Wednesday, September 30, 2009



As we say goodbye to uncomfortable summer
heat, I eagerly anticipate and celebrate the
coming of colder weather, grey cloudy skies
and the autumn + winter seasons (:
And what better way to celebrate such events
than with a brand new release by the always
wonderful EugeneKha!!!

proc341 is precisely the kind of album we need
at this time.
It is a humble demonstration of
musical talent and focuses on the subtle forces
of nature that surround us all.
As usual, EugeneKha's work Contains
many sound aspects including, deep ambient, rhythm,
noise, and drone!!

September is officially over, and October
will soon begin.
As the days become colder and you are looking
for a great selection of audio-based art to
enjoy when walking outside with a loved one,
staring out of your windows and watching animals
gather food for winter, or simply enjoying a beer or
a cup of coffee while sitting next to a campfire,
each of these events can be amplified through the
listening of these wonderful materials
that Evgenij has shared with us!!!

proc-records enthusiastically presents
a brand new album from one of the
greatest and kindest music countries on the planet, Russia!


Monday, September 21, 2009



oh man!
once again proc-records
has the privilage to release some awesome
brand new music for the entire world to feast it's
ears on!!! :D
Yes my friends, Genus Inkasso is back
again with a brilliant little ep of prime
audio composition and degradation, pefect for
the current switch in climate we've currently
been experiencing in my part of the world.

Through the use of succesfull genre crossing,
Genus has brought us to his level, a level of
production which is intruiging and admirable.
To give an example, I would say it sounds much
like the early times of Warp label, where
ideas and concepts were joining together without
much interferance and people were
beginging to experiment beyond simple, basic rhythm
and melody.

This ep truly has all of the proper elements in place
for an enjoyable listen again and again.
It also has a relatively small download size and
works especially well when listened with full-attentiveness
as opposed to simply allowing it to play in the
background while tackling the various tasks
of daily life.
in other words, LISTEN TO THIS ALBUM

Do yourself a favor and download this ep
before you you go out and buy a cd from
a sucky artist at a major retail music store.
true music lives in the underground, and
can be found 100% at



Friday, September 18, 2009


my knowledge of Black Dreams prior to this release
was essentially non-existant .
I had not heard of any of their other projects, was not
familiar with the name, and certainly could'nt recall
hearing the tracks anywhere else before.
However, due to my current state of
awareness, I am now quite pleased and intruiged
to have had the blessed oppurtunity to have heard
these very nice tracks on numerous occasions.

The name "black dreams" is certainly a fitting alias
for this sound project, as the tracks found on this album
as quite dark and mysterious.
Propelling the listerner into the deepest and most
remote areas of droning ambient electronica, this album is
a wonderful representation of taking
very simple components
of sound structure and arranging
them in such a way that most people who
create electronic music seem
to have great diffuculty in doing,
This album is VERY well constructed, arranged,
edited and composed.
The chilling melodies have an ample amount
of heartfelt compassion and emotion, almost
depressive in nature,yet retaining high levels of
calming and soothing properties.
a strange combination indeed.
Whats more, this album has an astonishing
high replay value (as all proc-rec releases do!), though
I would recommend playing this album on
chilly autumn evenings, especially with headphones
and limited distractions if at all possible.

The track titles help to set a proper mood, although
I happen to be a fan of JC, myself.

But words aren't important.
What's important here is the wonderful music
that you are about to indulge your aural senses with
on many, many occasions.
Freshly prepared and released on proc-records
via the world-wide-web, I humbly introduce our
newest release and artist...


Monday, September 14, 2009



ravers of the world unite!!!
raise your glowsticks in the air and demonstrate
your desire to party anywhere, anytime, with anyone!!! (:

Yes, that's right.
The true king of rave has returned yet again
to proc-records with the hopes of providing the underground
with yet another sonic anthem of audio perfection
(and rest assured, he has!!!)

Qygen's music, on a personal level
has been very much influential to me.
Speaking from experience, I know all too well how
difficult making this particular type of electronica
is, and yet he seems to demonstrate
such ease in his execution that it baffles me time
and time again.
This guy is boomin' with talent, and even people
who might not appreciate this sort of music will
almost definitely agree that these tracks are something
qutie special indeed.

It is hard for me to decide which particular album
from him is my personal favorite.
Each new release is so fresh and exciting
that I get so caught up in the sounds and have a tendency
to neglect the fact that all of his releases
are similar in genious-aspect as the rest of his catalog.
However, I can without-a-doubt state that I have never
been more intriguied with his work than I was
with this album.

In my opinion, I feel that this album is the
true sound-embodyment of this exceedingly talented
and gifted artist.
There's honestly not a single thing about
this album that would make it any better, with the
exception of additional tracks of course (;

Please understand, if you decide to always have
one trance/jungle album by anyone this year...decade...
make sure this one is at the top of the list.

Eric...this is why proc is around.

also! big respect for Leo Hartley
for his work with Eric on track 7!!!
excellent representation of effective collaboration.
It would be interesting to hear more of that
in the future ;)


Sunday, September 13, 2009



after a brief moment of silence, everyones favorite
label is back with mroe of the kind of sounds
that everyone begs for!
To get the label moving again, we have a
brand new release from a great musical pair,
Arxo and Neurosampler!!

