Thursday, September 4, 2008


+bitrate_-_various, 128/160kbps,MP3

proc166 is finally here!!!
the long-awaited and highly anticipated ep from my very good
friend and fellow producer, Andy Culver.

Minimal electronica is a very difficult genre to
effectively produce, though upon hearing this
truly remarkable little three-tracker, one can't help but be just
a little envious at the ease with which Andy executes
his beats.

As I've mentioned before on the linear notes that accompanied
the release "Ataxia" ( [proc142] ) Andy is
someone who I deeply admire both on and off the music scene.
First, for the dedication and deep emotion that he
places within each second of sound.
Things that the normal and casual music listener (aka typical radio listeners)
might overlook or disregard while listening are precisely the things that
Culvre has spent a great deal of time to get "just right".
That perfect amount of reverb on a melody.
A flawlessly timed kick-drum or a delightfully spliced vocal sample.
These are just a few of the things about Andy's music that
truly place him in a catagory un-paralleled to a
great deal of other artists in today's musical world.

An ARTist in every aspect,
Culvre's un-yielding effort to produce meaningfull music
is something that I truly find quite admirable, and it
really makes his music very pleasant and certainly much more
enjoyable to listen to
(as I'm sure you will no doubt agree with).

This is only the first of (I'm hoping) many many releases from Culvre
here at proc-rec.
Having a fellow Toledo, Ohio electronic musician who also
happens to be a close friend releasing with proc-rec is
definately something for me to get excited about.

Simply gorgeous music from truly a stand-up gentleman,
proc-rec is enthusiastically pleased to announce the premiere
release from Andy Culvre...


if you cant appreciate the track "it's still the waves"
then you have no business listening to electronic music at all.

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