Monday, March 30, 2009



i know i've said this before...but if you haven't
realised it by now, you never will.
you should really make proc-rec your primary
GLOBAL source for premium audio consuming.
there really aren't too many other alternatives
out there (with regards to TFN, LTR, HN, HPR, 20kbps, etc)
who can offer what we do.
(can't a guy brag a little??)

But seriously, take this album for example!
given to me by Cannibal Gluttoness (aka VWT),
this ep showcases some truly fucking crazy ass noise.
Even with the opening piece, which also happens to be
one of the finest opening pieces to a noise
album ive heard, you can instantly tell that this is
an artist who genuinely loves what he does, and it shows.
the rest of the album, with its spectacular arrangment of tracks
and even more remarkable sound quality,
(big up to the ogg format), continues with its
very dark and mysterious theme and relentlessly destroys
any feeling of comfort or security that you may have had.

granted, that may not be exactly what you were looking for in an
album at that particular moment...but this
is by no means your typical artist or album (thankfully!)
dont get me wrong...i fully appreciate calm, soothing, mellow audio.
but alot can be said for a good ol' in-your-face
sound barrage.
locked and it is :D


Friday, March 27, 2009



jjoth is notorious for always trying soemthing new
and thought provoking.
very rarely does he disappoint his
international fan-base.
his albums, of whatever length or style, always have a
genuine characteristic about themself and ALWAYS
follow a theme, however brutal or off-the-wall it may be.

[proc282] is simply another example of ANOTHER crucial
component of proc-rec who exemplifies creativness
and freedom in the purest way. through sound!!
unbound by any structure or rjythm, jjoth
takes a whole new spin on experimental noise
and destroys it even more!

it's a brief release, but it's direct, to the point, and it will
certainly get the job done :D




at the heart of every good label there are
a few artists who really convey or embody
the particular direction or facet of sound that
the label wishes to be.
for proc, static bass is another one of those
crucial artists who provides a solid foundation
with which we are able to stand and build upon.
Static Bass has been with proc-rec since the earliest
stages of our development.
Even before proc had formed, I was an avid listener
and admirer of Static's work for labels like 20kbps
and Abulia Concepts.
Since our first release from him back in
2007 (eargasms, [proc014]) he has been
highly fluent in his production.

For a while, all we had really recieved from him were
small 2-track ep's.
These were fine, simply because it satisfied our appetite
for this fellows work, while at the same time
kept us wanting more
and more
and more
and more!!!
Now, we have a bangin' 4-piece ep of solid
dancefloor anthems which are sure to get any
area party in motion with the greatest of ease.

To me, this ep sounds like a return to Static Bass's classic
music style. Through the use of highly hypnotic
acid lines, solid rhythm and plenty of that bass
that my ears have been craving, he has
re-invented himself as a true acid sound artist, capable
of creating premium quality rave-hits!! :D

There really isnt much else to say about this album.
As I've said before, its a great rave starter or
dancefloor shaker, and certainly happens to be
some of the finest techno that I've come across in a while.
Or maybe it's just because im so excited
to have something new from him.
who knows?
all I know is that proc-rec is a better place with
static bass on the scene...and after hearing this
ep, your ears will surely thank you.

bust out the glow sticks and toss on your dancing shoes, folks!
its time to jam the night away 8)


p.s. check out his album "bicycle day" [proc077].
its my personal favorite from him ;)

right on.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009



astral vomit's success in the underground
continues to grow, as his presence on countless
netlabels is found and heard.
This of course is certainly true around proc-records.
Just to name a few of the labels he's been on...
LTR, TFN, STS, Amduscias Rec, kitty on fire,
and even 20kbps!!!
Not only is he a highly active producer, he somehow manages
to find time to operate a few labels of his own!
One of them being End Of Music, and the
other, hn (which also happens to be one of my
all-time personal favorite netlabels).
However, because of his relatively busy schedual, we dont
have the privelage of hearing or releasing his
work as often as we would like to, and so that is why this
album is such a treat!

Astral Vomit's work is VERY deeply rooted in
the extremely harsh noise aspect of sound,
and nearly all of his work submitted here has been
encoded in a relatively high bitrate with a mono finish.
Not only is that one of his trademark styles, it also
gives his work an interesting raw and finished sound.

It should be noted that this album is brutally loud, and therefore
i recommend keeping the volume low at first and adjusting
it accordingly until you find a comfortable volume.
Also, these three gorgeous pieces are in .wav format and
therfore will not play directly on most portable media platforms.
A minor setback for such a quality piece of destructed sound ;)

if you are a newcomer to the sound of Astral Vomit, this is
a good place to start, though he has a tremendous amount
of work released already.
His sound is quite complex and chilliing.
Perfect for cold nights with a beer sitting next to a fire.

this is a true proc-records release.

