Wednesday, August 12, 2009



Qygen is back with the second installment
of his "various audio paintings" series, and it
is just as incredable as the first!

Now, you may be saying to yourself...
"Qygen has ANOTHER album at proc?? didnt he
just release one like...last week?!"
The answer is "heck yeah he did!"
you know why?
Because this Seattle-based musical badboy is
one consistant sound-child, capable
of generating vast amounts of genre-crossing audio
with elements from nearly every aspect of electronic
sound >:)
Now, since his debut release with us this
year (proc299), he has had four incredably strong outputs
and is quickly dominating the west-coast
electronic music scene via the deep, deeeeeeeeep underground
refuge he has found here at the prime world-wide audio
source known as proc-records.

I'm going to keep these notes short
and sweet so that you can focus your
attention on listening to these dark ambient, drone
and yes, even noise pieces.
Qygen's sound is nothing short of beautiful,
and ambient music lovers of all ages are sure to agree
that Eric Johnson is an artist who should be paid
close attention to, because you never know
when he might just crank out another album
for people to love, enjoy, and above all...share.

thanks again, Eric.
this is why I started proc in the first place :D


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