This album features some relatively coherent
and remarkably complex tracks that are very pleasing
to the ear.
Divided into 2 segments, this album takes the
listener on a journey through the wonderful world
of noise. 8-bit and rhythmic glitch, all
performed entirely through live manipulation
and improvisation! (:
Whats more, the 96kbps encoding quality
almost adds a form of lo-fidelity, giving the tracks
extra flavor and strength.
Not to mention, it also helps conserve space on
portable media devices that may not be
quite as advanced due to being outdated.

This is definitely an album worth checking out, and
also happens to be one which I highly recommend.
The collaboration between these two artists
is near perfection, and it is easy to see how
sometimes two heads are better than one! (;

Even though june is already over, this album
will be around for many many years!!!!

proc is happy to announce the introduction
and new release from ro-or...


NOISE WILL BE NOISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Thursday, September 3, 2009



Russia must have one of the nicest underground music
scenes in the world, because here at proc-rec
we have had a tremendous amount of
artists of various genres releasing
their music .
In fact, I think the majority of our artists
here have come from in or around the Russia area,
many of which have been noise artists.
This time, Krom (featured on proc304) has returned
to give us a great view into the wonderful
world of his own standard of musical production.

I've listened to this album a few times already, and I
keep finding new things about it to admire, one of which
is the high replay value!
There is alot of music on the netlabel scene
(with the exception of proc-records of course!!!)
that seems to lack the crucial element of care
and interest in their own work!
this is not so with Krom, however.
It is easy to tell that he has
put alot of time and effort into his music, and it
clearly shows throughout both albums found on proc.
This album takes a very calming and almost
IDM approach, while combining the qualities
of traditional upbeat tracks from genres like techno
and even jungle in some cases.

Krom's style is also unique because it almost
sounds like the early days of electronic music, especially
as if it could have been released on Warp records many
years ago!

Whether you're someone who enjoys a good album
to zone out to on a cool evening with a beer, or
if you just happen to be looking for something to
help set a unique mood, for nearly any circumstance,
this is surely an album you should consider!!!!

big respect to Krom for the great sounds!!!!





Once again, it's the man with the master plan!
The glorious Qygen has returned to the proc-rec
music base to grant us the privelage
of releasing his exquisite audio just the way
he likes it (:

so yeah, this album is pretty much
FUCKING amazing on sooooo many levels.
first of course is the sound.
its crystal clear, precise, hits you hard and fast, and
gets people moving (like all of his albums) from begining
right down to the last kick drum or melodic note.
Very trance oriented with a hint of jungle and IDM,
Qygen's style is 100000% unlike anything I've heard
with regards to his style.

Dance and Techno fans are sure to have a
great time playing this album as often as possible,
and I can honestly say that Qygen is now officially
a crucial component to the proc-records sound project.
The mission here FROM.DAY.ONE. was to provide
the listener with the absolute finest in audio, regardless
of the genre.
So, my friends, rest assured that you have downloaded
the finest of the finest of the finest in

Qygen, an artist who is truly at the top
of his game every time I hear him!
The true king of underground techno has been

we call him Qygen!
(because he told us to)

p.s. watch out for tracks two and six!!!!!!


Wednesday, September 2, 2009



even more lowbit noise!!!
man...i love lowbit noise (:
This time around, it is by none other than
the fabulous MNINS (previously known here as Glory)

MNINS is by no means new to the scene.
having released on premium labels like
Microbit Project and TFN, we have finally
had the oppurtunity to release this guys
purest noise audio under my personal favorite
operating alias of his .

Breaking this album down, it's your typical noise
album in alot of ways, and in others
it is something completely different.
It's similar in the sense that you have your typical
randomness and high-powered harsh
walls of noise with other textures and effects, however
the sounds (even at the lovely 32kbps)
sound much more organic and raw than I am
typically used to, which is a nice breath of
fresh air.
I guess it also helps that he is a completely new
artist to proc-rec and it is a splendid oppurtunity
for me to become well-acquanted with his
styles and methods of production.

saying that this album is "great" or "wonderful", "strong" or
"coherent" are just not strong enough words
to use when describing an exceptional
album such as this.
All I can say is that I hope to have an oppurtunity
to not only listen, but to release his material
as well, especially in a lowbitrate fashion such as this!!

it's nice to know that no matter what...



+album_-_ dance_and_sad_musical_factory_scraps

ah yes!
jjoth has returned to proc-records
with an intense little ep of
lowbit electronic audio in a style that is
somewhat un-traditional of them (:

less than an hour of audio is contained
within this strong little album, and
along with it, you are sure to find many tracks of
varied styles and sounds.
hardcore techno, ambient, drone, field recordings, name it, it's probably in here!
(except of course for hip-hop or classical, haha)
this album is also encoded at 8kbps, 11khz mp3
and is also in mono as opposed to having a stereo

Because proc was so loaded down with other material,
I was unable to release their previous album.
However, due to the small sized nature of this
album, and more importantly because
it is lowbitrate crazy sounds from jjoth, I managed
to squeeze this one out onto the WWW for all of
the jjoth fans world-wide (;
jjoth's music has never disappointed, as I'm sure
many will agree with.

This just goes to show the true power and strength
that can be obtained through lowbitrate production!!!

jjoth_-_ dance_and_sad_musical_factory_scraps

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