Saturday, July 11, 2009



have you ever made something and completely forgot
all about it?
Maybe it was a note, or...a kid(?)
In Patrick Doyle's case, it was an album.
And, much like ALL of Patrick's music, this one
was quite an impressive piece of audio (:

Small in size, both physical and runtime, this
tiny ep packs one helluva wallop with it's brutally
bombastic sounds and low-fi encoding quality.
Though it could have worked as a 4m@-records release
if the tracks had been encoded lower, there is no other place
that I would rather have this strong little pill
of sound than at

Patrick is an artist who i personally have great admiration
for due to his never-ceasing love for sound creation
and the netlabel scene in general.
He's been doin' this sort of thing longer than most,
and it certainly shows!

If you are an avid collector and fan of RedSK's sound,
scoop up this album from his sub-alias and commence to rock
out strong!!!
(and don't forget to piss off your neighbors..this album works


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