Saturday, August 15, 2009



up next at proc-records, we have yet another
album from a Russian-based artist!
However, unlike many of the russian artists
we have had in the past, Animal Strange Dolls is not
strictly a noise artist.
Instead, he creats crafty beats and rhythms, uses
superb samples, and executes great harmony
and melody throughout his work :D

This is the first album we have had from this
particular artist here at proc, and I must say
that I am glad he came to us with this ep!
The five tracks that provide the backbone for this
album are all under five-minutes long and
showcase (in my opinion) the various faces of this
artists true musical talents.
Ranging in styles from ambient, hardcore IDM, rave, and
even some nice laid-back electronica beats,
Animal Strange Dolls's music is very admirable and
equally as interesting.

As an introduction album, this ep
pretty much proves that as an artist, he definitely
cares about his work and also isnt afraid to
show off his production skills a little bit too ;)

If you're looking for an album that has some
quick, in-your-face action that lasts under twenty minutes,
I'm sure you will find this ep something to get excited about!

Without further delay, I am pleased to announce
the release of our newest artist!!


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