Tuesday, September 30, 2008



the simply amazing talents of GAAD, under the operation
of his badass alias of B-TON are once again felt
shaking things up and wrecking music properly with
a FANTASTIC 19+ minute audio war!!!

Very much in the style of Jungle and noise, these
loud and rough breakbeats are distorted to perfection
on this 128kbps extravaganza!
Almost sounding as if it were based upon improvisation
(though it could just be his expert audio programming)
the six total pieces which make up the lot of this album
are sure to blow your mind, due to the perfect
sound execution that is taking place.

In essence, Test Beat is B-TON's modus operandi
(in my opinion). I have found it
to be a perfect anthem to blow away any remnants of
distress or cares of the world.

If you are looking for a way to "cut loose" and
rave, or if you just want to go fucking crazy
for no reason at all, make sure you are
close to a sound-system that can handle hard shit
and give this album a spin!!!
Any respectable listener will understand the true
power of this album when giving it the full
attention that it deserves.

Let this puppy rip, bitches!!!


Monday, September 29, 2008



It's important, from time to time, to sit back
and reflect on the simple things in life.
walks in the park with a loved one.
a good cup of coffee.
spending time around a campfire with friends.
It is also important to remember that in life, the best
things are those that are free.
And, before I get too far off topic, my refference point
is that of free music.

Evgenij V. Kharitonov is a person who has had
a major impact not only on the netlabel scene as a whole,
but specifically at proc-records.
He has been one of the most productive artists that we
have had so far, and has consistantly given
superb quality audio to the individuals throughout the world
who love to hear great music.

Well, with his latest release on proc-rec, Mr. Kharitonov,
introduces us to yet another side of himself.
Lowbit noise =)

Without a doubt, the audio quality which has been retained, even
at these very low bitrates in mp3 format, is truly remarkable!
While it is quite obvious that these tracks are encoded at
lower than normal bitrates, they still
sound relatively clear and have a substantial amount
of higher-bitrate sound.

A variety of styles within these tracks can also be heard.
Styles ranging from field recordings,
simple rhythm compositions and a very nice
amount of un-hindered static and white noise.

I am a huge fan, both of Evgenij V. Kharitonov's music
and of lowbit audio.
So, for me to have the oppurtunity to release music
like this at proc-rec is a very nice oppurtunity!
Download now and enjoy for a long, long time :)


Saturday, September 27, 2008



there are a few things in life that REALLY
make me happy.
The first is being surrounded by beautiful women ;)
The second is a good cup of coffee.
The third is the pefect salad (with plenty of tomatoes!!)
and the final thing is good music by good artists.

Well my friends, this fucking awesome little EP
is a supa-dupa funky fresh ravers anthem, performed by
THE king of techno, Sascha Müller!!!

Titled "Brainscan", this ep is a two-piece
treasure-chest of high-quality dance beats
that are sure to get ANY party in motion.
If you are a DJ and are looking for a way to get the people
on the dancefloor, play either one of these tracks!!!

The first track is the original mix of "brainscan" and
is slightly longer than the Euroscan Mix.
The first piece is much more minimalistic than the second
piece, although it has a heavy trance influence as well.
The second track, titled Brainscan (Euroscan Mix)
is, without a doubt, trance.
While I dont listen to trance techno very often, after
hearing this piece by Sascha, I may have to
make an effort to listen to more of it!
(Although I dont think any of it would be as of high quality
as Sascha's, so I might be disappointed).

I have said before that I am a HUGE fan of Sascha Müller,
and have been a fan for quite a while.
He is truly a very gifted indivdual with all forms
of sound, and to him I have the utmost respect.

proc-records has the best listeners (and artists) in the world,
and I am quite pleased to release our one-hundred-eighty-first


Wednesday, September 24, 2008



In neraly every instance, Razxca has brought
to the netlabel scene his own unique style and sound,
and was never afraid to try something new and different,
regardless of the outcome.
This is one of the reasons why I admire him so much
both as a person and as a musician.

Originally, this album was previously released on Razxca's own label
and has since been removed.
He asked me if I would be interested in releasing this
and I enthusiastically agreed.

Essentially, this album consists of a single High-pitched
sine wave that fluctuates in form as the piece continues.
These subtle changes in sound might not be noticed
right away, but are certainly taking place within each and
every second the track is played.

Whats more, this piece of art has a runtime of forty-two hours!!!
that is just six hours short of two complete days!!!

