into something
more meaningful and powerful
moment by moment.
All three pieces are precise, clear and
allow for ample remixing capabilites for people
who enjoy to make derivatives of other works (:

Sascha's music has long been a driving force
in the progression of my own sounds and
having had the chance to work with him at various
points in my life, including releasing his music, has
truly been an honor.

dim the lights...
destroy your cares...
and get fresh on that dancefloor!!!


Monday, July 27, 2009



up next at proc-records is an duo split release
from Earth Incubator and Strawberry Milkshake Inc.
proc-records prides itself on being
your one-stop destination for all sounds electronic.
Included (but not limited to) jungle, IDM, house, acid,
ambient, drone, and yes..noise (:

This ep is your traditional noise album,
very loud, abrasive, relentless and non-stop.
The vocals, though few and spurratic at best, are
found on various tracks throughout the lot of this
ep and usually dictate the title of the track itself.

I wont go too much into detail about this album, because
quite honestly, the tracks do well enough
on their own without the need for very much
dicatation, despite the fact that for someone
who is new to the noise scene may have a bit
of difficulty fully grasping the concept of noise.

when done correctly, noise can certainly be a
fabulous artform.
these two people have proven that.
Please be advised, though...this is a much
harsher and more intense form of noise
and therefore may require a "seasoned-listener's"
ear to fully appreciate the sounds.

bottom line...
strong noise at an un-beatable price!


Wednesday, July 22, 2009



with much anticipation, the newest release
from one of our newer proc-rec artists
is finally here, and boy...what a release it is!

Qygen, an artists who is known for his
intstant dancefloor anthems has
pulled out all of his guns on this one and
given us a rough, grimey, and
above all...fantastic album, perfect
for getting any rave in full effect without
any hesitation whatsoever.

Secretly being a rather big fan of trance, I
have been able to find much refuge in Qygen's
wonderfully produced sounds over the course of his
past few releases here at proc-rec.
With each new album I've discovered new
reasons why this guy does what he does.
because he's damn good at it!!!
As a fellow producer, I know how difficult producing
GOOD hardcore trance can be.
It goes beyond reverse hi-hats and 4/4 beats.
It goes beyond gret harmony and effects.
It requires a certain extra..something.
That 'something' ladies and gentlemen, is love,
and it is easy to see and hear that Qygen
absolutely loves what he does
(and we here at proc-rec love that he loves what he does!!)

With the handful of releases here at proc-rec by Qygen
already, I t gives me great joy and pride to
announce yet another installment of sonic trance
However, I would also venture to say that among
his other material found here in our catalog listing, this
particular album is where he shines the most.

allow me to welcome you to the styles of Qygen...
an artist who definitely has an amazing amount of talent
and is kind enough to help properly set off dancefloors
across the nation and the planet!!!


Monday, July 20, 2009



The musician Jim Croce once said "there never seems
to be enough time to do the things you want
to do once you find them".
Being a deep appreciator and fan of good music,
I can whole-heartedly agree with his lyrics, especially
in regards to operating a little
netlabel like proc-records.

I recieved this album a few months ago from my
strong ally in music from the great country of Russia,
known to many as Evgenij, though musically
as Microbit Project.
I am quite fond of his work both as an artist
and also as a fellow netlabel operator.
Upon recieving this album, I immediately
listened to it with great anticipation, as I do
with all material I recieve here.
I knew that since it came from Evgenij that it
would be something special, as all of his music is.

This album, for all intents and purposes, is a
noise album deeply rooted within power electronics
and extreme sound-emotion.
Sonic pulsating textures are joined together
with melodic glue as various effects
such as panning, phaser, distortion, reverb and delay
all add a more distintictive and coherent sound.

Noise is something from Microbit Project
that I particularly enjoy.
It is easy to hear the emotion and pure appreciation
poured into each moment and build-up of the tracks.
You can find him on various
netlabels peppered all over the internet.
I suggest not only downloading this, but many many
of his other albums if you get a chance.
you wont be disappointed (:


Thursday, July 16, 2009



as proc-records relentlessly moves
forward and yet remains so devoted to the underground,
we continue to have such wonderful and
blessed oppurtunities to release strong music
from around the world on a digital platform :)
Once again we are pleased to announce the release
of a very highly respected musician and
sound artist from overseas who also happens
to release on proc-records fairly regularly.

