Saturday, March 19, 2011



i like to think that my dad
is a smart business-man.
Over the years, I've listened
to how he's spoken
with potential clients and
admired his ability to "read" people
with a general ease.
over the years, he's used
certain phrases which
I've managed to remember
and sometimes apply throughout
my life, suprising as it is
(i have terrible memory).
One such thing was his persistant
usage of one particular phrase:
In the business world, there
are three things that people want, but
of these three, only two can happen.
Free, Perfect, and Now.
This never made much sense to me
as a youngster, but as I got
older and began to have
a job, I noticed how relavent it
actually was.
Say, for example, you were out
of money but needed a car so
you could get to your job.
You can have that car, but do
you want it free and perfect?
or would you rather have
it for free and now?
maybe you would prefer
now and perfect?
It's a difficult thing
to wrap your mind around sometimes,
and indeed I've often countered
this argument to him by saying
"I'll take perfect and free, and
with the money I've saved from
the "Free" part, I'll pay to have it
This never really seemed
to be quite a correct
response, and he has tried often
to prove me wrong, but
hey...what do I know?

Anyway, with proc, you dont need
to make such distinctions.
You can have all three at once!
Free, perfect, AND now!!!

Which brings me into the brand
spankin' new release by mr. culver!
Again, we sense his familiar,
fondly-remembered dimensions of
electronic generated audio, forming
an ep which contains three gorgeous
sound segements.
blending melody with bass and
beats ever so harmonously,
Andy proves that by keeping
the equipment and setup simple, you
can create some really remarkable
pieces of music.

This album embodies a whole
new season soon approaching, spring.
a time when cabin fever has reached
it's terminus and is quickly
pushed aside by the
thoughts and desires of all
to simply get out and enjoy life.

you should never have to
sacrifice or "settle" with music
that doesnt speak to your soul.
I'm serious man, throw
those "Free perfect or now" ideas
out of your head.
all three are yours if you want them!
just go out and find them!!!
people world-wide find
their's at proc, and if you havent
already, download this
album and discover yours today

thanks andy, once again
you've solidified my faith
in electronic music.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011



[proc430] is finally here, and
introducing us into to an
entirely new section of
procxxx's, we
are proud to announce
the release of
a brand new album
by a brand new
artist to the proc-rec
family, ghoul skool.

hailing from overseas,
ghoul skool is the
one-man project behind
this wonderful and
brutally intense sound caper.
to give a little bit of background
about this artist:
he's been involved with
the underground music
community in one way
or another for over
5 years, originally releasing
under his alias of Jesus Seashell
although now utilizing his alias
of ghoul skool with
much more frequency.

Along with a handful of
releases at various
netlabels, he also manages
to operate his own
sucessful netlabel, SEPPUKU+,
which has ammassed
an impressive catalog
of audio already in
it's short lifespan!

this album, a very influential
and mind-enhancing noise ep
weighs in at just under 4 megs
and has a runtime of nealy
seven and a half minutes, making
it easily digestable and
immediately enjoyable,
regardless of what the case may be.

opening with brutality
and chaos, the album shifts
gears ever so slightly by
using much more white noise
and apocolyptic rhythm segments
which punctuate any and all
moments of silence with
explosions of expressive beats.
top it all off with nice
guitar riff elements and you've
got yourself a nice little track :D
the third piece uses
more live-percussion sounds
for it's backbone, demonstrating
impressive technique
and live performance.

closing the ep is the
fourth (and my personal favorite)
track, a droney and rather
trippy elemental track,
with delayed vocal samples
peppered throughout,
a constant congo-like drum
and heavy synthesis
for good measure.

this is an impressive little
download, and a definite
engrosing and refreshing release,
filled with the noise elements
to satisfy the underground,
while completely
defining what it means
to be a proc-rec artist!

ghoul skool has
proven himself to be
a worthy ally in the
fight against shitty
music, and I for one
condone his musical skills.
should the time come
when you decide to listen
to what good experimental
music sounds like, give
this album a play or two and
you'll come to realize why
there is no other place than the
underground for my musical


Saturday, March 12, 2011



for the past few months, proc
has been lucky to have
had the musical stylistics
of one Dishdawash/Consistency Nature.
a talented young man
whose skill in
various artforms has transformed
him into quite a force
to be reckoned with.

skilled in visual arts, as
it can be clearly
seen with his cover-art
images, talented
with word-structure,
as it can be read from
the poetic stylings
on his website, and
brilliant with audio
generating, clearly heard
in ever moment of sound
on his latest release
with proc, Apparitions in the Sulfer Seas.

briefly said, this album is
true, genuine drone and is done
in such a style that really does
baffle the mind.
Long, but never boring.
Loud, but never harsh.
Alot of clashing sounds, yet simple
enough to concentrate
on the essence of the piece.
indeed, both tracks are
assembled in this way, and
even more so than his past
work with proc.
While his catalog of music
is rather extensive, his proc
releases are quickly becoming
a pleasant regular occurance,
and I'm sure he will soon become
a household name by
those who cherish good
undergound audio.

