Saturday, August 29, 2009



*big sigh of relief*
*takes a sip of coffee*
you know what it is I happen to like
about low fidelity noise??
but one thing in particular really makes it
especially enjoyable for me.
the deeper, granulated, harsher and darker
sound done only in the manner
which a lowered bitrate of an mp3 can provide.
Yes my friends, this album, which is a cullmination
of collected works by the now abandoned alias
of none other than the wondedrful MNINS, is precisely
the type of harsh lowfidelty noise
that I was explaining a moment ago (:

Initiated in the early portion of 2009, MNINS
began using this alias as a means to distinguish
and seperate his diverse sounds without
Using various audio tools such as contact mics,
old amps, radios and even an
old Jen SX1000, these pieces were composed, edited
and rendered in a very short period of time.

The trcks which make up this album
have a very "classic" sound to them, and by that
I mean they dont necessarily sound like they
were composed in this particular decade
(maybe late 70's early 80's), when noise and
drone were really starting to come
around and influencing other artists to do
the same.
(but hey, thats just my opinon!)

Truth is, this album is P-E-R-F-E-C-T for
proc-records, and is easily one of the most
repeatedly listenable noise eps I've had the privelage
to hear in a while.
noise fans world-wide I'm sure would no doubt
agree with me on that!!

You've came to proc-records, and you've just
downloaded this album...
pat yourself on the back


Thursday, August 27, 2009



After months and months
of waiting and hoping for a new carfil
release, we finally have it!!!!!

Carfil is one of the original members
of the proc-rec family and has released with
us multiple times.
Having been featured on various compilations
and individual releases, his music, regardless
of the context, has always left a lasting
and positive impression on the listener.

Since his last release with us back at [proc205],
I had patiently awaiting the arrival of his next
musical output.
The suspense had been building and finally,
I saw an email from him with multiple .zip
files which contained the amazing music
you are hearing, or about to hear (;

For those of you who are new to carfil's sound,
get ready to be impressed!
Stylistically, it is reminisent of early techno, fused
with hardcore electronic.
Using equipment like gameboy consoles
with LSDJ and Nanoloop, and an EMX workstation
just to name a few, it is easy to see
how this multi-faceted artist can create the unique
minimalistic techno sounds which he is so well known for.
Compared to his other albums released with proc, this album
is slightly more minimal than the rest, though
it is certainly danceable and can also be played when
reading, studieing, or just hanging with friends.

As I mentioned already, this is the first carfil
album we have had in a long time, and it is nice to finally
be reviewing and releasing a brand new one
from this exceedingly talented artist.
This is one of the more brilliantly produced and
composed electronic albums I have heard by anyone
ANYWHERE on the electronic music demoscene in a very
very VERY long time!!



Wednesday, August 26, 2009



getting a new album from Microbit Project
is a great feeling!
It's like when you find a few dollars
in a pair of pants that you havent worn in a while, or
when you get a wrapped present.
the kind of feeling when everything
in your day is going perfect or when you have
all of your bills paid for the month.

I'm sure everyone has different things
in their life which makes them happy, and for me
one of those things is operating proc-records.
it has given me an oppurtunity to come
in contact with some truly genuine people
throughout the world, such as Kharionov
and it has also allowed me to discover some
excellent music along the way.

As with each album from Microbit Project,
perfection can be expected.
His albums usually feature a variety of
sounds and effects which coexhist with one
another in magnificent unity (;
His albums usually feature an ambient and dark
techno theme, while at the same time incorporating
genre's like drone, experimental and even noise
and glitch-pop!!!
ALL IN ONE ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This particular album is a fine representation
of the many musical sides of a very diverse
sound + visual artist.
this ep is nothing short of fantastic from the first
track to the final piece, though my personal
favorite tracks are the third piece and track six, Ambica,
which is very brief yet is some of the nicest
and smoothest ambient i have heard in some time!!!

either way, this is definitely an album that begs
you to listen and to play it often with headphones!!!!!
dont miss out on an adventure of a lifetime!!


Friday, August 21, 2009



ever have someone sitting around you
who's cell phone went off and you either loved
the ringtone or hated the ringtone completely?!?!
Well now, proc-records has an entire album
devoted to tracks hand-selected by none other than
Red DrugOn(found on proc301) who is aka Cyber Christ!

This album consists of twelve pieces, all of which
feature alternate takes of the originial, composed by
Red DrugOn who is a highly experienced artist in the
electronic genre and can be found at various labels
throughout the netlabel and label scene!