Known to many as neuroSampler,
Vladimir Dudkin (a moscow resident) effectively produces
deep and meaningful electronica, pouring his raw
and un-filtered emotion into every second of audio
on his albums.
He has released several albums at proc-rec, not to mention
many many more at various other labels, some of which
include: Rus Zud, BPM Front, Microbit, and Dustin Must Die!
With each new neuroSampler album on proc, I
always seem to renew my appreciation
and respect for this highly talented musician.

This album, featuring seven very mellow and
downtempo tracks, certainly is now my new personal
favorite album from Vladimir.
PSY-HOP is an excellent representation of this
man's uncanny ablilites with manipulating and creating
sound , regardless of the current trends or styles.

If you're looking for a great way to unwind
after a long day, or just want something
to listen to while clearing your mind of it's many cluttered thoughts,
give this album a play and prepare to enjoy!

(my personal favorite track from the album is reCOVERcut)

big respect to neuroSampler!


Tuesday, July 14, 2009



So what we have here now is an incredably
strong ep of eleven pieces that when placed
together in this fashion have formed the album
by Berlin-based sound artist, Irrlicht Project.
Ranging in styles from rhythmic noise, glitch electronica
and various other forms of smei-harsh
electronic music, this almost debut album by Peter Maria
is one to definitely be happy about :)

I used the word "almost" due to the fact that this
artist has released on proc-rec's sub-label 4m@-records
using the same alias (not to mention
another ep soon to be released by him at 4m@!!

Anyway, this ep, as I've mentioned already is
quite impressive.
The tracks flow smoothly and effectively
from one to the other and are excellent representations
of the utter diversity of this artist when using
various forms of hardware through the use of extreme

While the volume on this album is slightly lower than
I usually hear from other artists, I find it to be
an interesting concept.
The lower volume dictates that you pay more
attention to the things you are hearing and therefore
possibly gaining a stronger appreciation for the material.
Unless of course you like your music to be loud.
In that case, feel free to crank your volume up as
loud as it can go and play this album at maximum sound!!!!

all in all, this is a great little ep, and I have come to
respect Pater's music and artistic abilities very much.
I hope to be able to release much more of his music in the future!!

big respect!!!


Saturday, July 11, 2009



After a brief hiatus, Not Even Hope is back at it again
and once again we here at proc-rec and the underground
in general have been truly blessed to have recieved
great quality audio at such an affordable price!! (:
coming in at proc315, N.E.H.'s latest ep
takes us on yet another joy-ride through sound
creation, manipulation, and of course....degradation.

sixteen solid soulful pieces
are what make up the backbone of this album
and allow it to function, in it's completion, as a
truly unique spectal sound spectrum, propelling
you deep within the midst of an all-out sound
battle royal!!
Bouncing around with various styles
and genres, this album has plenty to offer long-time
fans and new-comer's with
starving ears for sound.

Tracks like the opening two, which
are very melody driven are what continues
to keep my interest throughout the whole of this
album, while the crazy noise that both N.E.H and
proc-rec are known for are refreshing reminders of
where true art is found and how it can be obtained.

the bottom line is, if you want the best
in experimental audio, you have come to the right
place....and you have downloaded the right album....




Every once in a while I will find myself
going through a phase with my music in which
I have a bunch of tracks in wav format
and will encode them down to a lower bitrate
and even make them as mono sound files.
Such properties are quite un-popular
among many netlabels and therefore are somewhat
difficult to locate an appropriate label for them.
This ep is one such example of tracks that aren't
low enough for one label, yet too high for another.

Now, normally i dont just go ahead and delete the wav
files immediately after i've encoded the pieces, though
through my hasteiness and poor planning, I did that
very thing and was left with this 56kbps mono tracks.
(Fortunately for me, I still like them like this!! :) )
This ep is essentially just a bunch of tracks that I made over
the past few months and had either forgot about them or
chose to wait to release them until I made up my mind with what
to do about them.
The styles of the pieces range from hardcore electronica
to ambient and minimal.

I also decided to use a different alias on these pieces
as opposed to Graffiti Mechanism or c4.
The name "Strange Kid" is from something I heard on
the TV downstairs and it just seemed to fit perfectly.
Not sure if I'll continue to use that alias, but that's really
not the point now is it??
What matters most is that YOU enjoy the music.
and if you dont, what matters even more that that is if I do...