Admittedly, one might not have the time or patience to listen to this
track in it's entirety. Because of that, you
would be drastically reducing the piece's
full effect.
My recommendation to you as a listener would
be to experience this album in sections, as you see fit.
Regardless of what you may think, this album
is a critical step forward for proc-rec.

Razxca's sounds will never leave you empty-handed
or disappointed.
This album continues that tradtion and promise.
All free spirited, open minded music lovers welcome!!!


Tuesday, September 23, 2008


+artist_-_ Extra_Mana_Required

Up next is a release by an artist whom you probably wouldn't
expect to hear this type of sound from.
Having released with us in the past on various ep's, full-lengths
and compilations, the very very very extremely talented
artist, Astral Vomit, is taking advantage of
his splendid side-alias, Extra Mana Required, by
giving proc-records this killer little 4-track single.

With an entire runtime of almost six minutes, this
awesome album is certainly interesting to say the least.
Very strong sounds, crystal-clear encoding and mellow
atmospheres (especially track three), this album
is brilliant on a variety of levels.

I cant easily explain why, but this album makes me think of
old Aphex Twin or the other early early days of
Techno, due largely in part to tracks like aaahhooohhh!!!
andUna pianta che ha uno spirito umano. However, at
the same time, the first and third tracks both have a
somewhat newer sound.
This guy has successfully combined not only genres, but
also timelines with this splendid EP.
New music from Astral Vomit is always , ALWAYS
appreciated here at proc-rec, and this new alias is of his
is certainly a nice suprise.

I think I speak for everyone when I say that
EXTRA MUSIC IS REQUIRED from Extra Mana Required!!!!!!


Extra Mana Required_-_Floors_EP

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Though previously released on an album titled
"Greetings From Moscow", Vega Stereo has
gone back, changed the bitrate, and given this version
of there work to proc-rec for more exposure.

Encoded at a glorious 32kbps Mp3, Vega Stereo
has, for a second time, given proc-rec a superb and strong
one-piece album that engages the listener in very dance-oriented
theme, making you want to get up and start grooving the night away!

This duo, hailing from (yep!! you guessed it!!!) Moscow, has
been fairly productive on the netlabel scene.
Releases both here at proc-rec and DEXANDTHECITY just to
name a few, Vega Stereo has gradually been making
a strong name for themselves with there beat-driven
sound project.

What I found to be most impressive about this album
is how strong the kickdrums still appear to be!
Keeping a solid 4/4 beat, the bass that can still found, even
at this low bitrate is nearly mind-blowing!
Proving once again that bitrates really don't matter, proc-rec
is proud to release an additional Vega Stereo ep, perfect for old-school
portable mp3 players with limited memory, or
file-packed Hard Drives that crave more music =)

thanks again, VS!!!




After a brief hiatus that seemed like forever,
the true underground dominator of sound, RedSK,
is bringing his utterly unique and highly respected talents
to us for proc-rec to humbly and graciously showcase
to the world!

since his debut with us at [proc070], I had been
waiting patiently for new music.
Now, one-hundred-seven releases later, a new
RedSK album has emerged and I can honestly
say that it was very much worth waiting for.

Stylisticly, RedSK is strictly a noise artist, though his
previous release had a fair amount of rhythm.
This release, however, is precisely the sound that I have come to
know and respect Patrick by.
For listeners of this album, whether you are a long time fan
or a first-time introduction, be forewarned that
the intensity level of this album is off the charts!
Ear-piercing sine waves, squelching and choking static, and
a cornocopia of various effects, this album is truly a battleground
of manipulation.

However, there is one other thing I must say about this release...
please please please do not just let it simply play nonchalantly
in the background while you do other things.
It beckons and rightly deserves every ounce of attention
that you can supply (and if you cant dedicate 100%, I
suggest you wait until you can!!!).

So, without further delay, I welcome you
to download and and enjoy this wonderful album.
Chock full with hard-hitting harshness, and is precisely
the appropriate length for nearly everyone to appreciate,
RedSK has outdone him (as is typical with this gentleman)
and given the underground another reason to keep on truckin'.

So download today!


this guy also runs a wonderful little
netlabel called TRASHFUCK-NET.
feel free to check it out and send something over
to him if you want =)

Friday, September 19, 2008



you know how certain people just have a unique ability
for things?
Take President Bush for example.
He has the ability to be a complete idiot 24/7
and he is quite good at it!!

