Friday, September 18, 2009


my knowledge of Black Dreams prior to this release
was essentially non-existant .
I had not heard of any of their other projects, was not
familiar with the name, and certainly could'nt recall
hearing the tracks anywhere else before.
However, due to my current state of
awareness, I am now quite pleased and intruiged
to have had the blessed oppurtunity to have heard
these very nice tracks on numerous occasions.

The name "black dreams" is certainly a fitting alias
for this sound project, as the tracks found on this album
as quite dark and mysterious.
Propelling the listerner into the deepest and most
remote areas of droning ambient electronica, this album is
a wonderful representation of taking
very simple components
of sound structure and arranging
them in such a way that most people who
create electronic music seem
to have great diffuculty in doing,
This album is VERY well constructed, arranged,
edited and composed.
The chilling melodies have an ample amount
of heartfelt compassion and emotion, almost
depressive in nature,yet retaining high levels of
calming and soothing properties.
a strange combination indeed.
Whats more, this album has an astonishing
high replay value (as all proc-rec releases do!), though
I would recommend playing this album on
chilly autumn evenings, especially with headphones
and limited distractions if at all possible.

The track titles help to set a proper mood, although
I happen to be a fan of JC, myself.

But words aren't important.
What's important here is the wonderful music
that you are about to indulge your aural senses with
on many, many occasions.
Freshly prepared and released on proc-records
via the world-wide-web, I humbly introduce our
newest release and artist...


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