Monday, November 30, 2009



I think I speak for everyone
here when I say that it's been
entire too long for a new release
from Josstintimberlake here at proc.
Fortunately for the ears of all, we now
have exactly such a thing and are
able to celebrate properly at it's arriveal! :)
Donning his alias of Joss Manley, mr. JT
felt the need to release something
on proc-rec.
So, he went diggin'through his old
archives of previously unreleased audio and
sent this over!

This album is essentially just a collection
pieces that he prepaired
nearly half a decade ago on (of course!)
a Commodore 64 using what he admitted
was an "obscure piece of software from 1983.
the wierdest music program i've ever used".
While it is noticable that these tracks are
slightly dated (or maybe thats just because
the software is older?)
the music is nonetheless true to the oldschool,
lovely lobit nature which IS Josstintimberlake.

All in all, this is a great album.
It is much more directed to a glitchy
perspective of 8bit/chiptune techno although it
happens to have a more mild or
laid-back demeanor due to the slower bpm
of a few of the pieces.
As a self-PROClaimed avid fan of
this man's work, I highly recommend
downloading it and putting it with your collection
of his other works (and proc isnt the only one who
releases this guy's stuff!!).

------for those of you who may be interested
in attempting to make your own audio
using this dated program, check it out online.
It's called ultisynth64.------

I'm not really sure what else to say, man.
I mean, this is definitely a cool ep, and it was
a blast hearing some original tunes
from an original dude, but does
that constitute for an actual music review???


currently the proudest netlabel
on the WWW, proc-records
is once again providing
the global massive of lobit acid house champions
some new solid beats to get down and funky with,
regardless of your location.


Thursday, November 26, 2009



well, thanksgiving is here, and I certainly
have something to be thankful for
....more great music!!

The Wizard Riss is the musical alias of none other than
Jonathan Brodsky who (if im not mistaken)
last appeared on proc-records, with the exception
of compilations, as boxcutterblower back
at proc232.
Nonetheless, he has returned to proc with
a lovely little three-track gem of supreme
quality, grimey, hardcore techno!

Consistant breakbeat arrangements provide
adequate progression
of the tracks, while melodies with ever-so
perfect pitch give the pieces (especially "ELEVEN")
an incredably larger listening experience (:

Much like what I have come to expect from
Jon, this album flows beautifuly as a
whole. I have listened to the tracks on this album
individually, consecutively and inconsecutively and have
found that the track arrangement of
this album is equally as superb.
To me, how the album plays out is almost just as
important as the tracks themselves and therefore
a nicely flowing album is crucial to
the element or atmosphere that the artist is
wishing to promote with their sounds.
Once again, Jon is right on the money!

Stylistically, the three pieces, TEN, ELEVEN , and TWELEVE
are as similar as they are different.
The opening piece, TEN opens with a
spurratic 8-bit sounding lead which
promptly carries us into a hardcore rave hit chock
full of kicks, snares, DEEP and whobbly basslines
and background melodic sequences that really give
the impression of being in an old, dark warehouse
raving it up with about a hundred other music lovers!

As the bassline carries out on the opening piece, track two
slowly introduces itself with another great opening
synthline, though quickly the drum sequences
sneak their way into the mix and we are immediately
swept away on the second part of this delicious rave

Rounding out the EP is TWELVE.
A bit darker than the second track, this piece
is very much like the opener.
The brief reverse(?) organ instumentation is especially
cool and adds a nice element of darkness to the track.
While also boasting the killer
percussion sequencing, this track also has some
interesting samples peppered throughout.
an excellent way to end an already cool album.

Jon's unique style and sound are very admirable
and impressionable to those with a keen ear.
If an original, yet almost traditional hardcore techno electonica
album is something that you've been craving lately,
allow me to have the honours of providing you with such.
the gift hearing...something I am truly grateful for...