Well, understanding politics isnt something that I personally
am good at, however, I quite a keen ear for sound and
I know what good audio is when I hear it.
People of the Earth, this album is exactly that!!!

neuroSampler's long-awaited sequeal release to proc-rec
has finally arrived, and in honor of this terriffic EP, I would like to
raise my cup of coffee up and make a toast
to this fellow!!
Never before has proc-rec had a release like this.
Highly experimental, it doesnt quite
fit the description of "Noise", although there
are some people who dont appreciate good music who would certainly
consider this release to be just nosies chopped and sliced.
To those people, I say "wise up. playa!"

This album is sooooo minimal yet has a very high intensity
With a style that reminds me very much of the duo
"minibloc" (based out of Canada), neuroSampler
(aka the GENIOUS from overseas) takes us
on a very dark and chilling journey through spliced sound samples.
Sound matrix's pan from various speaker channels, keeping a
rhythm of it's own, without the use of any percussion whatsoever!

I have come to recognize this particular style as Electronic Art Music,
not to mention neurosampler as an artist of particular appreciation.
The audio contained on this release is certainly a comforting

without any further delay, i now would like to
halt my verbal description of the album. in hopes that
you may come to fully appreciate this release as much as I do

certainly and un-expected, yet very pleasant trip, indeed!


Wednesday, September 17, 2008



during this 2008 year, proc-rec has seen alot of familiar
artists using different alias's to release their music under.
As I've said before, having a variety of alias's to choose from
when producing music can really help diversify an
artists discography in a positive way.
There are also a HUGE amount of netlabels out there today,
and I know from experience just how hard it can
be to find a proper label to distribute and promote your
particular sound.
(which was the primary reason I started proc-rec, to create a place
for EVERYONE to feel welcome and not limit styles
or sounds which can also hinder the creative process dramatically)

However, I do understand the need to sometimes work within
boundaries, and therefore have an un-ending amount of
respect and appreciation for this next artist.

Mathias, who usually operates under his alias of GERT 3000,
recently sent over this ep for release at proc-rec, which I
enthusiastically accepted without any hint of denying its
release here at proc.
Before I begin to go into detail about the release, allow me
to explain WHY i appreciate this gentleman so much...
Mathias is not only a terriffic producer of electronic music, but
he also is the curator and chief-operator of my favorite
label EVER, 20kbps.
Releasing ONLY lobit audio, this netlabel has been
my number one source of music for the past few years
and has helped open my mind to such a wonderful concept.

In regards to this album, Mathias is once again back in action
using his alias of Audio Peter as his means of operation.
Rhythmically one of the most complex and intelligent releases
thus far at proc-rec, Audio Peter demonstrates
his uniqe styles in a fourteen track brain-fuck festival.
Not quite dance music, though not exactly a traditional
IDM release either, It could be more appropriately catagorized
as IEDM (Intelligent Experimental Dance Music), though
it is also very strongly associated with Avant-Garde as well.

However you look at it, this ep is an all around
wonderful audio treat, and I think I speak on behalf of all music
appreciators out there when I say that this is precisely the kind
of shit I love and live for =)

Hold on tight, Bitches!!!



once again, Uze has come to proc-rec to release
more of his brilliantly executed pieces of audio!
A release that is rich in history and has much personal value to
Uze, it certainly adds more flavor
to an already undeniably strong and funky release =)

Just over a solid nineteen minutes, the five tracks
that make up the core of this ep are very beat-driven
and offer us a view of this pleasant, percussion based
side of Uze.

Whats more, this is also probably the first release we've had
(or that I can remember) from Uze which contains a vocal
sample of him!
(track three)
With the perfect amount of added effects to the rhythm like, phasers,
distortion, reverb and maybe even a little bit of delay peppered in
at various spots, this EP truly has it all.

As I said, it is nice to see Uze producing this type of music.
I myself know just how hard it can be to effectivly produce
GOOD breakbeats and hardcore jungle, let alone keep it as
interesting and strong as he has done on this album, and
because of that, I commend him whole-heartedly for not only
his efforts, but for his constant contributions
to the netlabel scene, ESPECIALLY here at proc-rec ;)

So look, quit reading this already!!
crack open this hardcore five-piece jow-ride of sound
and make your ears smile!!


oh!!! by the way...
uze recently told me that with each release, he would be
adding another letter onto his alias.
This release is the first of the series, and he has
added an R.
His alias for the album reads "uzer".
It's going to be interesting how long he uses this


Monday, September 15, 2008



It has been a while since proc-rec last saw a release from
however, it has been well-worth the wait!!
47+ minutes of superb noise
brought to us from abroad and encoded at
a crystal-clear 192kbps, the phrase
"good things come in good time" certainly
has a fair amount of meaning with this release :)

Uior is the musical alias of mr Ivan S.
With an impressive and very extensive catalog
of audio, Uior's library of music is very intimidating
due to its shear size!
Releases on labels like Rus Zud, NORTHAMERICANHARDCORE,
Amduscias Records and Reamp3 Underground,
he is an internationally recognised and respected creator of
audio, and deservedly so!