I also don't particularly
like to pick "favorites", although
this is quite possibly one of the best
albums from Consistency Nature
that i've ever laid my ears on!

way to go, kid :D

noise will be noise


Thursday, March 10, 2011



doing things a little differently this time,
proc moves into the realm of visual/audio
releases with some fresh (to us) video
footage of fantastic pollux material.

originally sent as one massive
folder of video's, pollux and I agreed
that due to size and amount it was
wiser to release them as smaller "ep"'s
to both keep download size down and
hopefully to generate a sort
of interest through the use of volumizing.

explaining the visual aspect of things is a bit
difficult for me, therefore i wont
spend too much time describing
the video's themselves, though it is
quite apparent that pollux is equally
as talented with video-creation as he
is with sound generating!
the visuals corrilate the music properly
and give a distinct feel to the sound.

as with most pollux music, these tracks are
very chilled -out in style and have a very proper
use of percussion with melody.
his music never gets dull and neither
do the video's, due largely in part
to his wise choice of footage.

all in all, this is a fantastic little album and
a great idea.
Once again, pollux makes
new things possible here at proc and
shows what can be accomplished with
just a simple computer and some software.


Saturday, March 5, 2011



the time has come to
pause the experimentalism
for a little bit and focus on some
beat-driven work.
fortunately, long-time producer
and proc-rec native, Sascha Müller
is willing to help us out with making
sure we get this accomplished :D

direct from Germany, Sascha
takes control of his audio equipment
and demonstrates with sheer skill
his knack for knowing
exactly what gets the people onto
the dancefloor and moving their
bodies to the beat!!!

this album, while very heavily techno
influenced still manages to find
itself in a form of experimentalism.
Hardcore 4/4 beats provide an easy
dance-base while the strange yet
equally amazing synths and
basslines which fill in the rest
of the pieces are nice
representations of how diverse
techno can really be.

Sascha's albums always revolve around
a common theme and this one is quite
different from the other things he has
released with proc in the past.
It is very danceable and can
get people moving,
yet it also has alot of
characteristics for live performance
and basic elements for song progression.

Don't be mistaken, Mr. Müller
will always bring strong sounds
to the table for people to enjoy, and
has never disappointed me.




elton john and billy joel have piano's.
the beatles and the rolling stones
have drums and guitars.
brittany spears has....well....hmm...
mozart had an entire symphony!
Robotic Joe? well, he samples all
of them!!!
Actually, that doesnt even begin
to touch the surface of what Robotic Joe
has samples from.
His library of audio clips is so extensive, in fact,
that he has to back up everything he uses onto
double-digit gigabyte external hard-drives!.
Not only is it smart to back things
up elsewhere (as my recent experience
with a virus has taught me), it is also a requirement
for my good friend.

I am quite fortunate to have
a new album from
Joe, not to mention having
two total releases from
him in digital format, along
with a limited-run cassette tape release
that i made for him as an official
proc-rec release!
A man with such talent as his deserves
much more attention, both local
and national, and it is my hope
that he will achieve such things
with his music on proc.
But joe hasnt JUST released on proc!
he also has an impressive volume of music
at the other toledo netlabel, the glorious
Splatterfunk ran by the amazing Richard Naugle!!

This album is essentially a massive
collection of Robotic Joe material, previously
un-released (to my knowledge) and
covers his broad tastes and styles.
No specific BPM's or structure in mind, Joe makes
his music in much the same way a
noise-music artist would.
by throwing away any conventional
framework for making a "song", he
just sits down to his computer, rolls up
his sleeves and grabs a handful of samples
to bend to his will.
Now, to all of the people
who make the claim that Prefuse73 is
the best sampler and vocal-slicer,
let me simply point you in
the direction of Robotic Joe so that you
can experience what a true sample-based
mastermind is!!

certain things in life just bring joy to
my heart.
the first is un-conditional love.
the second is seing people who are happy.
the third is a cold beer on a warm day.
the fourth? good music made by people
who care.
any genre, any length, it doesn't matter.
just care about.
Joe does, and so does proc.

get with it!!!


Thursday, March 3, 2011



impressionism was a form of visual art often
used by french painters in the
1870's and 1880's.
by using subtle brushstrokes and
effective color usage, they were
albe to create powerful works
of art out of very simple methods.
in much the same way as the artists
of that time used simple methods for
attaining success, artists like
razxca and vziel both create sound
that is closely related to impressionism,
following audio formats.

originally, the basic framework for this
album was generated by Vziel, a
recent addition to the proc rec family.
after building upon this work and others,
Mikhail (aka Razxca) finally finished
with this wonderful, albeit brief ep.
while actually a remix album, this ep
stands on it's own quite well, without needing
to explain about the previous with much detail.
(although the other albums are listed in the
other text file which came with
this release as well!! please check them out!!!)

razxca and vziel are both
very intelligent minds, and it's easy
to see and hear how they are both
able to supply alot of idea's back and forth
to one another and generate
complexingly simple, artistic and above all,
unique sounds such as these.

for fans of razxca, vziel or simply for people
who like small, experimental albums, give
this ep a download and see just
how quickly you'll enjoy
what proc has to offer!


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