Sunday, November 22, 2009



with the holiday season fast approaching,
people are running around like crazy looking for
that special gift to give to that special person...
I have the perfect idea!
1. grab a sheet of paper
2. write down "" on it
3.have them scroll down to [proc353] and
let them download it.
heck, you dont even have to wrap it!!
it's already pre-packaged in a
slim little .zip folder just BEGGING to be heard!! :D

that's right, ladies and gentlemen!
VWT is back at proc-records with a brand
spankin new release of three tracks that are quite
different from the dark, harsh, rather abraisive
hardcore noise that we here had come to recognize from
This time around he has taken a much more subtle,
rhythm-based, minimalistic approach to his work.
These three tracks are remarkably executed and
Perfect glitch clicks accompany one-another
amongst the equally as strong kicks, snares,
brief melodic segments and
even spurratic reverse vocal samples!!
and, if thats not enough for ya, give your
subwoofer a little extra "oomph", because
there are some truly wicked basslines on
this ep that demand some extra attention ;)

As a whole, the album is very fluid and
should appeal to even the most
hardcore minimal-electronica fanboy.
This is a side of VWT that I am somewhat
new to, though I am incredably drawn towards.
He has certainly shown his diversity in sound
creation with this epic journey into minimal/click-house.

If you happen to be traveling lengthy distances
this holiday season, be sure to make this
ep a regular companion with your
portable media device.
It is sure to make every moment that much more


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