Thursday, July 16, 2009



as proc-records relentlessly moves
forward and yet remains so devoted to the underground,
we continue to have such wonderful and
blessed oppurtunities to release strong music
from around the world on a digital platform :)
Once again we are pleased to announce the release
of a very highly respected musician and
sound artist from overseas who also happens
to release on proc-records fairly regularly.

Known to many as neuroSampler,
Vladimir Dudkin (a moscow resident) effectively produces
deep and meaningful electronica, pouring his raw
and un-filtered emotion into every second of audio
on his albums.
He has released several albums at proc-rec, not to mention
many many more at various other labels, some of which
include: Rus Zud, BPM Front, Microbit, and Dustin Must Die!
With each new neuroSampler album on proc, I
always seem to renew my appreciation
and respect for this highly talented musician.

This album, featuring seven very mellow and
downtempo tracks, certainly is now my new personal
favorite album from Vladimir.
PSY-HOP is an excellent representation of this
man's uncanny ablilites with manipulating and creating
sound , regardless of the current trends or styles.

If you're looking for a great way to unwind
after a long day, or just want something
to listen to while clearing your mind of it's many cluttered thoughts,
give this album a play and prepare to enjoy!

(my personal favorite track from the album is reCOVERcut)

big respect to neuroSampler!


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