Instant sm:)e


Tuesday, March 24, 2009



drone, experimental audio, and especially noise
are primarily what proc-records focuses its
musical direction upon.
We feature artists from all over the world who
share similar values and asipirations that we
do and strive to make the label as welcoming as
Now, one such artist, frequently operating under his
alias of neuroSampler has returned to the proc-rec
scene and given us a twenty-minute glimpse
of some highly experimental audio.

The album is titled radioOUT and is comprised
of two pieces, each revolving around a very glitch-drone
atmosphere, yet deeply rooted in an ambient
and harsh noise atmosphere.
The first track certainly seems to fit the genre
of glitch-noise with its spurratic clicking, choppy effects,
subtle background textures and somewhat
quieter volume, something very rare in the noise field.
--noise doesnt necessarily need alot of volume
to send a message ;) --
The second piece, which is also the titled track, sound much
more like a traditional field recording.
This happens to be my personal favorite track on this ep.
It is an excellent way to bring this album to an end.

neuroSampler always delivers 100% quality
with his work, and his production methods,
interesting as they are, really make his work stand out
among many other noise-icians on the scene today.

Exactly twenty releases later, proc-records is proud
to release yet another wonderful album from our good
and trusted friend from overseas...


Sunday, March 22, 2009



Now it is time to announce an album which
has been waiting to be released at proc-records
for quite a while.
Direct from Russia, our good friend Razxca
has compiled over 5 hours of his best and personal
favorite material, all on one massive release!!! :)

that's right.
Razxca is back!
it has been a while since we have heard
from Mikhail here at proc-rec.
However, he has still been remarkably
active on the scene with his production.
He has recently released an ep on 4m@-records
and continues to pop up on various other netlabels,
making some of the nicest noise around!

As I mentioned previously, this album of over
five hours long is a giant compilation of past
Razxca releases, most of which were found on and have been removed due to the
release of this album.
Genres found on this album range from
razxca's trademark-very harsh noise!!
and also features harsh drone, chillingly dark ambient,
harsh rhythmic noise and even a few vocal
tracks can be found at various points.
This is the true album for any Razxca fanatic to have!!!

Razxca is one of the rare artists found in this world
today (which is why we can find him at proc-rec!!)
who cares about what he does and
understands that "music" can go beyond the normal
and become something beautiful, beyond normal comprehension.
Don't let the large download size scare you away!!!
Mikhail's presence here on proc has been of great
importance and which each one of his releases
I am able to hear a musician who is boundless
and free-spirited, never ceasing and always amazing.
The wait for this album was definitely worth-while.

please join me in celebrating this
one-in-a-million album from a true proc-rec master!


p.s. The ID3 tags have been left undone
due to software conflicts on my part.
Please leave the titles intact.
Do not alter them.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009



I feel it is necessary to stress the importance of
live performances, especially to the people
who often criticize the netlabel scene as nothing
more than a fad.
Just because artists are giving there art away for free
doesnt mean that they cant make a little money on the
side selling merchandise or doing live shows.

And, this ep given to us by our friend Earth Incubator
(known as headless kamikaze on this recording)
is nothing more than a demonstration of a Russian artist
hard at work, getting his sound heard by people
and truly loving what he does.
It's a relatively brief recording, exclusively featuring
H.K. in control of his equipment, getting the crowd moving and
basically just putting on one hell of a good show.

Becuase it is such a short album, it might be helpfull to
listen to it a few times to really get a proper feel.
Hell, turn off the lights, break out the glow sticks
and rave the night away!!!
Courtesy of your international party champion, Headless Kamikaze!!!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009



pollix is one of the newest members to
proc-records, however in the time he has
been with us, he has worked on several
split albums, been featured on a variety of
compilations (also at other labels)
and still finds time to release even more
ep's and lp's at a handful of other labels!!

