Sunday, September 21, 2008


Though previously released on an album titled
"Greetings From Moscow", Vega Stereo has
gone back, changed the bitrate, and given this version
of there work to proc-rec for more exposure.

Encoded at a glorious 32kbps Mp3, Vega Stereo
has, for a second time, given proc-rec a superb and strong
one-piece album that engages the listener in very dance-oriented
theme, making you want to get up and start grooving the night away!

This duo, hailing from (yep!! you guessed it!!!) Moscow, has
been fairly productive on the netlabel scene.
Releases both here at proc-rec and DEXANDTHECITY just to
name a few, Vega Stereo has gradually been making
a strong name for themselves with there beat-driven
sound project.

What I found to be most impressive about this album
is how strong the kickdrums still appear to be!
Keeping a solid 4/4 beat, the bass that can still found, even
at this low bitrate is nearly mind-blowing!
Proving once again that bitrates really don't matter, proc-rec
is proud to release an additional Vega Stereo ep, perfect for old-school
portable mp3 players with limited memory, or
file-packed Hard Drives that crave more music =)

thanks again, VS!!!


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