Monday, September 15, 2008



It has been a while since proc-rec last saw a release from
however, it has been well-worth the wait!!
47+ minutes of superb noise
brought to us from abroad and encoded at
a crystal-clear 192kbps, the phrase
"good things come in good time" certainly
has a fair amount of meaning with this release :)

Uior is the musical alias of mr Ivan S.
With an impressive and very extensive catalog
of audio, Uior's library of music is very intimidating
due to its shear size!
Releases on labels like Rus Zud, NORTHAMERICANHARDCORE,
Amduscias Records and Reamp3 Underground,
he is an internationally recognised and respected creator of
audio, and deservedly so!

To verbally go into detail about this album would not, by any measure,
do justice for it.
Uior has demonstrated his skills in this craft
in such a superb fashion, it is nearly mind-blowing how
effortlessly he can create such brilliant and
textural pieces.

A true piece of aural candy, Uior's newest and certainly
his most impressive release with us thus far, Angel is a
terrific album to drag onto your portable media player
and go for a long walk on a chilly autumn evening.

thanks again, Uior!


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