Friday, September 19, 2008



you know how certain people just have a unique ability
for things?
Take President Bush for example.
He has the ability to be a complete idiot 24/7
and he is quite good at it!!

Well, understanding politics isnt something that I personally
am good at, however, I quite a keen ear for sound and
I know what good audio is when I hear it.
People of the Earth, this album is exactly that!!!

neuroSampler's long-awaited sequeal release to proc-rec
has finally arrived, and in honor of this terriffic EP, I would like to
raise my cup of coffee up and make a toast
to this fellow!!
Never before has proc-rec had a release like this.
Highly experimental, it doesnt quite
fit the description of "Noise", although there
are some people who dont appreciate good music who would certainly
consider this release to be just nosies chopped and sliced.
To those people, I say "wise up. playa!"

This album is sooooo minimal yet has a very high intensity
With a style that reminds me very much of the duo
"minibloc" (based out of Canada), neuroSampler
(aka the GENIOUS from overseas) takes us
on a very dark and chilling journey through spliced sound samples.
Sound matrix's pan from various speaker channels, keeping a
rhythm of it's own, without the use of any percussion whatsoever!

I have come to recognize this particular style as Electronic Art Music,
not to mention neurosampler as an artist of particular appreciation.
The audio contained on this release is certainly a comforting

without any further delay, i now would like to
halt my verbal description of the album. in hopes that
you may come to fully appreciate this release as much as I do

certainly and un-expected, yet very pleasant trip, indeed!


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