To verbally go into detail about this album would not, by any measure,
do justice for it.
Uior has demonstrated his skills in this craft
in such a superb fashion, it is nearly mind-blowing how
effortlessly he can create such brilliant and
textural pieces.

A true piece of aural candy, Uior's newest and certainly
his most impressive release with us thus far, Angel is a
terrific album to drag onto your portable media player
and go for a long walk on a chilly autumn evening.

thanks again, Uior!


Sunday, September 14, 2008



at proc-rec, he is known best for his work under Yoko Absorbing.
With a handful of releases under his belt, including
a fair amount of albums and ep's here at proc-rec, Mr. Yoko
has returned to us once again (THANKFULLY!!!) and
has issued us some very fine electronica/techno
music , certainly worth the listen.

It is hard for me to place this release in any one certain
category, due to the diversity of the music (and the artist).
While all of the pieces seem to follow a fairly constant 4/4
beat, they could also fit the description of IDM, Jungle, House
and even acid!

The addition of crazy, heavily computerized vocal samples
really do bring a nice touch to this album and, to me, were
very much an un-expected treat, due largely in part to
the sheer quality and execution in which they were used.

This type of sound is one that I am, admittedly un-familiar with
when thinking of the type of music I've come to normally
hear from Evgenij V. Kharitonov, but I am without a doubt
extremely happy to have this teriffic 23+ minute album!!!

Also, I dont want to spoil the ending....but the final
twenty-seven seconds of this ep are so unbelievably
good, it brought a tear to my eye.



Friday, September 12, 2008



By far, one of THE most prolific artists to ever
hit proc-rec, Razxca continues to submit
quality audio of the finest calibre, perfect for deep, deeeeeep
music listeners and appreciators.
Quite similar, stylistically, to previous material, this
new ep from Mikhail is one that is true to his
familiar and wonderful musical production styles.

Something important that I would like to inform people
who may be new to Razxca or noise music (or both!) is that this
release is an excellent way to become acquanted with an
interesting aspect of sound, and an even more interesting artist!

Hailing from the great and giant country of Russia, Mikhail
is by no means a newcomer to the netlabel scene.
Many many releases throughout the WORLD on various other netlabels,
some of which include 20kbps, abulia concepts,
TRASHFUCK-NET and even his own label (also called Razxca),
Mikhails presence on the scene is very apparent and
would certainly be noticed if he wasnt producing.

As I said, this is an excellent release to introduce yourself to
both Noise music and Razxca's sound, so
plug in your speakers, crank up the volume and enjoy
some very nicely produced electronica-based noise!!!

much respect, Razxca!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, September 11, 2008



In the music scene today, there are a tremendous amount
of producers and labels, both of which are in a constant struggle
to gain recognition by anyone and everyone, yet forgetting
all about what matters most...the music!

Which is why proc-records is proud to have the strength
on the netlabel scene required to stay "ahead of the game".
As a netlabel, we focus on quality music by artists who
proudly stand behind their work and understand just how dynamic
and crucial the netlabel scene actually is.

Pushing us into the 170's catalog numbers, this brand new
release from a debut duo hailing all the way from Winnipeg, Canada,
is nothing short of jaw-dropping and mind blowing!
The two-person outfit who call themselves Static Fold
are quite a treat for the avid techno listener, indeed!

With a grand total of five tracks, this hard hitting release
is an adequate representation of two dudes, hard at work, doing
what they love to do and not being afraid to be themselves.

