Tuesday, May 12, 2009




okay, so after a few days of downtime, proc-rec is
back in action with a brand flippin' new release from
a fellow american artist based out of the fine city of
Seattle, Washington.
An area known quite well for it's music scene, Seattle's
gradually surfacing (though remarkably dominant) electronic
music scene is getting alot of worldwide attention, and for
very good reasons!!

Qygen is the operating alias of one Eric Johnson.
Having been around computers and music since
a very young age, he began to play trombone at
the age of twelve.
Shortly after, he began to make electronic music and now,
at the age of eighteen, he has been effectively
producing finely crafted electronic beats for roughly
two and half years.

A very impressive introductive ep, this
album is very coherent and well-thought-out.
It has heavy roots into the early Trance scene, though
the percussion and drum sequences are undeniably
jungle and breakcore and even seems to have been
moderately mastered!

All in all, this is a solid debut release and
has a fairly high replay value.
Plus, it works well as a dance-floor smasher or simply
as something to let play in the background
while tacking daily issues ;)

Take it with you on a walk. play it loud at home...
miss it.


Saturday, May 9, 2009



Albums with grim outlooks on life are
somewhat comon these days.
With the global economy in shambles, disease, famine,
and everything else, its easy to get caught up in
all of the negativity.
However, there are more appropriate ways of
dealing with the BS that surrounds us all,
and people like flat affect and nuoh, the two artists who
are at the focal point of [proc258],have discovered
the importance of expression through sound.
This split, which I am told is already roughly six months
old, is the direct result of two fellas who really care
about audio and arent afraid to share
their daily struggles (which were turned into music) with the
rest of the world.

An album of this cailber, chock full of raw, un-hindered emotion
can be exceptionally difficult to find
(though obviously not for you, since you know about proc-rec!)
Very personal and close to the hearts of both artists,
the two-track experience is
a jaw dropping quest into the deepest and darkest recesses
of sound.
Dark and chilling straight to the marrow, these two gentlemen
do harsh ambient/noise proper :)

Also, for those of you who may be new to this audio codec, both
pieces were encoded in FLAC format, which is a compressed
lossless format, retaining all of the qualities of a standard .wav file
but reduces the size.
This particular encoding format is rapidly becoming
more popular by many artists, so expect to
probably see it more regularly around you favorite netlabels.

Bottom line is this...
this is the PERFECT audio companion to play when
you are about to close out a long day.
It's great music just to put your headphones on and zone out to.

.....WAY out....

get it while it's hot!!


Wednesday, May 6, 2009



The last time we released some overthruster
material was back at [proc252].
now, 45 releases later, I am once again
honored to have a brand-spankin' new ep
from the supreme masta of disasta himself...overthruster!

This album is highly percussion driven
and has varied intense effects placed on
the rhythm and yes, even on the basslines B)
While the style is unmistakeably overthruster, he
introduces us to a somewhat unfamiliar
realm of his audio, that of what seems
to be improv, though due to his stunning
auido programming skills, it could just be
him flexing his audio muscles in very astounding and
profound ways.
This album has it all.
Garage acid.
field recordings.
yes, even a slight hint at minimal-house!
A hodgepodge of all things overthruster
does best, available in mono lowbit ogg!!! :D

Overthruster has been with proc-rec pretty much
since it's humble beginnings, though he certainly
is by no means a newcomer to the underground
netlabel scene.
Since you are undoubtedly going to love this album, if you
arent very familiar with this guys work, start educating
yourself and download his other releases
(especially his audio over at 20kbps!!)

Its a pitty more portable media devices dont
support ogg format, because this is an ep that
you'll want to take with you pretty much anywhere.


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