Wednesday, August 12, 2009



Up next is an ep from our newest member
to the proc-rec family, Bartholomew Binns.
Bartholomew, or "Bart" for short, hails
from Southern UK and is no stranger
to the music scene.
Also known as "Boarding School", an improvisational
harsh/dark electronics low-bitrate sound project, he
has recently sent over this splendid introduction
ep for our listening pleasure.

Before this album, I had never heard of Conlon Nancarrow,
as I'm sure I'm not the only one in my situation.
However, after being informed that this
ep was the direct result of being inspired
by that gentleman's music, I immediately made
an attempt to hear his music.

It is easy to see that Conlon's extraordinary
and immensly diverse production style played a key
role in the creation of this lowbit beauty, and
I am personally thankful for having had the pleasure of
listening to this ep multiple times during the course
of my obtaining it.

To describe this ep in great detail would not
do these pieces justice, as the tracks quite honestly
speak for themselves.
The arrangements are chaotic, yet timed perfectly.
The sound is rich, yet the low bitrate gives
it a low fideltiy sound.
the tracks are the perfect length and
have a high replay value.
And thats only a FEW examples about
the things you can expect from this delicious
(and tiny!!!) downloadable album (:

here at proc-rec, I strive for creativity on the most
extreme level, and am pleased when I hear people
discovering something new and exciting in terms of
audio creation.
This is an un-hindered look into the most
complex and yet utterly simplistic approach to sound
that I have heard in quite some time.
Venetian Snares meets Beethoven!!!


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