What I enjoy most about this release is the old-school
sound that it has.
Not to say that these tracks SOUND old, but the way they
progress and take shape really proves that these two gentleman
know exactly what electronic music (specifially trance and techno)
are really all about.
From the very first track and all the way down to the last,
this album will have the whole area in proper rave-form.
Whether you're just in the mood for a truly classic
and compelling dancefloor release or you're having a rave in
an old abandoned warehouse, an album like this is
certainly an excellent addition to any music-lovers

with much appreciation, I am overwhelmingly pleased
to release this unspeakably cool EP, coming to
us straight from our neighbors to the north!!
Great work guys!!!


also, dont hesitate to drop these guys a line
on myspace...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008



In any part of the music industry (especially the netlabel scene)
it is a good thing to have more than one alias.
And while it isnt really a necessity to have an alias for
every single aspect of your sound, it isn't all that uncomon
for very diverse artists who cover pretty broad ranges of sound
to have anywhere from three to four different alias's
that they utilize for various projects.

Take this new release for example...
Heavily distorted breakbeats with a slightly fast bpm sequence...
Typically not an aspect that we normally see from this particular
artist, through using his alias of B-TON, GAAD is showcasing once
again his truly unique abilities to the entire world by
allowing proc-rec to release this wonderful 15-minute
audio thrash-core trip of sound!!!

As mentioned earlier, this release is mostly comprised of extremely
distorted breakbeat sequences and lovely rough'n'tough bass
that kept me wanting soooooo much more, even after the
5th or 6th listen!!

Definate stand-out tracks on this release include quiet,
discarnate people and rename, though the entire
album from beginning to end is nothing short of stellar.

As long as I have the ability to hear, I will continue
to do what I enjoy, which means listening to music
as often as I can.
And, as long as GAAD continues to make music (regardless
of the alias), I will continue to pump his music
into my brain on a regular basis!!!!

new one from oversea's by someone who is by no means
a stranger around here...


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

about proc200


proc200 is nearly here and as most of you know, I
like to do something special for every 50th release.

proc-rec has an enormous amount of stellar-quality
artists from ALL over the globe, and for this release,
I would like to include as many people as possible.

I had given some thought about making [proc200]
a remix release where people could send over
completed remix's that they had done for other tracks.

However, I have decided to instead make our commemorative
200th release as a compilation release of many many smaller

the rule for this release is...

1. your entire release cannot exceed 1.
44 mb
2. your release may be as long or as short as you like.

it MUST have a cover image included
4. and it must be sent over in a .zip or .
rar file
(zip is preferred)
all styles are welcome but we prefer electronic/ambient/drone/noise/techno/speedcore

send your work to

i encourage everyone to be a part of this release!!
everything sent over will be included in a single
downloadable .zip folder.


Monday, September 8, 2008



The originator and perfector of the genre "static-techno",
the original sound-boy himself known as Static Bass
comes back to the recording studio to supply your heads
with more glorious audio that this generation desperatly needs.

Very much in competition for my favorite Static Bass release EVER
(competing against Bicycle day [proc077] )
this fresh new sonic rave-anthem is a definite
dancefloor friendly ep that immediately has
the abilty to get you shakin' and groovin'
(and of course, RAVING)
the night away!!!

Both tracks are titled Again, however they are quite different from
one another .
The first track consists of an impeccable rhythm section
that really got my sound system thuuuuumping and the bassssss
puuuuuuuuuumping :)
with the addition of some really nicely executed basslines and
simple melodic sequences, this track reminds me very much
of the early days of electronic acid music.

Within the first few seconds of hearing the second track, its
almost impossible to mistake the signature sound that Static Bass is
so well known for.
Once again coming in with the strong rhythm seqeunces and
the equally mind-blowing acid/basslines, Static Bass let's the crowd
know exactly what time it is....

Look, there really isnt any better way for me to describe these
two tracks aside from what I have just told you.
Both pieces are nearly remixable in every way possible and
have a very high replay value, making this little EP a hit!!!

the time has come for the newest static-smash-bash!!!!

to all the peoples in the underground...


Sunday, September 7, 2008



A total of twenty-three pieces have happened since GAAD's
last release with us, and during that time there has been
A TON of amazing music from dedicated musicians across
this giant planet that we humans call "Earth"/

Well my friends, the time has now come to introduce
another chapter of the GAAD legacy with his freshest
noise release on proc-rec...
malo sjutra.

A true noise artist through and through, this new release
from GAAD just how important it is to have a stong noise artist
on the scene.
Without ANY hesitation whatsoever, the album opens up with
an intensly overdriven, extremly heavily distorted
white-noise stream that overwhelmingly bombardes your
sound system, and gives your ears a proper fucking.
Whats more, the entire album is like this!!!
It is just pure, organic noise in it's truest, most basic form.