Truly a talented gentleman, Pollux's skills as a musician
are genuine, strong and pure.
It is apparent that much of his inspiration
comes from ambient sources, and especially
ambient sounds fused with noise and drone.
This ep features chopped drone segments and
warm, heartfelt ambient melodies
which plays for over eleven minutes.
It also is encoded into high-quality
mp3 format and has a proper amount of
volume to make it pleasing to the ear without
becoming too burdensome when trying to relax ;)

Pollux has demonstrated alot of dedication
and love for what he does, and it is apparent
in each one of his tracks.
If you're someone who is interested in hearing
great experimental ambient music, completely for might want to check this one out ;)


Monday, March 16, 2009



now THIS is an interesting little grouping
of two gentleman who not only make music,
but love what they do ;)
Pollux and GAAD, both of whom have released
on proc-rec numerous times before have
united forces in sound and have each laid down
some really nice pieces of noise/ambient audio.
The album is divided straight down the middle with
Pollux's music first (tracks 1-5)
followed by GAAD's tracks (6-8).

Both artists continue to demonstrate their
true passion for the genre and
represent themselves in fine form on this great
split ep :)
Pollux's sound, which traditionally has been
deeply rooted in deep ambience with a slight
inclination for heavy noise and drone continues
to be heard in his pieces.
his track "pain for a riot" is ( in my opinion)
a perfect example for soemone to
hear in an effort to become more familiar with his sound.

The second portion of this album is truly none
other than GAAD being GAAD!!
His three tracks of brutal, relentless and un-halting
noisyness seem to show a simmering anger
for this fallen world.
Letting his sound do the talking for him,
GAAD utterly demolishes everything in site with
his sound, leaving everything in complete silence
and allowing destruction and chaos to have dominion
over his half of the split.

Anyone who appreciates noise or ambient-drone in its
most raw and natural forms will surely find something
in regards to this album to enjoy completely.
This makes a great album to play at full volume!!!!!!
!!!!!!!NOISE WILL BE NOISE!!!!!!!




thats what proc-records is ALL abiout.
regardless of the bitrate.
regardless of the electronic genre.
regardless of the nationality, sex, gender, race, age!!!
music knows no language or bounds.
it is here for people to enjoy.
offensive or not, people have a right to make
their art however they wish to, and proc-records has
always been determined in releasing music which
is as unique and true as possible.
this astonishing piece of ambient brilliance,
(I want every person with hears who is listening to this
album to understand...) is PRECISELY why I love
music (and this artist's sound) so much.

Die Society Die is the alias of none other than Mike Drever,
who is a fellow producer (obviously)
and label-head (Dustin Must Die).
He has been around the scene for quite a while, and
is not a stranger to the proc-records catalog.
His past albums have all featured a very
dark theme, nearly apocolyptic and always
thorougly enjoyable!
On The Sea Is Our Grave, DSD takes
us deeper into his realm of mind-blowing ambiene and
chilling landscape textures.
Much like being stranded alone out at sea, this
ep, when played in ample conditions
(i.e. lights off, headphones, full attention/no distractions)
can really leave a fearful feeling on your soul.

As I mentioned just a moment ago, this album
requires your full attention, and deservedly so!
I highly recommend waiting until you have nothing
that requires your immediate attention and nothing
taking place around you before you dive into this
truly epic album.
You've got a half hour to devote to quality, dont ya?? ;)

look, you probably have the .zip downloaded already!
so, quit reading this and let the aural pleasure commence!!!


Sunday, March 15, 2009


Dirk Lienig hasnt released on proc-records
in a very long time.
His last release with us was before [proc200] and that was
back in 2008.
Now, as if our minds had been read, Dirk is
finally back at proc-rec with a brand new
release chock full of ambient/electronic minimalism!!! :)

Okay, so here's the lowdown about this little gem...
two tracks.
Both of them are just under 5 minutes a piece.
Encoded at 320kbps mp3....
....and both.....veeeeeery nice ;)

The ep opens with the track "Isolated".
an almost chaotic droning melody swallows
up every second of silence with its almost
hypnotic nature.
The percussion used in this piece is also quite nice.
the classic, winning combo of kicks, snares
and high-hats is always good.
There are some subtle changes that take place during
this tracks life, though I recommend headphones
to hear for yourself.

The other half of this ep is titled "The Library".
A fitting title for this track, it is a simple
drum sequence layered on top of a very calm
and soothing background melody which
seems to fade back and fourth from speaker to speaker.
As the track progresses, the sounds of what
appear to be a choir(?) slowly make their way into the track
and add an extra level of "spookyness" to
the track.

Simply said, this is Dirk Lienig being Dirk Lienig.
He is a highly talented man who is also obviously
quite gifted in sound creation, and I commend
him for not only creating such a dark, mysterious
and (of course) cool album, but for also letting proc-rec
host it for folks world-wide to download.