.....and I do :)

but seriously, I hope that you obtain SOME level
of enjoyment out of these tracks.
Making music, listening to music and releasing music are my passion,
and I have had the wonderful oppurtinuty
of doing all three of those things all at once with this release!!





have you ever made something and completely forgot
all about it?
Maybe it was a note, or...a kid(?)
In Patrick Doyle's case, it was an album.
And, much like ALL of Patrick's music, this one
was quite an impressive piece of audio (:

Small in size, both physical and runtime, this
tiny ep packs one helluva wallop with it's brutally
bombastic sounds and low-fi encoding quality.
Though it could have worked as a 4m@-records release
if the tracks had been encoded lower, there is no other place
that I would rather have this strong little pill
of sound than at

Patrick is an artist who i personally have great admiration
for due to his never-ceasing love for sound creation
and the netlabel scene in general.
He's been doin' this sort of thing longer than most,
and it certainly shows!

If you are an avid collector and fan of RedSK's sound,
scoop up this album from his sub-alias and commence to rock
out strong!!!
(and don't forget to piss off your neighbors..this album works


Thursday, July 9, 2009



new soundZ for you guys to enjoy!!! :D
another new project to proc-rec, Lymph Project
is (you guessed it), ANOTHER russian
sound project!!!

L.P.'s sound is quite distinct and unique.
It is extremely percussion driven and
utilizes it very effectively by changing rhythm
sequences and patterens throughout their pieces.
They have also combined lush melodic textures
and incorporated an even "classical" element to the
pieces (especially on the second piece, Spring Dance)

This EP is four tracks long, each with a runtime of under three
solid minutes, so the whole album can be listened and enjoyed
relatively quicly, and is also small enough to
be transfered on nearly any portable media device
without much delay!
If you're in the mood for some quick-paced
electronica from a country well known for it's
sound people, look no further than this!!!


Monday, July 6, 2009



proc-records has been simply blessed by the presence
of Razxca on countless compiltations and
various regular releases over the past
few years, that we have even gone as far to
consider Razxca as being the backbone of this
label and also a dominating factor of the noise
scene on this underground field.

Razxca is the artist from Russia who
is also the curator and operator of his own label,
also called Razxca.
Over the course of proc-rec's existance, we
have had a handful of superb releases from this utterly
amazing musician, varying in styles, including classical
piano releases, which have been ranked among
my personal favorite releases!
This release contains aspects of pre-planning combined
with complete improv, in an effort to
create an utterly unique style which has
worked out quite well for him :)

In comparison to some of his other releases, this
album is relatively small though the message
remains the same....complete artistic freedom, without
boundaries and un-cencored...

a true proc-rec instant classic!


Thursday, July 2, 2009




our newest release is really something that
we are happy to release!!!
coming straight from the great country
of russia is the debut release from makidream!!

8bit sounds, very reminiscent of gameboy
audio, makidream has provided proc-rec
with a truly outstanding piece of work.
using what sounds like nanoloop or lsdj, he has produced
some finely programmed and executed tracks
and added a few spins of his own!
chopping, slicing, dicing, editing, added effects and
remasterign of tracks, makidream takes his skills
as an electronic music artist to a whole new level

For me, I find it nice to hear this sort of music .
proc-rec has not recieved this particular type of electronica
in quite some time (probably since 8bit brothers!)
and because of that, I am truly honored to release such
music to the underground.

This is a fairly small album and relatively quick to download,
so dont waste ANY time with getting this and
putting it on your portable media device.
makes excellent music to simply zone out to!!!

many many thanks to makidream for sending proc such
utterly strong material!!!!!


Wednesday, July 1, 2009



[proc309] is (amazingly enough) already here
and is from yet another rather new artist to our
Club Sauce , like many of our other, was first featured on
one of compilations and has graciously
allowed proc-records to host his first personal album in our
catalog!! (:

This almost 40 minute release is pure relentless noise
with some impressive effects and styles added.
with a sound that reminds me of the earlier days of noise
electronica, Club Sauce's style is very attention-getting
and should hold your interest for quite a while.

As opposed to heavy walls and layers of
white-noise and heavy
distortion, Club sauce uses pulsating
blips and bleeps, in addition
to various forms of audio editing and effect usage.
Meanwhile, the tracks have a proper runtime to where
they can be heard and enjoyed relatively quickly, without
having to wait for very long before
the track builds up and takes shape.
Not to mention the album flows rather smoothly from
track to track, something that I look for in each and
every release.

All in all, this is an all around good, solid album and I'm
sure that many people will appreciate this work also.
Club Sauce is a very talented artist, and I hope
to have the oppurtunity to release
more of his work in the future!!


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