Tuesday, November 24, 2009



as we grow older, it is fun to sometimes
take a moment and reflect on events days and
days gone past.
back to times when we shared a laugh with
good friends, had a brief scare over news
of a loved one in danger, or just simply
drinking coffee with the first love
of our life.
Looking at pictures of us with old friends,
remembering the trouble we used to
get into and wasting summer days away
in an empty parking lot drinking a coke
and just messing around.
Yes, these are just some of the things that
come to mind with old, past things.
Although, with an artist such as Qygen, it can
be quite interesting to see and hear how
differently his styles and musical direction have
changed, even over the past two years!!

As the title suggests, this album is music by
the ONE AND ONLY Qygen, made back in 2007.
However, while these tracks are admittedly
slightly more timid and rough around the edges, they
are certainly not by any means "Crap".
Speaking from experience, early material
is never a solid place to let a seasonsed electronic
listener gain their bearings
(with the exception of Plastikman and Aphex Twin...
"sheet one" and Selected Ambient works".....)
Even within the context of how early this album
actually is, these pieces are remarkably cohesive and
the sound-recording quality is still some of
the clearest and un-abrasive that has come
my direction.
In addition, the programming styles and the methodic
drum and melody sequencing are still very much
recognizeable as none other than Eric's.

I give this guy alot of credit
and even more praise for his extraordinary
ability as a sound creator.
He is without-a-doubt one of the most
crucial components to this netlabel family, and having
regular albums from him here has been not
only a pleasant experience, but a rewarding one as well.

Do yourself a favor today.
Take a moment to step back.
Call up some old friends, reminisce about old times,
and give this album a spin or two ;)


Sunday, November 22, 2009



with the holiday season fast approaching,
people are running around like crazy looking for
that special gift to give to that special person...
I have the perfect idea!
1. grab a sheet of paper
2. write down "" on it
3.have them scroll down to [proc353] and
let them download it.
heck, you dont even have to wrap it!!
it's already pre-packaged in a
slim little .zip folder just BEGGING to be heard!! :D

that's right, ladies and gentlemen!
VWT is back at proc-records with a brand
spankin new release of three tracks that are quite
different from the dark, harsh, rather abraisive
hardcore noise that we here had come to recognize from
This time around he has taken a much more subtle,
rhythm-based, minimalistic approach to his work.
These three tracks are remarkably executed and
Perfect glitch clicks accompany one-another
amongst the equally as strong kicks, snares,
brief melodic segments and
even spurratic reverse vocal samples!!
and, if thats not enough for ya, give your
subwoofer a little extra "oomph", because
there are some truly wicked basslines on
this ep that demand some extra attention ;)

As a whole, the album is very fluid and
should appeal to even the most
hardcore minimal-electronica fanboy.
This is a side of VWT that I am somewhat
new to, though I am incredably drawn towards.
He has certainly shown his diversity in sound
creation with this epic journey into minimal/click-house.

If you happen to be traveling lengthy distances
this holiday season, be sure to make this
ep a regular companion with your
portable media device.
It is sure to make every moment that much more


Wednesday, November 18, 2009



After much patient waiting, proc-records
FINALLY has a brand new release from the
always incredable Dirk Lienig!!

His past albums have left a permanent
and very positive mark on this fine
label and due to the brief moment
of silence between his last album and this one,
this is certainly quite a nice reason to celebrate
the return of such a multi-faceted artist (:
Initially, Dirk first released on
proc-rec back in 2008 withhis "Ritual EP".
This album (and nearly every album since then
from him) was an instant classic.

In addition to having solo albums
released with us, Dirk's skills have also been
featured on various compilations here
on proc, some of which include
[proc301]Various_Artists_-_Proc_Wreck and

This particular album takes us back to Dirk's more
danceable, rhythm-based musical roots.
Noticeable throughout this release are his signature
sound textures and ambient soundscapes which
collide against one another in beautiful
sound harmony.
A solid runtime of under twenty-minutes, these
five pieces, rendered at 320 kbps,
are the perfect companion to any
music lover's electronica catalog.

As I said before, it truly is a nice feeling
to have a new album from Dirk Lienig.
He is a crucial component to the proc-records
family, and this spectacular ep was
well worth the wait.
Do not hesitate to download this
and share it with the people you love

Back in action once again,
proc-rec is pleased to announce the arrival of
our newest release...