Encoded into .mid format, these files are extremely
small, yet the carry a substantial amount of musical
I have been fond of the .mid for many years,
so it certainly gives me great pleaseure
to not only hear, but to release these tracks for
other people to download and enjoy as well.
I also found this album to be very original due to
the tracks which he chose to compose.
Artists like Ace of Base, Depeche Mode and Johnny Cash
just to name a few.

Even if you dont really care much for those artists,
this is still a great album to download and enjoy often.
it's an incredably small download, so....really...theres no
reason NOT to grab it up and add it to your proc-rec




recently, proc-records has been blessed with
a substantial amount of music , the majority of which
has been given to me by new artists, all found at various
points on the massive spinning globe we humbly call "earth".

Enter our newest artist, Mystic Hero.
Now, I admit that I am unfamiliar with the work
of this project.
However, the sound is very genuine and solid,
not to mention it reminds me very much like something
our fellow proc-rec artist, Toxic Chicken, would produce.
Ambient melodies are very prominent throughout
this ep, not to mention there are some rather uptempo
tracks found at various parts of this album.

While this album is relatively basic in many aspects,
the sound quality is rich, the volume is perfect, and
the pieces work great as stand-alone tracks
or grouped together in the manner with which we
currently have them on this ep (:

Fans of old-school sounding 8-bit electronica are
sure to be thoroughly pleased with this
brand new release from an artist who has definitely
caught my attention.
dont pass this one up
becuase it might be "game-over" for you!!!!

stay strong!!!!



Saturday, August 15, 2009



up next at proc-records, we have yet another
album from a Russian-based artist!
However, unlike many of the russian artists
we have had in the past, Animal Strange Dolls is not
strictly a noise artist.
Instead, he creats crafty beats and rhythms, uses
superb samples, and executes great harmony
and melody throughout his work :D

This is the first album we have had from this
particular artist here at proc, and I must say
that I am glad he came to us with this ep!
The five tracks that provide the backbone for this
album are all under five-minutes long and
showcase (in my opinion) the various faces of this
artists true musical talents.
Ranging in styles from ambient, hardcore IDM, rave, and
even some nice laid-back electronica beats,
Animal Strange Dolls's music is very admirable and
equally as interesting.

As an introduction album, this ep
pretty much proves that as an artist, he definitely
cares about his work and also isnt afraid to
show off his production skills a little bit too ;)

If you're looking for an album that has some
quick, in-your-face action that lasts under twenty minutes,
I'm sure you will find this ep something to get excited about!

Without further delay, I am pleased to announce
the release of our newest artist!!


Wednesday, August 12, 2009



Qygen is back with the second installment
of his "various audio paintings" series, and it
is just as incredable as the first!

Now, you may be saying to yourself...
"Qygen has ANOTHER album at proc?? didnt he
just release one like...last week?!"
The answer is "heck yeah he did!"
you know why?
Because this Seattle-based musical badboy is
one consistant sound-child, capable
of generating vast amounts of genre-crossing audio
with elements from nearly every aspect of electronic
sound >:)
Now, since his debut release with us this
year (proc299), he has had four incredably strong outputs
and is quickly dominating the west-coast
electronic music scene via the deep, deeeeeeeeep underground
refuge he has found here at the prime world-wide audio
source known as proc-records.

I'm going to keep these notes short
and sweet so that you can focus your
attention on listening to these dark ambient, drone
and yes, even noise pieces.
Qygen's sound is nothing short of beautiful,
and ambient music lovers of all ages are sure to agree
that Eric Johnson is an artist who should be paid
close attention to, because you never know
when he might just crank out another album
for people to love, enjoy, and above all...share.

thanks again, Eric.
this is why I started proc in the first place :D




Up next is an ep from our newest member
to the proc-rec family, Bartholomew Binns.
Bartholomew, or "Bart" for short, hails
from Southern UK and is no stranger
to the music scene.
Also known as "Boarding School", an improvisational
harsh/dark electronics low-bitrate sound project, he
has recently sent over this splendid introduction
ep for our listening pleasure.

Before this album, I had never heard of Conlon Nancarrow,
as I'm sure I'm not the only one in my situation.
However, after being informed that this
ep was the direct result of being inspired
by that gentleman's music, I immediately made
an attempt to hear his music.

It is easy to see that Conlon's extraordinary
and immensly diverse production style played a key
role in the creation of this lowbit beauty, and
I am personally thankful for having had the pleasure of
listening to this ep multiple times during the course
of my obtaining it.

