Thursday, March 10, 2011



doing things a little differently this time,
proc moves into the realm of visual/audio
releases with some fresh (to us) video
footage of fantastic pollux material.

originally sent as one massive
folder of video's, pollux and I agreed
that due to size and amount it was
wiser to release them as smaller "ep"'s
to both keep download size down and
hopefully to generate a sort
of interest through the use of volumizing.

explaining the visual aspect of things is a bit
difficult for me, therefore i wont
spend too much time describing
the video's themselves, though it is
quite apparent that pollux is equally
as talented with video-creation as he
is with sound generating!
the visuals corrilate the music properly
and give a distinct feel to the sound.

as with most pollux music, these tracks are
very chilled -out in style and have a very proper
use of percussion with melody.
his music never gets dull and neither
do the video's, due largely in part
to his wise choice of footage.

all in all, this is a fantastic little album and
a great idea.
Once again, pollux makes
new things possible here at proc and
shows what can be accomplished with
just a simple computer and some software.


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