Tuesday, September 23, 2008


+artist_-_ Extra_Mana_Required

Up next is a release by an artist whom you probably wouldn't
expect to hear this type of sound from.
Having released with us in the past on various ep's, full-lengths
and compilations, the very very very extremely talented
artist, Astral Vomit, is taking advantage of
his splendid side-alias, Extra Mana Required, by
giving proc-records this killer little 4-track single.

With an entire runtime of almost six minutes, this
awesome album is certainly interesting to say the least.
Very strong sounds, crystal-clear encoding and mellow
atmospheres (especially track three), this album
is brilliant on a variety of levels.

I cant easily explain why, but this album makes me think of
old Aphex Twin or the other early early days of
Techno, due largely in part to tracks like aaahhooohhh!!!
andUna pianta che ha uno spirito umano. However, at
the same time, the first and third tracks both have a
somewhat newer sound.
This guy has successfully combined not only genres, but
also timelines with this splendid EP.
New music from Astral Vomit is always , ALWAYS
appreciated here at proc-rec, and this new alias is of his
is certainly a nice suprise.

I think I speak for everyone when I say that
EXTRA MUSIC IS REQUIRED from Extra Mana Required!!!!!!


Extra Mana Required_-_Floors_EP

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