If you're looking for a good ep to play on a walk
during a chilly evening, take this with you ;)


Saturday, March 14, 2009



noise, when done correctly, can be just as versatile
as any other genre in electronic music.
In this day and age however, it can be relatively
difficult to weed through all of the bullshit artists
before you find a good one.
Luckily for you, proc-records only releases
the finest electronic music around, and that
of course includes the finest NOISE around as well :)
Odds are, if you keep coming back to proc-records
on a regular basis and frequently
download the music we release here, then you are
more than likely a fan of this very diverse genre.
And with the diverse artitsts comes the diverse music!
This brand spankin' new release here at proc-rec is precisely

Coming to us from waaaaay over in the Czech Repbulic
are two individuals who seem to have
little difficulty creating enormously fucked up audio
and who aren't afraid to let other people hear it for
Dogprodz (who has released on labels like God Rekidz, Okkulth Records)
and Paregorik, have done a superb job
of creating a noise ep that doesnt just sound good the first
time sounds good very many, MANY times!!
Thats right!
this release, which has a total runtime of just under ten-minutes
has such a large replay value that fans of
noise music will very much appreciate it.
Whats more, its a small enough download size
that it will fit on nearly any portable media player
without soaking up alot of space :)

The bottom line is that this is a great little album for
all to enjoy, and quite honestly you're weird if you don't.
The unconvential, off the wall and avant-garde methods
that these two fella's use to produce their sounds
is quite admirable.

dont be a sucka, download this shit ;)


Wednesday, March 11, 2009



proc271 is yet ANOTHER nice album
straight from the great country of Russia.
operating under the alias of Red DrugOn,
Alexandr N. Trapeznikov crafts up some
pretty nifty beats in a rather unusual style.

evOlOve is a very experimental album.
On it are a total of ten tracks which range in
length from one-minute to as long as nineteen
minutes and thirty seconds!
The pieces also cover a pretty wide
variety of sounds, ranging from harsh noise to
heavily distorted rhythm tracks.
Tracks like trek04, for example, open with
a very subtle sound effect with a cool
speaker fluctuation, whereas
tracks like trek08 are somewhat more
ambient or landscape.
At the begining and closing of this album, there
is also a track which consists of nothing
more than a solid minute of absolute silence,
soemthing that I thought was pretty cool :)

This is my first exposure to Alexandr's
music, and this is also a very promising album.
After doing a bit of researsh, it seems as though
he doesnt really have a whole lot more music released
for us to enjoy, although this album is
one that I'm sure fans of extreme experimental
audio will appreciate for quite some time.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009



netlabels recieve alot of criticism for not contributing
much to the music scene.
Too often, netlables are overlooked and disregarded
by people who prefer to spend $14+ an
over-produced, over-marketed, EXTREMELY over-hyped,
and yes, even over-rated cd by so-called
record producers who have allowed money to line their pockets
and generic, meaningless garbage to layer the airwaves.
To them, netlabels are just something that people who
have no hope of becoming "sucessfull" can rely upon
to release their music.
well you know what? fuck them!
you know why?? because YOU have
proc-records, and proc-records has
a brand new release from none other
than RedSK and teh soup rebellion.

For the people who may not know who these guys are,
I suggest you school yourself and check out [proc263]
to get a better understanding.
Or, since you've just downloaded THIIIIIIS, sit down
put strap on some headphones and pay close attention!!
Yes, I said headphones.
The main reason why I recommend using that
instead of speakers (at least for the first few hundred listens)
is because there is soooooooooo much taking
place in their music that often times you
might miss something the first time you hear it.
This *FUCKING INCREDABLE* noise release pretty much
sums up some of the best half-hours of noise that
one person can handle.
Samples from various other tracks are peppered
in at not-so-random points during this set and
add a very distinct and natural sound to this ep.
Whats more, this album has been mastered and equalized
to perfection, so that everything you would want or need
to hear IS heard.

Originally released on cdr, this album has been offered to
proc-records by these two fine ARTists, and proc-rec
has graciously accepted the EP to underground in
an effort to help solidify our place in the netlabel
My friends, do yourself a favor and give this release
the devout attention that it so justly deserves.
I can assure you that you will not be disapointed in any way
(unless, of course, you are too hard-headed to appreciate
music with a meaning)

without another second wasted, proc-records
is pleased to offer the WORLD...


