Wednesday, September 10, 2008



In any part of the music industry (especially the netlabel scene)
it is a good thing to have more than one alias.
And while it isnt really a necessity to have an alias for
every single aspect of your sound, it isn't all that uncomon
for very diverse artists who cover pretty broad ranges of sound
to have anywhere from three to four different alias's
that they utilize for various projects.

Take this new release for example...
Heavily distorted breakbeats with a slightly fast bpm sequence...
Typically not an aspect that we normally see from this particular
artist, through using his alias of B-TON, GAAD is showcasing once
again his truly unique abilities to the entire world by
allowing proc-rec to release this wonderful 15-minute
audio thrash-core trip of sound!!!

As mentioned earlier, this release is mostly comprised of extremely
distorted breakbeat sequences and lovely rough'n'tough bass
that kept me wanting soooooo much more, even after the
5th or 6th listen!!

Definate stand-out tracks on this release include quiet,
discarnate people and rename, though the entire
album from beginning to end is nothing short of stellar.

As long as I have the ability to hear, I will continue
to do what I enjoy, which means listening to music
as often as I can.
And, as long as GAAD continues to make music (regardless
of the alias), I will continue to pump his music
into my brain on a regular basis!!!!

new one from oversea's by someone who is by no means
a stranger around here...


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