Tuesday, July 14, 2009



So what we have here now is an incredably
strong ep of eleven pieces that when placed
together in this fashion have formed the album
by Berlin-based sound artist, Irrlicht Project.
Ranging in styles from rhythmic noise, glitch electronica
and various other forms of smei-harsh
electronic music, this almost debut album by Peter Maria
is one to definitely be happy about :)

I used the word "almost" due to the fact that this
artist has released on proc-rec's sub-label 4m@-records
using the same alias (not to mention
another ep soon to be released by him at 4m@!!

Anyway, this ep, as I've mentioned already is
quite impressive.
The tracks flow smoothly and effectively
from one to the other and are excellent representations
of the utter diversity of this artist when using
various forms of hardware through the use of extreme

While the volume on this album is slightly lower than
I usually hear from other artists, I find it to be
an interesting concept.
The lower volume dictates that you pay more
attention to the things you are hearing and therefore
possibly gaining a stronger appreciation for the material.
Unless of course you like your music to be loud.
In that case, feel free to crank your volume up as
loud as it can go and play this album at maximum sound!!!!

all in all, this is a great little ep, and I have come to
respect Pater's music and artistic abilities very much.
I hope to be able to release much more of his music in the future!!

big respect!!!


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