Monday, March 9, 2009



moving right along with our freshly baked catalog
of audio, proc-records has a new ep of deep minimal
dub-step electronica from a new member to the proc-rec
team, namenot.

namenot is an artist from overseas who
has brought with him
an interesting sound, that which
is based in a very straight-forward
and focuses on repetition , unlike his other
aliases which are more geared to a freeform
noise-based atmosphere.
He also is the label-head of an equally interesting little
netlabel called antireality
( which, in many ways
is very similar to proc-records in the sense that
it focuses on a very free and expressive way
to produce music.
This short but strong ep has a very early-techno sound,
and as a result is a very enjoyable album to hear.
Both pieces were nicely programmed and sound
professionaly mastered.

Out of the two tracks, my personal favorite
is the second track, waveairs.
The effects that pan from one sound-channel to the other
really give this piece a narcotic-induced feel and
therefore also makes it very fun to dance to, if you
decide to ;)

All in all, this is a fantastic little ep for anyone looking
to add a little "old-school" fun in their lives.
People who attended raves in the early or mid 1990's
are sure to get a kick out of this release.

Thanks again to namenot for allowing proc-records
to release this great little album!
hopefully it wont be his last here :D

without further delay...
proc-records is pleased to release...




after a brief delay in releasing, proc-records
hits the web yet
again with more brutal music from our
good friend MicRobit Project!!!

These days, I feel that techno music
is somewhat overlooked.
It seems almost as though many
people have oushed the genre to the side
and, at times, disregard it as even being
a crucial movement in the electronic scene today.
Now, typically I would refer to such people as "morons", but
since that wouldnt be very polite.....
ah what the hell....they're morons!!!
Techno is just as important now as it EVER has been!!

And so, on this new ep from the always enjoyable
Evgenij V. Kharitonov, we are immersed deep inside a
new and quite refreshing realm of
electronica, such as has not been
heard or displayed here in quite a while.
Tracks like Illegal Illusion, Transition, AndroFUNKYman,
and Betrayal are great party starters, while
the remainder of the album has plenty of audio filler
to provide a substantial amount of playback value and
give this ep an added amount of that wonderful
dancefloor flavor ;)

I have menetioned many times before of Evgenij's importance
to proc-records continued success, and I will of course mention
it many many many more times.
He is without a doubt one of the most talented, genre-expansive
and thought provoking artists that we have here, and his
regular appearance to proc-records
has been appreciated beyond words.



Wednesday, March 4, 2009



ah yes kids, after much anticipation, a classic and critical
component to the proc-rec crew has finally once again provided
us with some audio-input for the underground massive
to enjoy as thoroughly as possible!!
Thats right, JosstinTimberlake (aka JT, among other variations)
has manned the sound system once more in an attempt
the unite and untie the minds of his global fans, found quite
honestly in nearly every corner of the globe.

In true lowbit fasion, JT's sound is as remakable as ever.
this glorious ep of 16kbps music flows beautifully from one
piece to the next, and even with the mono encoding, a tremendous
amount of full-flavored sound has been retained.
quite similar to some of his older releases, this mini-rave anthem
is lacking absolutely nothing in terms of hard-as-fuck soiunds, even
that lovely lovely bass :D
Tracks like fnuk, sheeba, oops and fester are instant dancefloor
and rave classix, while other tracks like
the rest of the pieces provide quite substantial backbone
for which the album to stand with.

Bar none, This is a great album for anyone looking to kick a
local empty-warehouse rave party into full throttle.
Sure to please everyone in the area, proc-records
is pleased to announce the latest and greatest release
from an old-school proc-rec soundboy!!! :D


Monday, March 2, 2009



proc-records prides itself on being one of the strongest noise
labels around the scene today.
Our vastly coherent world-wide pool of talent
has been the foundation of our success, in addition to the
wonderful dedication of our listeners AND supporters.
Such events and recognition are what drew our newest
member of the proc-rec family to us.

Earth Incubator is just ONE of Alexandr Kibanov's many musical
and artistic aliases which he has used.
Also known as BBDWAH, Headless Kamikaze, and Illnathix
Alexandr's apparent interest and respect for noise
audio runs deep in his soul (thankfully) :D

A relatively unique ep, sexual noise is a prime
example of experimental audio manipulation straight
from a country who is well known for noise-audio.
The volume is loud, the sounds are raw and
uncomfortable, the tempo is un-recognizable and the
effects are off the chart
At the moment, there aren't too many releases from
Earth Incubator available, although I sincerely hope that
our new Russian friend will become an active
participator of this label's efforts to release only the finest
music around.
After hearing this release, my belief in Russia being the
most crucial element of the noise-scene
today is only strengthend.

Earth Incubator has introduced himself in a very proper way,
and if we can expect more material like this from him
in the future, theres no telling just how much stronger
proc-records can become!!!



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