I hereby declare this album THE refferance to use for future noise
musicians to base their work around.
proc-rec has a strong noise-music background, and an even deeper
appreciation for people like this who do it well.
Ladies And Gentleman, with fall approaching
and cooler weather coming soon (thank God!!!), this is
THE PERFECT album to spin on those chilly nights
by a bonfire (assuming the people around you wont complain)

No time to waste!!
here it is!!!


Thursday, September 4, 2008


+bitrate_-_various, 128/160kbps,MP3

proc166 is finally here!!!
the long-awaited and highly anticipated ep from my very good
friend and fellow producer, Andy Culver.

Minimal electronica is a very difficult genre to
effectively produce, though upon hearing this
truly remarkable little three-tracker, one can't help but be just
a little envious at the ease with which Andy executes
his beats.

As I've mentioned before on the linear notes that accompanied
the release "Ataxia" ( [proc142] ) Andy is
someone who I deeply admire both on and off the music scene.
First, for the dedication and deep emotion that he
places within each second of sound.
Things that the normal and casual music listener (aka typical radio listeners)
might overlook or disregard while listening are precisely the things that
Culvre has spent a great deal of time to get "just right".
That perfect amount of reverb on a melody.
A flawlessly timed kick-drum or a delightfully spliced vocal sample.
These are just a few of the things about Andy's music that
truly place him in a catagory un-paralleled to a
great deal of other artists in today's musical world.

An ARTist in every aspect,
Culvre's un-yielding effort to produce meaningfull music
is something that I truly find quite admirable, and it
really makes his music very pleasant and certainly much more
enjoyable to listen to
(as I'm sure you will no doubt agree with).

This is only the first of (I'm hoping) many many releases from Culvre
here at proc-rec.
Having a fellow Toledo, Ohio electronic musician who also
happens to be a close friend releasing with proc-rec is
definately something for me to get excited about.

Simply gorgeous music from truly a stand-up gentleman,
proc-rec is enthusiastically pleased to announce the premiere
release from Andy Culvre...


if you cant appreciate the track "it's still the waves"
then you have no business listening to electronic music at all.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008



simply because I know, deep down inside of you, you have
a love for complete and total brutal noise, proc-rec
is proud to announce its latest release, full of exactly that!

The concept originally started when Razxca sent over
a low-bit noise track (and by lowbit, i am referring to 8kbps).
Not completely sure what to do with it, I mentioned doing a possible
split release.
He of course was in agreement with me on the project, and I later
incorportated two more artists whom I highly respect in the noise
scene to join us on this venture.

Raw, rhythmless noise textures encoded at a wonderfully jaw-dropping
bitrate of 8kbps, this split release is one that I am particularly fond of,
simply because of its simplicity and originality.

What else is there to say??
Download, and find yourself taking a different path.
One to a whole new realm of audio.

straight up jammin!!!


Monday, September 1, 2008



proc-rec is proud to be an internationally recognised
It is a nice feeling to know that there is finally a place
where people take music seriously and arent afraid
to distribute it, expecting nothing in return (except some very due credit!!).

This time, proc-rec has another bit of audio-delicatecian
from an artist hailing straight from Latvia.
While he isn't the first or only Latvian artist that is featured
on proc-rec, he IS the first from that country to demonstrate this
particular type of style.

When Aramaki contacted me about possibly releasing this, I was
unsure what to expect at first.
Having never been introduced to him before, I had no idea what his
music sounded like and was therefore very excited
to lay my ears upon this album.

A grand total of fifteen glorious, bass-heavy tracks
make up this EP.
Whats more, the styles of music found on here, while quite similar in
some aspects, are all rather different from one another as well.
Tracks range from spurratic chopped drum sequnces, down to trip-hop
ballads, and all of which have his very
powerfull and simplistic (yet highly effective) melodic sequences.

The variable bitrate encoding was also a very nice touch
to maintaining a splendid sound quality, while also
keeping some of the tracks sizes down.

All in all, this is a great little introduction release from
Aramaki, and I am happy beyond measure to have had
the oppurtunity to release it here at proc-rec.
The production quality is splendid and the entire release flows
smoothly from one track to another.
(my personal favorite pieces are the final two,
Mechanical Plant and Estimate)

I encourage you, as the listener, to turn up the bass
on your subwoofer (if you have one) and let this puppy play!!

thanks Aramaki!!!


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