Sunday, September 7, 2008



A total of twenty-three pieces have happened since GAAD's
last release with us, and during that time there has been
A TON of amazing music from dedicated musicians across
this giant planet that we humans call "Earth"/

Well my friends, the time has now come to introduce
another chapter of the GAAD legacy with his freshest
noise release on proc-rec...
malo sjutra.

A true noise artist through and through, this new release
from GAAD just how important it is to have a stong noise artist
on the scene.
Without ANY hesitation whatsoever, the album opens up with
an intensly overdriven, extremly heavily distorted
white-noise stream that overwhelmingly bombardes your
sound system, and gives your ears a proper fucking.
Whats more, the entire album is like this!!!
It is just pure, organic noise in it's truest, most basic form.

I hereby declare this album THE refferance to use for future noise
musicians to base their work around.
proc-rec has a strong noise-music background, and an even deeper
appreciation for people like this who do it well.
Ladies And Gentleman, with fall approaching
and cooler weather coming soon (thank God!!!), this is
THE PERFECT album to spin on those chilly nights
by a bonfire (assuming the people around you wont complain)

No time to waste!!
here it is!!!


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