Thursday, August 6, 2009



Noise music is something that few people
have the patience to listen to, let alone create.
Often cast out into the deep recesses of the musical
genre like the black-sheep of the family, it has
a tendency to get overlooked and passed off as a complete
nuisance, something "that only people without any musical
talent at all turn to in an effort to get noticed".

We here at proc-rec, however, realize that just is not true!
And so, as a reminder to the many, MANY h8r's of the
genre, the sonic quantum noise duo
from Detroit have once again teamed up and revealed
to the underground the true capabilities of raw, un-harmed noise.

Swine Flu is the collective musical
aspects of none other than RedSK and teh soup rebellion, two
gentleman who have undoubtedly made respectable
names for themselves on the underground circuit.
Both guys, who have extensive sound catalogs,
have released on various net and physical labels throughout
the US while also
gaining national and (im sure) global appreciation
and respect for their accomplishments.

While RedSK and t.s.r have released together before, this
album is a follow up to their debut release here at proc-records
under the Swine Flu alias, a fitting project name
for such harsh and respectable noise!
Much like it's predecessor (proc308), this full-length
album dons a total of ten tracks ranging from under
one minute to over twelve minutes in length.

Relying upon pure improvisation, Swine Flu use various
non-digital sound sources
(amplifier feedback, chaotic drums, intense vocals
and static just to name a few)

Okay, so look...ive flapped my jaws long enough.
just hurry up and make with the downloading.

RedSK, TSR...big respect.
this is a proper proc-rec release in the strongest
sense of the word.

to the rest of you, be true to yourselves



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