Wednesday, November 11, 2009



Ahhh yes!
after an exceedingly brutal compilation
here at proc-records, it is now time once again
to step back, take a deep breath
and get lost completely in pure ambience
through listening to a new release
from a new artist to our
family, The Vanhalia Project!

With quite an extensive musical background,
and equally admirable skills in ambient sound
The Vanhalia Project, aka Giovanni Alibrandi, began
his voyage into sound through
producing small pieces of audio which
were specifically designed for use on web-pages.
As time went on and his interests grew, he eventually
began to produce more extensively
which has resulted in having his work
transmitted on various internet radio stations.
He also has had a release on the
highly reputable Enough Records
netlabel, which is a fellow friend of

On this album are four exquisitly designed and
composed ambient pieces which take
the mind on a subtle voyage through
various soundscapes and atmospheres
of reality, leaving the listener comforted in
the sounds, yet feeling isolated and
alone, as if the world around them ceased to
exist, or rather, had been paused momentarily.
A strange way to describe this release, yes, although
I'm sure you will find it to be accurate!
Everything about this album is perfect.
I have already played it multiple times, and am
garaunteed to play it many, many more.
It is honestly too good to simply pass up
or play only once.
I was especially fond of the track "Sogno D'Autunno".

Here in the United States, as we say goodbye
to summer and welcome in Autumn and Winter,
it is nice to know that even on the cold
days with little to do, there is still some
great music that can be enjoyed by music fans
of all ages and from nearly every stage of life.

The first of (hopefully!!) many more to come,
proc-rec is proud to announce the release of...


Thursday, November 5, 2009



im going to keep these notes short, so listen up.
you are about to witness the strength of
the underground.

this is proc350.
On it you will find a comprehensive grouping
of "hardcore" tracks, with which I have allowed
the artists to define the term "hardcore" for themselves.
as such, these tracks, brutal as they may be,
may sound substantially different from one another.
In any case, I'm sure you will find this
compilation to be an interesting one to say the least,
and certainly an enjoyable one!

day by day, the proc-records catalog
AND family continue to grow and expand , reaching
the farthest, most remote parts of
the planet, to the heart of the biggest cities in the world.
This is no ordinary netlabel.
we are proc-records.
and noise WILL be noise


Wednesday, November 4, 2009



There comes a time in everyones life
when they realize their true potential
and discover what it is that they really
want to do.
For me, one of those things is releasing
open-source music through a non-media controlled
conglomerate, dictating to me what they think
I would like to hear or what they think
interests me the most!
screw all that, man!
I went underground, started proc-rec, and
never looked back since.
Now, with regards to the artist featured on
this next album, MNINS, we share similar
ideals in terms of music and the like.
We both produce music, both operate netlabels,
and both appreciate art in it's truest form.
The only difference is....MNINS IS AMAZING
at what he does!!!

MNINS (which I'm told is pronounced "Nines")
is by no means a newcomer
to this glorious scene.
As I mentioned before, he
operates his own netlabel
called Unaware Records, has
released on proc-rec
and other reputable labels
in the past, and
maintains an admirable
level of productivity,
one which is almost unsurpassed in
quality and regularity.

This album is nothing short of perfect
on utterly simplistic levels.
Through manipulation of solid walls of
noise, MNINS gradually changes the focus
of this piece, pulling it apart into different
directions and taking it to
someplace else entirely.

Bottom line, ANYTHING from this guy
is sure to be top-notch quality, and expect
nothing less from your primary audio source
known only as proc-records.




Oh man...this is EXACTLY what
I need right now!!
A brand new killer release from
the one and ONLY...Xenocats!!!
Please, allow me to briefly school the naive
and casual so called "music fan" about just
who exactly this phenominal
sound artist actually is...

