Tuesday, September 2, 2008



simply because I know, deep down inside of you, you have
a love for complete and total brutal noise, proc-rec
is proud to announce its latest release, full of exactly that!

The concept originally started when Razxca sent over
a low-bit noise track (and by lowbit, i am referring to 8kbps).
Not completely sure what to do with it, I mentioned doing a possible
split release.
He of course was in agreement with me on the project, and I later
incorportated two more artists whom I highly respect in the noise
scene to join us on this venture.

Raw, rhythmless noise textures encoded at a wonderfully jaw-dropping
bitrate of 8kbps, this split release is one that I am particularly fond of,
simply because of its simplicity and originality.

What else is there to say??
Download, and find yourself taking a different path.
One to a whole new realm of audio.

straight up jammin!!!


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