Wednesday, March 16, 2011



[proc430] is finally here, and
introducing us into to an
entirely new section of
procxxx's, we
are proud to announce
the release of
a brand new album
by a brand new
artist to the proc-rec
family, ghoul skool.

hailing from overseas,
ghoul skool is the
one-man project behind
this wonderful and
brutally intense sound caper.
to give a little bit of background
about this artist:
he's been involved with
the underground music
community in one way
or another for over
5 years, originally releasing
under his alias of Jesus Seashell
although now utilizing his alias
of ghoul skool with
much more frequency.

Along with a handful of
releases at various
netlabels, he also manages
to operate his own
sucessful netlabel, SEPPUKU+,
which has ammassed
an impressive catalog
of audio already in
it's short lifespan!

this album, a very influential
and mind-enhancing noise ep
weighs in at just under 4 megs
and has a runtime of nealy
seven and a half minutes, making
it easily digestable and
immediately enjoyable,
regardless of what the case may be.

opening with brutality
and chaos, the album shifts
gears ever so slightly by
using much more white noise
and apocolyptic rhythm segments
which punctuate any and all
moments of silence with
explosions of expressive beats.
top it all off with nice
guitar riff elements and you've
got yourself a nice little track :D
the third piece uses
more live-percussion sounds
for it's backbone, demonstrating
impressive technique
and live performance.

closing the ep is the
fourth (and my personal favorite)
track, a droney and rather
trippy elemental track,
with delayed vocal samples
peppered throughout,
a constant congo-like drum
and heavy synthesis
for good measure.

this is an impressive little
download, and a definite
engrosing and refreshing release,
filled with the noise elements
to satisfy the underground,
while completely
defining what it means
to be a proc-rec artist!

ghoul skool has
proven himself to be
a worthy ally in the
fight against shitty
music, and I for one
condone his musical skills.
should the time come
when you decide to listen
to what good experimental
music sounds like, give
this album a play or two and
you'll come to realize why
there is no other place than the
underground for my musical


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