To describe this ep in great detail would not
do these pieces justice, as the tracks quite honestly
speak for themselves.
The arrangements are chaotic, yet timed perfectly.
The sound is rich, yet the low bitrate gives
it a low fideltiy sound.
the tracks are the perfect length and
have a high replay value.
And thats only a FEW examples about
the things you can expect from this delicious
(and tiny!!!) downloadable album (:

here at proc-rec, I strive for creativity on the most
extreme level, and am pleased when I hear people
discovering something new and exciting in terms of
audio creation.
This is an un-hindered look into the most
complex and yet utterly simplistic approach to sound
that I have heard in quite some time.
Venetian Snares meets Beethoven!!!




Over one-hundred ep's and albums have
been released at proc-records
since we last heard from our friendly French
producer from across the pond, Keith Jars.
His album Volupt Apnea ( [proc190] ) which
was released in mid-November of 2008 was an
astounding introduction to Keith's work, and since then
it has left me craving new material
from this musical talent.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, as they say..."patience is a virtue"
because I now have the oppurtunity to present
a brand new album of even more electronic
dance-floor and mind expanding lovelyness
for the entire world to download and enjoy!!!

A total of one-dozen tracks can be found
on this album, which has a continuous
runtime of nearly one hour and twenty minutes!!!
Pulsating rhythms, trippy leads and synths
and extra bottomless basslines is the glue that holds
these great audio gems together.
Similar in style and execution from his
previous works, Keith maintains a high level of
replay with this album and demonstrates his
capabilites as an artist of various genre's in the
electronic music realm :D

Also like his previous album, these tracks
have been encoded into high-quality 320kbps MP3,
allowing for full-fidelity without the hefty weight of
wav files which have a tendency to eat
up alot of hard-disk space.

Dont waste another moment!
Click the link and download this album
without a second thought!!
Your ears will thank you for it (:


Friday, August 7, 2009



Since our previous proc-rec release from
Sascha Muller was very techno -based, I decided
to continue the dance sounds with another release
from the wonderful Qygen! :D

Already a househo0ld name to alot of proc-recians, Qygen
has quickly become a staple around here and has certainly
made a name for himself.
Quite honestly the BEST trance electronica that I
have ever heard (yep, i said it. ever), Qygen's
unique and precise sound has paved the way for
a whole new re-birth of undergeround hardcore trance
in the USA, a nation who has seemed to forget
the capabilities of true trance techno.

As I have said before, each new Qygen
(on this, he is akaPoint01) release
is something to celebrate and get very excited about.
The fact that someone out there is making
rich-sounding tracks like these while at the same time
willing to stay deep underground and shake up the scene
is truly an admirable quality for this guy.
Anyone can sit down at a computer and crank out some
really crappy hardcore techno tracks, filled to the
brim with no emotion or direction whatsoever.
However, it takes someone who loves what they do to
really make something meaningful, and Eric Johnson
does specifically that.

As an album, there are approximately thirteen tracks
with a total runtime of close to a full hour of sounds!!
my personal favorite tracks on this beast
are tracks two and five, though the entire album
is completely astounding in every way.

Eric, once again you've produced a very proc-worthy
album and I give you huge amounts of respect
and praise for laying down some very rough tunes.

Underground ravers unite!!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, August 6, 2009



Noise music is something that few people
have the patience to listen to, let alone create.
Often cast out into the deep recesses of the musical
genre like the black-sheep of the family, it has
a tendency to get overlooked and passed off as a complete
nuisance, something "that only people without any musical
talent at all turn to in an effort to get noticed".

We here at proc-rec, however, realize that just is not true!
And so, as a reminder to the many, MANY h8r's of the
genre, the sonic quantum noise duo
from Detroit have once again teamed up and revealed
to the underground the true capabilities of raw, un-harmed noise.

Swine Flu is the collective musical
aspects of none other than RedSK and teh soup rebellion, two
gentleman who have undoubtedly made respectable
names for themselves on the underground circuit.
Both guys, who have extensive sound catalogs,
have released on various net and physical labels throughout
the US while also
gaining national and (im sure) global appreciation
and respect for their accomplishments.

While RedSK and t.s.r have released together before, this
album is a follow up to their debut release here at proc-records
under the Swine Flu alias, a fitting project name
for such harsh and respectable noise!
Much like it's predecessor (proc308), this full-length
album dons a total of ten tracks ranging from under
one minute to over twelve minutes in length.

Relying upon pure improvisation, Swine Flu use various
non-digital sound sources
(amplifier feedback, chaotic drums, intense vocals
and static just to name a few)

Okay, so look...ive flapped my jaws long enough.
just hurry up and make with the downloading.

RedSK, TSR...big respect.
this is a proper proc-rec release in the strongest
sense of the word.

to the rest of you, be true to yourselves



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