Wednesday, September 2, 2009


+album_-_ dance_and_sad_musical_factory_scraps

ah yes!
jjoth has returned to proc-records
with an intense little ep of
lowbit electronic audio in a style that is
somewhat un-traditional of them (:

less than an hour of audio is contained
within this strong little album, and
along with it, you are sure to find many tracks of
varied styles and sounds.
hardcore techno, ambient, drone, field recordings, name it, it's probably in here!
(except of course for hip-hop or classical, haha)
this album is also encoded at 8kbps, 11khz mp3
and is also in mono as opposed to having a stereo

Because proc was so loaded down with other material,
I was unable to release their previous album.
However, due to the small sized nature of this
album, and more importantly because
it is lowbitrate crazy sounds from jjoth, I managed
to squeeze this one out onto the WWW for all of
the jjoth fans world-wide (;
jjoth's music has never disappointed, as I'm sure
many will agree with.

This just goes to show the true power and strength
that can be obtained through lowbitrate production!!!

jjoth_-_ dance_and_sad_musical_factory_scraps

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