Xenocats, aka Mike, aka darkfacepilot,
aka ARMY OF 2600 is the coolest,
roughest, impressivest, sound creatinist bad-boy
hailing from the great
state of Nebraska, USA.
With releases on almost
every cool netlabel out
there on the underground
circuit, and even
having a track showcased
on a limited-run cdr by
the Zvukovina out of Sarajevo,
it is clear that his dedication
to sound creation, mind opening, and
above, is a task which
he takes very seriously (something kinda rare
these days!!)

Now, with regards to this new album, I
was completely floored when I first
laid my ears on it.
Stylistically, it was unlike anything that
I had heard from him before, though
it was undeniably something which
his hands (paws?) had created.
His un-paralleled, genuine and rich sound
is quite distinct and almost in a category
in and of itself.
This album has strong lo-fi properties,
and uses much more static background noise
and various other intense effects which
do an excellent job of filling in the fleeting
gaps of silence and continuously feeding
your ears with its beauty.
Whats more, even with as intense as these pieces
are, they are never forceful, nor do they
demand your full attention
(though they certainly are worthy of it!!!) .
I guess what I'm trying to say is that, while these tracks
are very destructive in nature,
they are also as laid-back and relaxed
as a cat lounging around in
the sun...and THAT, my friends, is the way
Xenocats has held a special place
in many a music lover's heart for so long.

Without a doubt, Xenocats is one of my
personal favorite artists around here at proc-records,
and while it had been a while since
his last release with us, I can assure was
well worth the wait!!

Take a few hits of catnip, put on some headphones
and join us on this sonic journey
through life...and sound -.-


Monday, November 2, 2009



After much time passed, GAAD is finally back
at proc-records with the brutal sounds that he
is so well known (and equally apprecitated) for!!!

It had been quite a while since
last we had heard from this noise-geneous
from Montegro, although the
term "good things come to those who wait" is
a proper description of how I feel about this
new release from a true legend in noise audio.

GAAD has played a signigicant role in
the underground by distributing his brutal
sound files at various physical and net-labels
throughout the scene, acquiring praiseworthy
reviews time and time again (for good reason, too!)
For you see, this is no ordinary sound artist.
GAAD takes various sources of inspiration and
melodically transforms and deforms them into
his own uniqe pile of concrete audio-slush.

This Ep, running a total of over twenty-one
minutes is a great way to re-introduce yourself
to an artist who has been somewhat of a stranger
to our fine label for a few months.
Demonstrating only the most brutal sound techniques
around, this gentleman shows no mercy with his
intense show of skills, leaving the listener to
fend for themselves after being utterly
destroyed by it's ravid rampage of terror.

hahaha, okay so maybe its not quite THAT intense,
but just like his past albums, this
one is certainly nothing
short of incredable and inspirational.
GAAD always has the uncanny ability to satisfy
the ear-hunger of even the most
starving noise fan ;)
dont waste another moment!!!!

p.s. be sure to check out !!!




Electronic music comes in many
shapes, styles, and sounds.
This statement is quite true.
However, it also comes from many
places throughout this wonderful planet that we
call "Earth", and this newest release
at proc-records, by none other than nuoh
hails straight from the grand country of Poland!!!

On this release we can see that even though
these tracks are already a few years old, they
are still quite ahead of their time, even with
their simplicity.
This of course works out to the
album's advantage in multiple ways, but
the most effective is it's very calm and hypnotizing
effect on the mind, body and spirit.

Aside from his split-release with Flat Affect
here at proc earlier this year,
I admit that I am still a bit un-familiar with Nuoh
as an artist, although it appears as though
he has worked rather extensively with
labels like the amazing "Smell The Stench", which
is operated by Flat Affect as well!
Among a few other netlabels, he has had a couple
noteable outputs at various cdr labels (:

Either way, it is now our turn here at proc to
have the privelage of releasing
these wonderful
drones for the underground to
download and enjoy!

Some people may have a bit of difficulty
ocating a proper media player to use for these
pieces, and while i typically use Winamp for
all of my media enjoyment, I recommend
using VLC media player to obtain a much richer
and adequite sound.

either way, however you decide to listen to this
album, be sure to wear headphones, close your eyes
and relax.
you're in for an ambient/drone/glitch treat (:


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