Saturday, March 12, 2011



for the past few months, proc
has been lucky to have
had the musical stylistics
of one Dishdawash/Consistency Nature.
a talented young man
whose skill in
various artforms has transformed
him into quite a force
to be reckoned with.

skilled in visual arts, as
it can be clearly
seen with his cover-art
images, talented
with word-structure,
as it can be read from
the poetic stylings
on his website, and
brilliant with audio
generating, clearly heard
in ever moment of sound
on his latest release
with proc, Apparitions in the Sulfer Seas.

briefly said, this album is
true, genuine drone and is done
in such a style that really does
baffle the mind.
Long, but never boring.
Loud, but never harsh.
Alot of clashing sounds, yet simple
enough to concentrate
on the essence of the piece.
indeed, both tracks are
assembled in this way, and
even more so than his past
work with proc.
While his catalog of music
is rather extensive, his proc
releases are quickly becoming
a pleasant regular occurance,
and I'm sure he will soon become
a household name by
those who cherish good
undergound audio.

I also don't particularly
like to pick "favorites", although
this is quite possibly one of the best
albums from Consistency Nature
that i've ever laid my ears on!

way to go, kid :D

noise will be noise


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