Friday, July 31, 2009



every time Sascha Müller sends soemthing
over here to have released, it blows my mind
how someone so talented and brilliant
could consistantly produce
amazing tracks without pause!

for those of you who may not know who
he is, Sascha is the electronic music artist
from Germany who has (litterally) dozens
and dozens of full length albums, eps and single
ranging in various styles and formats, and also found
on various platforms like vinyl, cdr, floppy, cassette and
file format!!!

Among producing his own music, he also manages
and operates some of the finest uinderground techno
labels in the world which
also consistantly put out quality dancefloor audio.
check them out!!!! (:

Anyway, this new ep from Sascha
is precisely what I had expected to recieve
from him....phenominal dancefloor
tracks and mind-blowing rave-anthems, each piece
transforming itself into something
more meaningful and powerful
moment by moment.
All three pieces are precise, clear and
allow for ample remixing capabilites for people
who enjoy to make derivatives of other works (:

Sascha's music has long been a driving force
in the progression of my own sounds and
having had the chance to work with him at various
points in my life, including releasing his music, has
truly been an honor.

dim the lights...
destroy your cares...
and get fresh on that dancefloor!!!


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