Thursday, September 3, 2009



Once again, it's the man with the master plan!
The glorious Qygen has returned to the proc-rec
music base to grant us the privelage
of releasing his exquisite audio just the way
he likes it (:

so yeah, this album is pretty much
FUCKING amazing on sooooo many levels.
first of course is the sound.
its crystal clear, precise, hits you hard and fast, and
gets people moving (like all of his albums) from begining
right down to the last kick drum or melodic note.
Very trance oriented with a hint of jungle and IDM,
Qygen's style is 100000% unlike anything I've heard
with regards to his style.

Dance and Techno fans are sure to have a
great time playing this album as often as possible,
and I can honestly say that Qygen is now officially
a crucial component to the proc-records sound project.
The mission here FROM.DAY.ONE. was to provide
the listener with the absolute finest in audio, regardless
of the genre.
So, my friends, rest assured that you have downloaded
the finest of the finest of the finest in

Qygen, an artist who is truly at the top
of his game every time I hear him!
The true king of underground techno has been

we call him Qygen!
(because he told us to)

p.s. watch out for tracks two and six!!!!!!


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